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Thursday, 27 April 2017

SH*TTER! --by Kreed

Have you heard Remy Ma's 'Shether'? Yea, I know this gist is a bit stale right about now but I couldn't just resist writing about it still. Would've probably done it when the gist was still hot but due to some circumstances beyond my control (procrastination), I couldn't just jump in the mix at that point. Anyway, it is even better I'm doing this now. At least I don't get to compete for attention. *tongues out*
I've never really been a fan of beefs—like quarrel between two people. In fact, I hate being around when shii starts escalating because it's always a matter of time, before dirty secrets start pouring. I hate being involved in one as well, not because I have secrets (no, mine isn't dirty), but because anybody can just cook up anything at that point and you'll be left to repair your image afterwards. However, when beefs are put into a song like Nas' Ether; Eminem's Nail to the Coffin; Nico Gravity's I don Finish (naaaah, I didn't like Nico's diss track) like once that happens, you've got my attention.

Don't get me wrong, I don't fancy animosity between two folks. However, I can't help but admire when someone pours out his or her emotions into their lyrics. That is the art called Music. From start to finish, in my opinion, almost every line was on point. Like it's been a while I've heard so much hate or anger (hate in this case) in a track. Then there was Nicki's response...let's just leave it at that. Her diss song was just that flat in my opinion. More like Drake's initial response to Meek Mill, in the track '----'. Though he salvaged his reputation with '---' (shout out to bitches wifing niggas...not going to forget that line in a hurry), something I really hope Nicki will do.

It is also important to note that this Remy Ma/Minaj feud has some traits of the Nico Gravity/Timaya beef. ‘I don finish Timaya’ was lit and so is 'Shether' Nico's track which got most of us excited but then, when the dust eventually settled, we all realized who the better musician was. Really, asides 'Shether', the only other song I heard Remy Ma, was 'All the Way Up'. I did like her energy in the track but her lyrics? *Thuuuuud*! Glad it was short. What she should focus on is building on this track, not by dwelling on it (like Nico did... ‘I Don finish Timaya’ suddenly caught the Nollywood flu...part 1 - Part 2billion), she should focus on making another great song that will have nothing to do with this beef. If she doesn't, truth is, 5 years from now, only few will even remember this track or that she even exists in the industry. Jay Z got thrashed (pardon my use of the word, it wasn't that bad) by Nas in my opinion (if got a penny for every time I said 'in my opinion'...*sighs*), but his career didn't end there. You know why? Because he is a good musician and he produced more hits thereafter. Losing this battle might have little or no effect on her career because when this is all over, in my opinion (see that, I used it again), you and I know that Nicki will make another Hit. It is almost a constant and we will all forget that this even happened (I won't).

There is a popular African Proverb that goes thus, "If you're good at making diss songs, be great at making ordinary songs". After he finished Timaya, Nico stopped selling and Timaya never looked back. I really hope Remy has some more or other Hits for us. I really hope she'll make hits without using the 'queen's' name (Nicki said it, not me). If not, then she's just #Shitter

*drops mic*....*jumps into the crowd*

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