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Monday, 15 May 2017

SEDUCED III (18+) --by Nickz


The first time he had seen her half naked, his brain had froze. This time, he felt a little light-headed like a teenager’s first experience with alcohol. In an effort to distract himself, his eyes were transfixed on the wall behind Harmony. He tried hard to count the number of lines on his brother’s striped shirt from a picture of him and Harmony hanging on the wall. It didn’t work. He tried hard to say something; to tell her how wrong it was. He would have done just that but how could he when there was a huge invisible toad stuck in his wind pipe? How would he stop this desperate woman from ruining her matrimony? How could he be an accomplice to his beloved brother’s betrayal? He had fought hard to conquer an occurrence like this but here he was, falling into a well-crafted net.

He had avoided having a direct look into her eyes. His eyes darted about, trying to find something distracting enough to focus on but there was only one masterpiece to look at. He made up his mind to be a man, to look her in the eye and tell her he can’t then storm out. It was easier said. The moment he connected his eyes with hers, he realized it was a wrong move. Harmony’s eyes dripped pure lust and they were all over him. he almost could feel them crawling over his skin. Her dreamy eyes carried the wanting that matched the intensity of an inferno.
Tension was ascending. He could feel his own blood descending faster than gravity into his second brain, depriving his actual grey matter the prerogative of decision making. The small gap that separated them was so charged it could light up a city. His gaze couldn’t settle on her face for too long and when it dropped downward to the endearingly smooth and perfectly curved mounds on her bosom, his own hardness was already throbbing within. Harmony stepped forward and swallowed the small gap between them, pressing her breasts into his chest while circling his neck with her arms, transferring a city-wide voltage into his bloodstream. If a doctor was foolish enough to place the cold surface of a stethoscope over his chest to check his pulse at that moment, he would have gained instant deafness. His heartbeat was slamming loud against his ribcage.

“This…this is…this is not right…please sister Harmony we can’t…we shouldn’t…” he wasn’t the one that spoke. He had no idea who spoke. That shaky and coarse semi-whispering voice wasn’t his, though it surprisingly came from his mouth. “Shhhh…don’t talk. Just feel.” Her voice was like evening breeze, everything about it so mild and calming. “And, I’m not your sister…” still using the same softness, she added. She brought her lips to his right ear and gently bit his earlobe. Until now, Vince had always believed the ears’ functions were limited to reception of sound waves and maintenance of balance. It was also an erogenous zone. Now, he found himself almost paralyzed, goose bumps metastasizing from the back of his neck. He wanted to respond, to wrap his arms around her succulent frame and squeeze her into his hardness but he fought the desire. His arms were still by his sides like a shy college girl’s. But he wasn’t new to romance. He had been with ladies a couple of times but it was very difficult when it was someone in the position of Harmony.

Her lips moved from his ear, gently tracing a path down to his lips, encircling him in a burning kiss. Again, he wanted to respond. He also wanted to break away. He still didn’t understand why he didn’t go with the later, long before it got to this stage. Maybe he was sedated. But that wasn’t true. He could feel every microscopic sensation of nerve stimulation. This was wrong, his mind pricked.
Somehow, Vince found some leftover willpower and raised his arms to stop her, to push her away but before he made progress, Harmony intercepted. She took her arms from his neck and gently grabbed his arms, still holding him in a kiss. When she released his arms, they fell limply back to his sides. He lost again.

Harmony was gaining control. She slid her arm beneath the singlet that covered his torso and very gently, she worked her way over the contours of his firm abs, savoring every bit of the feel. She could feel his stomach muscles tighten when she progressed higher to the solid wall of his chest. Her fingers ran hungrily all over, exploring like a treasure seeker. When she brushed the edge of her fingernails over his nipple, she could hear him release a soft moan. She could feel her own pleasure rising. His rocky body was driving her crazy.

Like a tiger maims its prey, she was almost certain Vince’s defense was incapacitated. With a push, she landed him back-first on her matrimonial bed. He was beginning to respond, she could tell. He had fought like a man, she acknowledged but victory will be hers. Harmony brought herself down over him, engaging him in a fiery kiss. Her fingers were working their way down his abdomen to his belt. She was burning to fill the desire in her. She had endured it when the hardness was pressed against her belly. Now was the time to dive. She could feel his rocky member against his jeans trousers. She worked his belt free and was engaging the button of his jeans when she sensed something in the air. It was choking. Vince perceived it too and his alertness was piqued because he realized what was happening. The choking smoke was coming from the kitchen and he was responsible for what was happening. He jumped out of bed and dashed out, holding his trouser from falling off. “Vince! Did you put something on fire? Oh my God!” She scurried into the bathroom to fetch a towel and wrap herself but Vince was already out. When she reached the kitchen, Vince was battling fire with the foamy chemical from a fire extinguisher. If they had stayed a little longer, the fire could have caught the gas supply hose and the story would have been very different. By the time the fire was put out, a certain extent of damage had been done to the cooker and the pot. It would  have been impossible to recognize that the content was rice as it was all char now. They were lucky that a greater harm had been saved.

...to be continued.

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