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Friday, 15 July 2016


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“Darling have you met that lady before?” Genevieve asked, feeling triumphant. Once again, Calvary had proved his love for her. “Yes dear. Remember the lady I told you, that slapped me for hitting her car accidentally?” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “No way, are you serious?” She couldn’t believe it was still the same woman he told her about and she felt disappointed in his kind heart once again.
“Is something wrong my dear?” He noticed the change in her countenance and wondered what he had done wrong. She just stared at him blandly. “Nothing,” she shrugged. He moved to where she sat and pecked her forehead. “Tell me love, what’s it?” He raised his brows as she began. “If she is as barbaric as you told me, how could you let her go? You should’ve handed her over to security and the police so she could learn a lesson.” Calvary stared at his bride-to-be, feeling amused. He couldn’t blame her for her suggestion but he wasn’t that cruel. “But darling, you know I’m a pastor and besides, the bible teaches us to forgive and forget.” She winced and turned the other way. He smiled and knew what would tickle her fancy. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a little package and his wounded love was all smiles.
“Yetunde what is going on with you?” Edidiong asked as she watched her cousin pack up. She wondered what had gone wrong at the bank as Yetunde had given her the cold face since she got home. It was obvious her cousin had an encounter with Mr. Calvary Aduga prior the meeting today. She had so many questions but her cousin had ignored her totally.
“Please don’t go Yetunde,” she pleaded feeling lost by her actions. “Have I done anything wrong to you?” She inquired sincerely. Yetunde increased her frown. “You betrayed me. You lied to me about the Bank Manager…that picture you showed me was a lie.” Eddie now understood where all the tension was coming from. “I’m sorry Yetunde, you were asking too many questions and I had to find a way to keep you relaxed.”
“And you could only do that by lying to my face?” She sneered. “Tell me something Edidiong, why do you think I’m stupid?”
She slammed the phone angrily on her bed. That was the second week she had tried reaching the school authority to consider her daughter just for another week but all to no avail. Definitely, the loan issue was never going to work. Everything was against her. If only Eddie had informed her that it was Mr. Perfect whom she had slapped the other day was the Manager, she wouldn’t have bothered seeking for help.
Now she was thoroughly humbled and embarrassed. She remembered his mocking glare and how he tossed her files carelessly on the floor, and his words still stuck to her brain like it was yesterday. “You are quite arrogant for your economic class.” She felt so ashamed, maybe she deserved it. She had been rude to him although he did wrong. He had apologized but the other occurrence wasn’t entirely her fault.

Her mind drifted a bit. The beautiful lady she had seen, could she be his wife or? She felt her heart twinge and she suddenly longed for his respect. In his eyes, she was an arrogant young woman but her actions were frustration’s harvest. From his countenance, he was in love with the cruel woman who was so attractive and couldn’t be compared to her. She opened her eyes as she felt for her ringing phone. Why was she even thinking about him? She had no business with him. He embarrassed her without second thoughts.
“Eddie, why are you calling? I’m still upset with you.” She rolled her eyes. Eddie smiled at the other end, knowing her soft hearted cousin who couldn’t hurt a thing. She was quite sure Yetunde would come around again. She had just played a little prank on her and didn’t expect it to be that messy. She called to check up on her dear cousin and her little niece and to get some words out of her. Something was definitely up between Calvary Aduga and her cousin and she had to find out. Also recently, her boss…Mr. Calvary had not only asked of the little girl, Naomi but of her mother too.
She seemed like a very nice person under the tough exterior. Her eyes were very gentle and looked kind; something wasn’t right about all that. Was she married or widowed? He had asked Edidiong some questions about the lady which she carefully avoided for reasons known to her. He had to find out more about the lady. Then, he remembered the tears that welled up in her eyes as he flung the file on the floor. Calvary felt guilty. As a man of God who preached self control, he had lost his control that day. Anger could do dangerous things to people. He smiled as he remembered the little girl, her beautiful smile and her paintings and he made a decision: he had to find her again.
“Good morning Sir,” Eddie stormed in unannounced with a tray containing clean teacups and some cookies. Calvary ignored her. He was going to frighten her a bit. That was the only way to get the information he needed. He was naturally very friendly with his employees and that made them feel at ease with him. Edidiong had avoided his questions the other time, claiming not to have any personal relationship with the lady. But he couldn’t believe her. She was a terrible liar and he was going to sniff that info out of her.
She repeated her “good morning” but again it was met with silence. This wasn’t a good sign at all. Was she going to be fired? Had she done something wrong? She gently dropped the tray and looked at the once friendly Mr. Calvary Aduga sitting quietly on his desk looking quite devilish. He was angry obviously but with whom? She couldn’t have annoyed him as she thought of her previous actions. She hated pissing off her boss. She liked this job and the pay was excellent…more than what she had dreamed of and he often tipped her and the rest of the employees. If he sacked her right now, with the job situation in Nigeria, she was definitely going to be in a deep ditch.
She took a deep breath and decided to give him some space. Now wasn’t a good time. She hurriedly walked to the door but his deep voice brought her to a halt. “Come back here. Take a seat,” he commanded. She was really in deep trouble now. “Sir please I’m sorry if I have not been at my best…” she began but he hushed her with a hard stare. “Miss Gerard,” he began. She almost fainted. Surely her job was over here because he rarely called her by her surname. 
“Tell me everything about the young lady that came seeking for a loan, everything or you are at a great risk of losing your job.” This brought her to her knees. What had Yetunde done again? Why was she such a kill joy? Eddie begged on her cousin’s behalf. She was sure this was all about Genevieve, Mr. Calvary’s fiancĂ©e. “I’m waiting,” he thundered. Edidiong gulped. Yetunde, for some reasons didn’t like Mr. Calvary so she had to tread carefully. She had just reconciled with her and didn’t need any more problems. Just as she was about to speak, the door flung wide while Genevieve walked in hurriedly.


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