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Thursday, 11 May 2017

SEDUCED I (18+) --by Nickz


Vince dipped the rag into the half-filled bucket of soapy water, gave the rag a little squeeze before wiping the roof of the Toyota Avalon; his arm moving mechanically like a windshield wiper. If he knew nothing else, it was etched into his cerebrum that his elder brother could not be late to work. His car had to be clean and ready on time. That was the thing with bank jobs. It was like sex with a nympho: no matter how early you started, how good you were or how hard you worked your ass, it never got enough until you were worn out and it called right back the next day. It was Vince’s fourth week in Anambra state. He would have still been managing a provision shop for Mama Sabi back home in Ikot Ekpene if not for his recent admission into Oko Polytechnic in Anambra state. His elder brother Richard was a banker in Access Bank, Ekwulobia, one of the busy towns in Anambra state and had helped him secure the admission through a friend who knew a friend who knew another friend. Richie—as popularly called—was the closest family to Vince and Vince held his elder brother the way Catholics revere their bishops.

At 22, Vince still possessed that charming looks and innocence of a teenager. He held a slight resemblance to Nick Cannon in Love Don’t Cost A Thing. The striking difference was in his height which was a couple cm higher and the fact that he had abs that could earn him a lightweight championship belt. Plus, he didn't keep braids but carried a neat undercut hairstyle. He would ever remain indebted to his elder brother who had to bite nails to secure him a long awaited desire. He was glad the admission took him out of his hometown, a place which often reminded him of the sufferings and hustling he had to endure in the school called life. He would gladly call that the past. Richie on his end was also glad his younger brother was right with him. One stone would kill two birds as Vince was going to be of help to him at home while pursuing his academics, especially considering the fact that Harmony, his wife had recently suffered a miscarriage. Richie would appreciate someone to help her around since his work was highly demanding.

Richie’s wedding to Harmony a year ago was the talk of town in Ikot Ekpene. He had met her in a unisex salon. Gears were shifted and barely seven months after, they had tied the knot. She was everything he dreamt of in a woman. Harmony was one of those ladies that made men stare at the cover page of a magazine with fantasies in their head if her picture was on it. Her caramel skin, her audacious height, her voluptuous curves all emphasized triumph over beauty. Richie was proud of her and treated her like a fragile poultry product, thought she barely had anything to touch with her manicured fingers in the cozy four bedroom apartment.
Vince was at the finishing stage of dry-wiping the Avalon when his brother stepped out of the house, ready to leave to work. Harmony floated after him, still dressed in her nightie; an overwhelmingly flimsy silk. Vince couldn’t help but smile approvingly at his big brother. He always dressed like one of those men on TV during corporate commercials; crisp and on point. Today, he wore a white shirt with a blue tie.  At thirty, Richie had worked his way up to the manager of Customer Care department. Vince admired his brother. People often said they both shared a striking resemblance but Vince never noticed, maybe due to the fact that Richie’s size amassed a chunkier deal of flesh than his.

Harmony helped Richie slip into his black suit before depositing a kiss on his lips. She arranged his collar then wished him a good day at work. After some complimentary remarks, Vince handed Richie his car keys. He was lucky to finish washing on time. It was 6:45am when the shiny saloon car glided out of the gate. On a good day, it would glide back in around 7:00pm.
It was Vince’s fourth week of stay in Richie’s house. By now, he could swear the suspicion he had perceived on the second week was not a false smoke. Who knew if it started right from the first week but he hadn’t paid adequate attention? His big brother didn’t have the faintest knowledge of this as it usually occurred in his absence and Vince was willing to contain it and tread cautiously over the situation for the sake of peace. Harmony was still at the doorway, leaning on the post like a predator awaiting its prey. When Vince’s eyes met hers, she winked at him and smiled the way Eve had probably smiled when he wanted Adam to taste the fruit in her hand. Slowly, she lifted her silk gown—which was see-through enough to expose everything beneath—revealing a pair of smooth and stunning legs. She winked once more at Vince in a way that said, this could be all yours and then swayed graciously into the house. Vince was transfixed with the empty bucket in hand, barely able to reason. That wasn’t the first time she did that. It wasn’t the second either. She was incessantly seducing him in his brother’s absence.

Back then in his second week, there was a morning Vince was having his shower when the bathroom door suddenly flew open. He was completely nude and wet. Harmony was standing at the entrance, acting like it was an accident, claiming she had wanted to pick the disinfectant and use in her own bathroom. If it was an accident, why did she stare longer? Why hadn’t she knocked?
The second time, Vince was in his room applying deodorants after morning bath. The door creaked open and Harmony had walked in unannounced. She had complained she had difficulties unhooking her brassier. In addition to the bra she had worn that day, the only other fabric she wore was a lacy pair of panties that screamed seduction. With shaky hands, Vince had managed to help her unhook the bra but to her, that wasn’t sufficient. She had peeled the brassier off her shoulders and chest and turned to face Vince, with a mischievous grin on her lips. “Thanks Vince baby. I don’t know what I‘d have done without you.” With that, she had turned back and left the room.

Every time he remembered the bra experience, his spines usually experienced chills that ran lower down. He wasn’t just scared knowing that he had seen Harmony’s semi-nakedness but was also worried she was so beautiful and even more, so alluring. 

to be continued...

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