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Monday, 18 July 2016


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“Darling what’s going on here?” Genevieve asked a bit worried. Calvary looked upset and she rarely saw him that way. “Stand up, we shall continue that discussion later.” Eddie nodded and quickly left the office. “Angel welcome. I wasn’t expecting you,” he pecked her softly. She smiled and clung to his hands. “It’s about the program. Pastor Ogbonna asked me to get some money so we could print more flyers.”
He now understood the reason behind her urgent visit. “Okay dear. How much do you think we’ll need?” He retrieved his ATM card from his briefcase. He hated carrying cash around, he liked the card. It was the safest way to go about business transactions. “Uhmmm…”she paused as she checked her phone. “Five thousand naira would be enough. I’m sorry to bother you but the treasurer wasn’t available and we had to do this quick.” He smiled at his angel, she was such a virtuous woman, so zealous for the Lord and he was sure he hadn’t made a mistake by proposing to her. He handed her his ATM card. She had used it severally and he trusted her with everything he owned; he was in love with her.
“See you in church later this evening,” she pecked him and walked off. The outreach was going to be massive. Many ministers of God had been invited to grace the occasion. She was the choir mistress so she had spent much time with her choristers. It had to be perfect. She had to be noticed. Many songsters were coming too, the likes of Sinach, Frank Edwards, Cece Winans etc. As she walked out of the office, an idea dropped; she could as well invite some people here at the bank to the program. Well there were about ten flyers left, she counted to be sure.  “Ten lucky souls,” she mused as she walked to Edidiong’s table.

Eddie was startled. Miss High and Mighty rarely talked to her. In fact, she acted like she never existed. She wondered what this was all about. “Hi Miss…” Genevieve rolled her eyes. She didn’t know the name of Calvary’s dumb secretary, the cousin to the other wretched lady. “Edidiong,” Eddie offered, collecting the flyer Genevieve offered.” I’m inviting you to my church–Grace Arena–please bring your friends. It’s going to be glorious.” Eddie nodded and stared at the card uninterestedly while her majesty carted off.
Something caught her eyes as she read the content of the flyer; Frank Edwards was coming, he was going to perform live. She squealed and closed her mouth immediately. He was Yetunde’s best gospel artiste as well as hers. This was going to be great. She was definitely going for the program, and so was Yetunde.
Although she was feeling a bit down, down from all the events of the past weeks, this piece of info Eddie had just given her made her smile. “Are you for real? Franklin Edwards?” She couldn’t believe it. She had heard about his live performances but she never got the opportunity to attend any. This was her golden opportunity and she had to be there. “Let me see,” she grabbed the flyer and studied it carefully. It was going to be a great show. It was tagged “Glorious Praise Night”. “Well, if this would help get me out of this mood, I’ll definitely come. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.”
Eddie smiled satisfactorily.  “Now that’s the spirit.” She knew how to get her cousin out of her depression. “Where’s Naomi? We should start preparing you know, the church auditorium is going to be heavily populated. We need to go early.” Yetunde nodded, she understood what went on in such programs. “She’s asleep, obviously tired of colouring papers.” Eddie chuckled lightly. She loved her niece; such a talented beauty. Then she remembered how Mr. Calvary had played with her the other day. The scene had thrilled her heart; he had smiled at the little girl and played with her just like her father. She wished Naomi could have a father figure in her life. This was the time to get the gist from her cousin. She had barely escaped her boss’s wrath earlier and she knew he would call her back. She had to find out.
She inhaled deeply, knowing Yetunde’s  mood swings. She could take this lightly or she could flare up; this was a new Yetunde, she was the most lovable person on earth before she met with Femi. He destroyed her emotionally and those wounds were taking time to heal.  

Yetunde stared at her cousin closely. She looked a bit worried or scared. “Edidiong what’s wrong with you?” She dropped the clothes she folded and walked towards her. “There’s something I would like to ask you. Please promise you wouldn’t get upset.” Yetunde nodded quickly. “What’s the relationship between you and Mr. Calvary?” For a moment, silence danced in the room then Yetunde broke it. “Nothing much, we had an ugly encounter one time. He hit my car and I slapped him…but he deserved it, he’s such a mean person.” Eddie squinted unbelievably. Her cousin had slapped her boss and from her tone, she wasn’t remorseful. “How could you do such a thing–slapping a total stranger? I think you’re the mean person because knowing my boss very well, he must have apologized.” Yetunde shrugged and resumed arranging the room. “So you are on his side. Well, I don’t like him. He’s proud and full of himself. Just imagine what happened in his office. He threw my files on the floor.” Eddie shook her head. This girl was really a shadow of herself. “Why the questions?” Yetunde inquired, feeling curious. Had he asked about her? “He asked me to tell him everything about you and he sounded upset.” Yetunde smiled to herself. He asked about her, which made her feel somehow special. “So what did you tell him?” Eddie bit her lip. “Nothing…what did you want me to say? Listen Yetunde, you need to see him and probably beg him. Remember Naomi is still at home, you still need this loan.”

She paused at the thought of her little angel who had stopped attending school and exam was fast approaching, but she couldn’t beg any man. After Femi’s betrayal, she had vowed never to surrender or be at the mercy of any man especially, Mr. Perfect. She knew his type; probably born with a silver spoon and had everything easy, looking down on someone like her. No, she would never beg him.

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  1. Nice but too short... Please make it longer.. Keep it up Rose.. Thank you Gistcreek


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