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Saturday, 27 May 2017


“I just starred on, as she kissed the groom. The whole church applauded and I did too, albeit unconsciously. As the newly wedded walked down the aisle together, I hoped desperately, that somehow, by some stroke of luck or as a sign that we were indeed meant for each other, that she would look in my direction. That she would look into my eyes and see through it, read the very thoughts running wild in my mind. She never did. My heart sank further, this wasn't a dream, it was happening. I snapped to reality, looked around the now almost deserted church and reluctantly, got up from the pew…”
This was a friend's story. Though mine has never been this bad, but still, I know how he must have felt. I doubt there is anyone who has not, at one point in his/her life, loved someone who hasn't had the same feelings for him/her. Life has never been simple though and loving wrong is just one of those complicated things we get to experience.
The weird part of the whole thing is, we all have that one person who loves us just as much as we desire to be loved (no, not talking of your parents), but whom we don't equally love. It is like a karma of some sort, because you find yourself in the same predicament as those you tend to reject. While you're busy chasing others and caring for those who would probably will never go the distance for you but constantly give you false hope, they are others who genuinely care for you. People who care as much as you do for those who don't. Unfortunately, you'd always find out that you don't care for them as much as they do, just the same way those you care about, feel about you. But here is an advice, "Let go and move on"! It’s a 90% dead end. Even if the eventually do, that ego creeps in. That shame of having to chew their words and so most of them rather keep things as they are.
The issue isn't limited to ‘crushes’ alone. These days, the number of people who are in 'relationships' (emphasis on the quotes) is just alarming. What you currently have is too one-sided to be considered a relationship. He's constantly cheating, she's constantly making excuses for not answering your calls and not returning same...too busy and all of that, like it requires so much effort to dial a number. These set are worse off than the first. They are more like tools, because they somehow misunderstand being used, for being in love. Domestic violence is on the rise and this is not a surprise. Why won’t it, when a girl who is battered regularly, still claims to be in love? It is not love sister, you are obsessed! You're in a prison not a relationship. ''He apologised after he did it.'' Didn't he apologise the last time before this one? And the time before that? He'll apologise till he delivers the fatal blow.
He/she will constantly try to make you feel like you've made the right choice to stick around. Buying gifts, taking you out, writing love notes on social media and making you 'feel' special but trust me, they won't blink if they have another opportunity to hurt you. Only few actually change. Be dispassionate, when making decisions. If they love you enough, they should be willing to let go of some habits (same applies to you).
Love should not feel like an obligation. It should not feel like a task or state government job. It should come from within, it should be passionate. They are those who constantly put themselves in situations where the get easily exploited. People who often beg for ‘Love’. If he/she doesn’t like you, then don’t force it on them. You’ll only leave yourself open to deceit. Don’t beg for attention, if he/she loves you, you’ll will be showered with enough attention.
Love is a verb, not a noun. It should be displayed majorly through actions and not words. Whoever cares for you, will show it and whoever does not, won’t.

END PART OF THE ARTICLE.....Most of us get lost in d process of loving the wrong person. We get bruised again and again till our hearts, if could be seen by the naked eyes would look like a battered, worn out shoe. You see a young girl in her early twenties, outrightly dying because of several heartbreaks. They need who doesn't even want them and don't want who needs them. Hold on a minute, forget who is loving you and who you love but isn't loving you. The first healing step is: LOVING YOURSELF. Love yourself so much that you don't give a hoot if the whole world turns their back on you. Don't go catching a grenade for someone who won't kill a mosquito hovering over your head. Self-love/self-crush goes a long way in your healing process.
BE PATIENT lady and gentleman, be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Jumping head over heels on everyone that says hi or winks at you, will land you into so many heartbreaks than you could ever imagine. Don't be quick to give out your heart just because someone acts nice at first meeting. Darling! People change when they meet new persons. Some people are just naturally 'nice' and you shouldn’t mistake it for love. Be slow to interpret people's actions because a boy or girl calls you 4 times a day doesn't mean they need u as a spouse or companion. They just might have someone else. Don't go being a lady or gentleman in distress and then a victim of circumstances.
Have I told u to pray? Well, that's the master key to finding your Mr and miss right. Do you know God is interested in your emotions? And how u feel? He won't want you to go about being hurt cos u deserve better than that. Tell him what u need and who u need and watch him do his work. That person you are killing yourself over might just be that person you are best without.

BUT!!!!  Yes, there is a big ‘BUT’. First things first in life, there are stages u must attain before getting to other stages. You can't be a teen and let someone cajole you with love and relationship and others. You can't let someone cajole and sweet talk u with pizza and shawarma. Your life goals are worth 100 times that distraction. Stay focused, stay positive, keep loving yourself and keep working to be a better version of yourself. Believe me, light will fall in pleasant places and the right pegs will fit into the right holes all by themselves. It's a matter of time and discipline. THE RIGHT PERSON WILL COME AND HE/SHE WILL LOVE YOU JUST RIGHT.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


The secretary comes out from the corridor and tells me, “The MD is ready to see you. Please come”
Within seconds we’re standing by the door with a bold tag: Managing Director. The secretary knocks and opens. She ushers me in, closes the door and vanishes.  I am in the big office now. I see the MD seated on his executive chair, busy with his computer. He makes a gesture for me to take a seat, still not looking up. Two other company staff are also in his office, seated on the sofa. Everybody is waiting for Oga to break the silence. Oga clears his throat and looks up. He isn’t looking very happy.

MD: Mr. Ayekponor Mbamba…we’re about to have a very long talk. But before that, let me educate you on some vitals. This company, as you know, is a multinational establishment that has been in existence long before you started your nursery education. We have core values that have kept us this far, one of which is staff integrity. We are very particular about the kind of people we hire. I’ve gone through your CV; it’s well written and satisfactory for a CV. But we go further than mere CV. They’re some areas which we’re interested in which the CV cannot elaborate. I had set up a committee to look into your Facebook affairs and see what they can find out about you. I personally was part of that committee. That’s where we have a lot to talk from. Let me start by asking: why do you choose Nickz Mb as your username?

I forgive him for murdering my name. I had suspected this Facebook thing would happen sooner or later. I know it’s part of the modern methods employers use now. I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Me: First of all Sir, I commend your company for its high standards towards employee integrity. It’s uncommon. Secondly, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to your findings one on one. I appreciate. Nickz Mb is my username because it’s shorter and more convenient for friends to find me. It eases the spelling errors in my name while friends search for me to add. Also, several people outside Facebook know me as Nickz. Nevertheless, people who search for me with my formal name will still find me because I set my account that way. So, I choose Nickz Mb to ease connect and communication.

MD adjusts his reading glasses and asks the next question. I barely can tell if he’s satisfied with my response or not. That puts me a little on edge.

MD: What does Facebook mean to you?

Me: I see Facebook as an interesting and interactive social platform, a community of its own with so much variety; an avenue for entertainment and information.

MD: I have gone through most of your posts here. It’s majorly humour. Why would I not rate you as an unserious person?

This is the part that I have to brace myself for. I knew it would come. You can do this, I tell myself

Me: Sir, I’m afraid to say, but I don’t see humour and unseriousness being synonymous. Anyone who rates me unserious from Facebook would be incorrect. If anyone thinks so, I would quickly point him to look at my consistency, my originality, the content diversity and the progressively expanding audience. It would only mean that I show seriousness in being unserious, which means I am a serious and creative individual.
My posts reflect more than humour. I look into the society, education experience, relationships, and try to draw something from them which people can cheerfully relate to and feel excited about. Besides, some of my posts are moralistic write-ups, encouraging good morals. Also, the quality of posts I drop helps me draw audience to our blog, which is a serious business Sir.

The MD looks at me keenly, puts on his glasses and slowly leans back on his chair. He motions to one of the senior staff to take over. One of the staff on the sofa begins.

Staff 1: I am Oyedele Bolaji. I head Personnel Department. Just like the MD told you, this company is particular about staff integrity and performance capacity. Let me ask you this: do you think you create a positive impact on people reading your posts?

Me: Yes, I do Sir. My posts are mainly directed to the young people who form majority of friends on my list. Many times, I receive private and public commendations for my posts. It makes me happy to know I can reach out to people and make them laugh or have something to say, in spite the present challenges these young people are experiencing, especially the graduates. I try as much as possible to screen out every form of abusiveness, ethnic intolerance, violence promotion and any other form of offensive contents.

Staff 1: Have you benefited from Facebook in any way?

Me: In more ways than I can tell Sir. Firstly, it has improved my writing and communication skills and my self confidence. Also, I’ve been able to build friendship with some relevant people that I wouldn’t have the privilege to walk into their offices or meet in their high places. I’ve made good friends—young and elderly—who have supported me in many ways. Also, like I said, Facebook brings audience to our blog, so those are the benefits.

Staff 1 takes down some notes and then nods at the other staff seated beside him to take over. The MD is busy with his computer, looking as nonchalant as a gambler. Staff 2 takes over.

Staff 2: Young man, I’ve heard what you’ve said but I will ask you two important questions: you studied mechanical engineering but all your posts have nothing to do with engineering. How does that reflect that you are passionate about engineering?

Me: I see Facebook as a platform that brings people of diverse professions together to socialize and promote their involvements. I don’t see Facebook as a professional platform so I create contents that cut across professions, touching people individually, not professionally. I am devoted to engineering and I belong to other platforms where we share professional knowledge.

Staff 2: If you were employed here, how do you think your Facebook experience would add to the progress of this company?

Me: When I am employed here (yes, when), I’ll channel my commitment to the goals and values of this establishment. If I could invest such work into social media profile and gain relative significance, how much more a place that the passion of my profession looks up to? I am a good team player and with the excellent minds here, we can achieve higher excellence.

The MD looks up from his screen and takes over.

MD: Alright gentlemen, that will be all the questions. Thank you for your time, Mr. Mbambam. Please wait outside briefly. We’ll call you when we’re ready.

Dear Reader,
The above session of interaction is purely a work of fiction and has no reference to any person or place in existence. However, if you were the MD and called me inside again, what would you say as your final decision?

 By the way, add me up on Facebook. The name remains Nickz Mb

Monday, 15 May 2017

SEDUCED III (18+) --by Nickz


The first time he had seen her half naked, his brain had froze. This time, he felt a little light-headed like a teenager’s first experience with alcohol. In an effort to distract himself, his eyes were transfixed on the wall behind Harmony. He tried hard to count the number of lines on his brother’s striped shirt from a picture of him and Harmony hanging on the wall. It didn’t work. He tried hard to say something; to tell her how wrong it was. He would have done just that but how could he when there was a huge invisible toad stuck in his wind pipe? How would he stop this desperate woman from ruining her matrimony? How could he be an accomplice to his beloved brother’s betrayal? He had fought hard to conquer an occurrence like this but here he was, falling into a well-crafted net.

He had avoided having a direct look into her eyes. His eyes darted about, trying to find something distracting enough to focus on but there was only one masterpiece to look at. He made up his mind to be a man, to look her in the eye and tell her he can’t then storm out. It was easier said. The moment he connected his eyes with hers, he realized it was a wrong move. Harmony’s eyes dripped pure lust and they were all over him. he almost could feel them crawling over his skin. Her dreamy eyes carried the wanting that matched the intensity of an inferno.
Tension was ascending. He could feel his own blood descending faster than gravity into his second brain, depriving his actual grey matter the prerogative of decision making. The small gap that separated them was so charged it could light up a city. His gaze couldn’t settle on her face for too long and when it dropped downward to the endearingly smooth and perfectly curved mounds on her bosom, his own hardness was already throbbing within. Harmony stepped forward and swallowed the small gap between them, pressing her breasts into his chest while circling his neck with her arms, transferring a city-wide voltage into his bloodstream. If a doctor was foolish enough to place the cold surface of a stethoscope over his chest to check his pulse at that moment, he would have gained instant deafness. His heartbeat was slamming loud against his ribcage.

“This…this is…this is not right…please sister Harmony we can’t…we shouldn’t…” he wasn’t the one that spoke. He had no idea who spoke. That shaky and coarse semi-whispering voice wasn’t his, though it surprisingly came from his mouth. “Shhhh…don’t talk. Just feel.” Her voice was like evening breeze, everything about it so mild and calming. “And, I’m not your sister…” still using the same softness, she added. She brought her lips to his right ear and gently bit his earlobe. Until now, Vince had always believed the ears’ functions were limited to reception of sound waves and maintenance of balance. It was also an erogenous zone. Now, he found himself almost paralyzed, goose bumps metastasizing from the back of his neck. He wanted to respond, to wrap his arms around her succulent frame and squeeze her into his hardness but he fought the desire. His arms were still by his sides like a shy college girl’s. But he wasn’t new to romance. He had been with ladies a couple of times but it was very difficult when it was someone in the position of Harmony.

Her lips moved from his ear, gently tracing a path down to his lips, encircling him in a burning kiss. Again, he wanted to respond. He also wanted to break away. He still didn’t understand why he didn’t go with the later, long before it got to this stage. Maybe he was sedated. But that wasn’t true. He could feel every microscopic sensation of nerve stimulation. This was wrong, his mind pricked.
Somehow, Vince found some leftover willpower and raised his arms to stop her, to push her away but before he made progress, Harmony intercepted. She took her arms from his neck and gently grabbed his arms, still holding him in a kiss. When she released his arms, they fell limply back to his sides. He lost again.

Harmony was gaining control. She slid her arm beneath the singlet that covered his torso and very gently, she worked her way over the contours of his firm abs, savoring every bit of the feel. She could feel his stomach muscles tighten when she progressed higher to the solid wall of his chest. Her fingers ran hungrily all over, exploring like a treasure seeker. When she brushed the edge of her fingernails over his nipple, she could hear him release a soft moan. She could feel her own pleasure rising. His rocky body was driving her crazy.

Like a tiger maims its prey, she was almost certain Vince’s defense was incapacitated. With a push, she landed him back-first on her matrimonial bed. He was beginning to respond, she could tell. He had fought like a man, she acknowledged but victory will be hers. Harmony brought herself down over him, engaging him in a fiery kiss. Her fingers were working their way down his abdomen to his belt. She was burning to fill the desire in her. She had endured it when the hardness was pressed against her belly. Now was the time to dive. She could feel his rocky member against his jeans trousers. She worked his belt free and was engaging the button of his jeans when she sensed something in the air. It was choking. Vince perceived it too and his alertness was piqued because he realized what was happening. The choking smoke was coming from the kitchen and he was responsible for what was happening. He jumped out of bed and dashed out, holding his trouser from falling off. “Vince! Did you put something on fire? Oh my God!” She scurried into the bathroom to fetch a towel and wrap herself but Vince was already out. When she reached the kitchen, Vince was battling fire with the foamy chemical from a fire extinguisher. If they had stayed a little longer, the fire could have caught the gas supply hose and the story would have been very different. By the time the fire was put out, a certain extent of damage had been done to the cooker and the pot. It would  have been impossible to recognize that the content was rice as it was all char now. They were lucky that a greater harm had been saved.

...to be continued.

Friday, 12 May 2017

SEDUCED II (18+) --by Nickz


Vince was trying his best to keep his path parallel to that of Harmony whenever they were left in the solitary of the cozy abode. Several times, he had left to campus three or four hours before his first lecture. He found it preferable to hang around campus than to avail himself to the honey-dripping enticements of a lascivious sister-in-law. Keeping Richie out of the situation remained paramount to him as he was determined to handle matters carefully. It was too delicate to compound. If Richie got to know, Vince could never tell which side of the coin would face up to determine his fate.

So far, he was fighting a good fight. He never failed to lock his bedroom and bathroom  doors when he was unclad or vulnerable. He was really careful and it was working fairly well until yesterday in the kitchen. He was mixing milk and cereal for a light breakfast over the kitchen countertop. Harmony had strolled into the kitchen too. She suddenly wanted to retrieve a beverage tin from the overhead cupboard which was right above Vince. In the process, she had to position herself behind Vince, pressing herself into his back. Vince could feel the soft and teasing pressure of her breasts on his back, the flimsy pajamas she wore was barely a barrier. His heart had started to pound against his ribcage. If he stepped out, she might lose balance and possibly get injured as her weight was now on him. Even when she had reached the tin, she lingered some more. He endured awkwardly, looking for the right words to say and extricate himself. Finally, she got the tin and moved from him. “Vince baby, don’t tell me you’re leaving for lectures this early. It’s just 7”. Vince cleared his throat to untangle the mucus that stuck in the way. His heart had returned to pace and he finally had found his voice. “Arh, yeah. We have 8am lectures most days.” He had lied. She was not an easy fly to shake off. She dropped the tin of beverage she had picked—which she obviously had no need of—and walked to him, pretended to become interested in his meal. “Hmmm. Golden Morn, how do you mix it to look so mouth-watery?” she had gotten the spoon from him and tasted the cereal. “Wow, this is…yummie… You have to tell me how you do this…I like it.” He knew her game. He had known it wasn’t about learning anything but for decency sake, he had to cooperate on the tutorial. He had managed a shy smile and proceeded to tell her the steps. “Well, it’s quite simple. I usually use lukewarm water to prepare it…I first pour in...” Harmony had walked closer so that she leaned on him and rested her head on his arm under the guise of paying close attention. His heart had started to race again, the words barely coming out audibly. Her hair had a mild fragrance similar to that of a fruit he couldn’t recall the name. It was hard to recall anything. It was even harder to think of a way out. Maybe the gods of chance were in his favour that morning. He had never been so grateful to hear his ringtone at that moment. His phone was ringing in his room and he had to rush out of her snare to get it. Resisting Harmony was harder than his four-credit unit 100L Mathematics but he was optimistic to overcome. He believed she would give up one day.

Today was Thursday. Vince’s first lecture was by 12pm but he would be crazy to stay at home that long. Washing his brother’s car had made him wake up early. It was just 7:30am and he didn’t feel like going to school so early and roam idly as he barely had friends to while off time with in the new environment. He could occupy himself by cooking rice. There was stew in the freezer. He wished to God that Queen Temptation would stay glued to her ZeeWorld or whatever she was watching in her bedroom.

The gas cooker came to life with blue flames and he disposed the used matchstick and placed the pot of rice. Watching the blue and smoke-free flames reminded him of his rickety kerosene stove in his one-bedroom house back in Ikot Ekpene which produced the exact opposite. He chuckled when he remembered how he usually suffered with the burner and the wick adjuster; turning and adjusting several times until it managed to burn. Sometimes, he would run out of kerosene before the end of the meal. He usually had no option than to burn out the wicks. Life here was better, he thought. He was willing to maintain a good relationship with Richie and continue to enjoy the benefits of comfort. Vince headed for the freezer to extract the stew. It had to be taken out and placed in water to defrost. He would dish and warm enough for himself and Harmony. He was on his way to the big Nexus chest freezer down the open passage when he heard the sound of shattering glass. He was sure it was from the house. It was coming from the direction of Harmony’s room. 

He dashed down the corridor towards her room which was closed. He was afraid something was wrong. When he opened the door, he knew something was definitely not right. Harmony was sitting at the foot of her giant matrimonial bed, sobbing into her palms. There were pieces of what used to be the bottle of Veleta wine on the floor just across where she sat. Vince examined the damage. It appeared someone dashed the brittle vessel against the wall and it shattered and littered the floor. He could see the mark of collision on the wall opposite Harmony. What could have prompted such spontaneous outrage? Vince stepped into the room, cautious of the glass fragments on the tiled floor. Did she receive any bad news from her family? Was that enough to make her haul a bottle against the wall? Was it the miscarriage? It must be the miscarriage. She was in grief for her lost child. Vince remembered when he lost his beloved mother at the unfulfilled age of 53, four years ago. She was a good woman; the kind of woman that helped people even when she barely had enough. Richie had spent a lot of money on her illness, hoping she’d be alright but she still passed on. People had come to the house wailing and sympathizing. He had not felt that urge to shed tears then. It was when he was alone in his room that night that reality him hard. After that night, he had usually pretended to get over it until one noon, several months later, when a particular memory of his mother hit him. He found himself shedding tears and wiping them with his shirt. Maybe that was what was happening to Harmony at the moment; the memory of the lost child after several months into pregnancy, the shattered expectations—it was enough to drive someone into a crazy mood. This was why his brother wanted him around. To be there to keep her good company and help her think less of the past. Vince sat on the bed beside with his sister-in-law and patted her shoulder comfortingly. 

“It’s okay sister Harmony. It’s okay…” He thought of how best to go about the whole comforting thing. He barely knew the right words to say. “You will have another baby, maybe twins. Don’t hurt yourself with the past. You will have another baby. Please stop crying.” She was quiet but still had her face covered. Slowly, she removed her hands from her face, clamped them beneath her chin and stared blankly at the wall opposite her. Even with traces of tears in her eyes, in spite her early morning face, Harmony was still a beauty queen. She still didn’t say anything but seemed to appreciate his presence non-verbally. Vince stood up and fetched a broom and waste packer. Carefully, he gathered the pieces on the floor and disposed them. She was still sitting and staring blankly. Vince went back and sat beside her. “Do you need anything? I can get you water to drink if…” Vince asked but she shook her head in negation, cutting him off. After a short while, she heaved and spoke; her voice a little above a murmur. “It’s not the baby.” Vince wasn’t sure he got her clearly. He cocked his head in a way that sent the message. “This is not about the miscarriage,” she spoke again. He was taken by surprise. His curiousity pitched higher. He waited anxiously for her to speak. What else could it have been?
“Your brother and I,” she started to speak, still staring blankly at the wall. “…we were so crazy about each other after the marriage. Our honeymoon was paradise. We made love like horses on this bed. He treated me like a queen, always never wanting me to leave his sight.” She cleared her throat and swallowed. “I got used to that feeling of being wanted. All my life, I’ve always been wanted…wanted by men…men willing to pay anything. Sometimes, I made them work for it.  Men were men, willing to pay dearly. But that was before Richie. Richie made me feel like there was no need to play around anymore. I thought I found all the men in one man. We decided to start something…” She adjusted her posture and sat upright, the tears were no more and her composure had a touch of cheerfulness. “The whole point is; Richie has changed. Maybe he’s too blind to see. He’s married to his work and career. We used to have the weekends to ourselves but all that’s gone. It’s work, work, work. I no longer feel that sense of being desired that made me start this journey.” The picture was becoming clearer to Vince. A lonely woman she was.  “I have needs… I have urges…” she rose up and paced, looking in charge again, her glory returning, her beauty radiating. She paced on, her thin fabric as transparent as ever. “Vince, come here…” she stretched her arm and gently pulled Vince from his sitting position. Vince was in a state of bewilderment; trying to comprehend how she switched from victim to her usual queenly demeanor. They were both standing, facing each other. She released her hand from Vince’s. Slowly, with little effort like a trained stripper, she slipped off the sleeves of her nightie and it slipped down her gorgeous frame down to her toes. She was standing before him, nude as a new born. “Vincent, I am a woman in need. You have all I need. Make love to me.” 

...to be continued

Thursday, 11 May 2017

SEDUCED I (18+) --by Nickz


Vince dipped the rag into the half-filled bucket of soapy water, gave the rag a little squeeze before wiping the roof of the Toyota Avalon; his arm moving mechanically like a windshield wiper. If he knew nothing else, it was etched into his cerebrum that his elder brother could not be late to work. His car had to be clean and ready on time. That was the thing with bank jobs. It was like sex with a nympho: no matter how early you started, how good you were or how hard you worked your ass, it never got enough until you were worn out and it called right back the next day. It was Vince’s fourth week in Anambra state. He would have still been managing a provision shop for Mama Sabi back home in Ikot Ekpene if not for his recent admission into Oko Polytechnic in Anambra state. His elder brother Richard was a banker in Access Bank, Ekwulobia, one of the busy towns in Anambra state and had helped him secure the admission through a friend who knew a friend who knew another friend. Richie—as popularly called—was the closest family to Vince and Vince held his elder brother the way Catholics revere their bishops.

At 22, Vince still possessed that charming looks and innocence of a teenager. He held a slight resemblance to Nick Cannon in Love Don’t Cost A Thing. The striking difference was in his height which was a couple cm higher and the fact that he had abs that could earn him a lightweight championship belt. Plus, he didn't keep braids but carried a neat undercut hairstyle. He would ever remain indebted to his elder brother who had to bite nails to secure him a long awaited desire. He was glad the admission took him out of his hometown, a place which often reminded him of the sufferings and hustling he had to endure in the school called life. He would gladly call that the past. Richie on his end was also glad his younger brother was right with him. One stone would kill two birds as Vince was going to be of help to him at home while pursuing his academics, especially considering the fact that Harmony, his wife had recently suffered a miscarriage. Richie would appreciate someone to help her around since his work was highly demanding.

Richie’s wedding to Harmony a year ago was the talk of town in Ikot Ekpene. He had met her in a unisex salon. Gears were shifted and barely seven months after, they had tied the knot. She was everything he dreamt of in a woman. Harmony was one of those ladies that made men stare at the cover page of a magazine with fantasies in their head if her picture was on it. Her caramel skin, her audacious height, her voluptuous curves all emphasized triumph over beauty. Richie was proud of her and treated her like a fragile poultry product, thought she barely had anything to touch with her manicured fingers in the cozy four bedroom apartment.
Vince was at the finishing stage of dry-wiping the Avalon when his brother stepped out of the house, ready to leave to work. Harmony floated after him, still dressed in her nightie; an overwhelmingly flimsy silk. Vince couldn’t help but smile approvingly at his big brother. He always dressed like one of those men on TV during corporate commercials; crisp and on point. Today, he wore a white shirt with a blue tie.  At thirty, Richie had worked his way up to the manager of Customer Care department. Vince admired his brother. People often said they both shared a striking resemblance but Vince never noticed, maybe due to the fact that Richie’s size amassed a chunkier deal of flesh than his.

Harmony helped Richie slip into his black suit before depositing a kiss on his lips. She arranged his collar then wished him a good day at work. After some complimentary remarks, Vince handed Richie his car keys. He was lucky to finish washing on time. It was 6:45am when the shiny saloon car glided out of the gate. On a good day, it would glide back in around 7:00pm.
It was Vince’s fourth week of stay in Richie’s house. By now, he could swear the suspicion he had perceived on the second week was not a false smoke. Who knew if it started right from the first week but he hadn’t paid adequate attention? His big brother didn’t have the faintest knowledge of this as it usually occurred in his absence and Vince was willing to contain it and tread cautiously over the situation for the sake of peace. Harmony was still at the doorway, leaning on the post like a predator awaiting its prey. When Vince’s eyes met hers, she winked at him and smiled the way Eve had probably smiled when he wanted Adam to taste the fruit in her hand. Slowly, she lifted her silk gown—which was see-through enough to expose everything beneath—revealing a pair of smooth and stunning legs. She winked once more at Vince in a way that said, this could be all yours and then swayed graciously into the house. Vince was transfixed with the empty bucket in hand, barely able to reason. That wasn’t the first time she did that. It wasn’t the second either. She was incessantly seducing him in his brother’s absence.

Back then in his second week, there was a morning Vince was having his shower when the bathroom door suddenly flew open. He was completely nude and wet. Harmony was standing at the entrance, acting like it was an accident, claiming she had wanted to pick the disinfectant and use in her own bathroom. If it was an accident, why did she stare longer? Why hadn’t she knocked?
The second time, Vince was in his room applying deodorants after morning bath. The door creaked open and Harmony had walked in unannounced. She had complained she had difficulties unhooking her brassier. In addition to the bra she had worn that day, the only other fabric she wore was a lacy pair of panties that screamed seduction. With shaky hands, Vince had managed to help her unhook the bra but to her, that wasn’t sufficient. She had peeled the brassier off her shoulders and chest and turned to face Vince, with a mischievous grin on her lips. “Thanks Vince baby. I don’t know what I‘d have done without you.” With that, she had turned back and left the room.

Every time he remembered the bra experience, his spines usually experienced chills that ran lower down. He wasn’t just scared knowing that he had seen Harmony’s semi-nakedness but was also worried she was so beautiful and even more, so alluring. 

to be continued...