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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


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Edidiong was stunned as Yetunde happily narrated her encounter with Calvary. “He is such an angel, cousin.” Eddie smiled trying to ignore the other issue that bothered her. “He invited us to church on Sunday,” Yetunde giggled.  She had never felt this happy in ages. For once, she noticed how beautiful the world was; her days were going to change and all at once, she forgot her past sorrows. She had never met such a kind person before. After all she did to him, he still forgave and apologized to her. Calvary was a wonderful man, a true man of God. Then her heart stopped As a wish escaped from her safely guarded thoughts. She wished he was hers. It would’ve been such a beautiful thing. He played with Naomi like his own daughter, patting her, petting her and encouraging her to paint more papers.

She felt a bit sad. Such a man could never be with a woman like her. She was soiled. Suddenly, she looked at her cousin who had become awfully reserved since their return from the program. “Edidiong, what’s it? Tell me what’s bothering you.” But she remained silent. “I’m fine Yetunde, just having mood swings.” She sighed and rose up to the comfort of her bed. “Let me get some rest, we’ll talk later.” Yetunde felt wounded. Was her cousin tired of sheltering her and Naomi? She pulled her little angel and pecked her soft cheeks. “i love you baby, everything will be fine.”

Edidiong laid on the bed, unable to find sleep. She had seen Femi and she knew what that meant. He would bring down Yetunde’s world down again like he did the first time. She recalled how her cousin had given him all her love. She was young and na├»ve. A guy like Femi only wanted sex. She sighed again. If her cousin found out the truth, if she saw Femi by chance, then their relationship would be over.  Yetunde would be so hurt that she had kept such a secret from her. She would feel so betrayed.
She was the closest friend and confidante Yetunde had. From childhood, they had been so close and some actually thought they were sisters. Yetunde had no other to talk to except her. Her younger sister,  Ifeoluwa ignored her completely. Ife was the favorite of their parents for some reason and when Yetunde got pregnant, Ife became their all. She tossed again on the bed, her conscience pricking her more than before. “I should’ve told her the truth. Now she’s going to hate me completely.” She sobbed silently.
But she couldn’t blame herself totally. Yetunde avoided talking about her family, especially after she was disowned so she had no chance to tell her the truth. She had opposed that idea but no member in the family supported her. That was why she moved to Oyo to start a new life, just like Yetunde. Her family disgusted her, they ignored her pleas that day, claiming she opposed the marriage of Femi to Ifeoluwa because of her strong bond with Yetunde. But she had told them severally that Femi was the father of Yetunde’s unwanted child…but all Mrs. Peters, Yetunde’s mother could say was that Yetunde was a promiscuous child who wanted casting a shadow on Ife’s good luck.
Praying for the last time, she drifted to a land filled with hazy dreams.
Genevieve paced angrily in her room. Something was going on with Calvary and she felt it strongly. Her mother hadn’t been lying after all. He confessed being with a woman. “That filthy wretch!” She screamed as her blood boiled. She remembered her vividly and their horrible encounter. How could her angel dine with her? And her mother had described them as “looking very happy like newlyweds”. She loved him too much to let him go and certainly, not to such a wretched woman. She had to act fast. She had to do something. “What are you doing here darling? You should come down for dinner.” Her mother called gently but she would not be pacified. Calvary was a matter of life and death. She needed him; his love, his money, his body. “Mother, we have to do something fast. I can’t lose him. I know he has proposed to marry me but a mere proposal is not guarantee enough.” She began to sob as she imagined the worst happening. Her mother watched her closely. “Get pregnant.”

She let the heavy words sink to her brain. “But Mom, the church will know and Calvary would not even touch me.” The older woman gave a short laugh. “Are you a virgin, child?” She shook her head as she blinked, feeling embarrassed her mother should ask that question. The distant images faded quickly from her eyes. She remembered her first lover Femi, her very first. She had loved him with everything in her but her mother didn’t approve. “You are a blue blood Gene. You need a rich and hardworking man.” She remembered her mother’s stern voice.
She still thought about Femi sometimes but few years ago, she learnt he was married. It made her sad but Calvary filled the void he left. She snapped out of her past life before she became born again, wondering how she would hatch her plan to get pregnant. Calvary would never agree but it was worth a try. “Mom, after the pregnancy, what next?” She asked. “He will be compelled to marry you quickly before the members and other pastors get to know the truth.” She was a bit confused. How could they pull off a wedding with her being pregnant? The brides were usually tested. Reading her daughter’s thoughts, the woman smiled. “Who is the head of the marriage council?” She asked, sounding more evil. Genevieve rolled her eyes. “You are…so what are you saying?” She rubbed her daughter’s chin. “Leave everything to me, Calvary would be yours, I swear on my blood.”

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