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Tuesday, 27 September 2016


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Yetunde had moved in with her cousin for the mean time. She thanked God for Eddie. She took care of them so well. With a smile still plastered to her face, she placed the cash Eddie gave her for her personal shopping in her purse. She wished her job at the supermarket was well paying. She would never have any worries. Dressing up her little angel, she was ready to go get some personal items at the supermarket.  “Good to go baby. I’m going to get you ice cream.”
Calvary thought of Yetunde as he drove. He hadn’t apologized to her yet and he needed to do that. But he had been so busy with meetings here and there and had no time to engage Edidiong in any informal discussion. It was his lunch break and he had another task to accomplish. His mother’s birthday was coming the following week. From his observation, she liked his perfume because she made a nice comment about it. He was going to get it for her. He loved her so much. Since the demise of his father, Chief Ibrahim Aduga, she was their pillar and she loved her children dearly.
The salesgirl was all smiles when he walked in; she knew he would tip her. He did on most occasions. He was a very nice person. “Hello Onyinye, I’m looking for this perfume,” he showed her a piece of paper and she promptly referred him to the Paris collection section. Genevieve had gotten him that perfume on his 30th birthday. He wished with all his heart to find that exquisite scent. His mother made him laugh. She enjoyed wearing masculine perfumes, often saying, “I like the ones that smell strong.”
Yetunde walked into the supermarket and started her shopping. She needed to get toiletries for them. She didn’t want to use her cousin’s. The girl had done enough for them. She felt happy for at least having a helper. Her parents had totally abandoned her to rot. She saw a pretty girl pass. She quickly hid behind the heap of body creams on recognizing her. That was her course mate, Helen Ojoma. She too, would’ve been a graduate now if only she didn’t fall for Femi’s lies and deceit. But staring at her little angel, she refused to regret. She got up quickly and left for the counter, preparing to leave immediately.
The counter girl brought out each item and summed up. “Madam, your money is not enough. It your balance is Two Thousand Naira.” She stood still. This was horrible as Naomi was already whining. “Mummy, buy me ice-cream.” She breathed deeply and was about to return some items when a hand grabbed her basket and dropped it on the counter.
Calvary smiled at the lady who looked confused. “Onyinye double it. It’s on me.” The girl hesitated but obeyed. He was so happy he had seen her. He picked up Naomi who smiled, showing her beautiful dentition. “You want ice-cream?” He asked and she nodded excitedly and bent to pluck his lashes.
Yetunde felt glued and nervous. She felt like running out but he was holding Naomi. She swallowed and felt shame wash her like shampoo. The man she had slapped was now helping her. She collected the basket and followed him to where he parked his car, finding it difficult to look him straight in the eye; she was too shy to do that. It irked her to be helped. “Thank you” was all she muttered but he just kept staring at her.  He chuckled softly.  “You’re quite funny. I’m sorry for the way I treated you. I’m hoping we could be friends.” She nodded, not able to return his gaze.
A female voice interrupted them by the car. “Pastor, good day. I’m surprised to see you here.” The woman eyed Yetunde suspiciously. Who was she? And what was she doing with her future son-in-law? Calvary smiled politely. “Good afternoon mummy.” The least person he expected to see was Genevieve’s mother.
From the woman’s countenance Yetunde easily deciphered that she wasn’t liked. Who was she anyway? She looked away as Calvary discussed with the woman, still holding her little angel who was so engrossed in pulling his lashes. Then she thought of Femi, her one time lover who had asked her to get rid of such a beautiful child. Maybe one day, she would fall in love again but it wasn’t going to be anytime soon.
He cleared his throat and eyed her. She looked uncomfortable around him. “So where were we? This angel here says she wants ice-cream.” He winked at Naomi but Yetunde couldn’t have it. He had done enough already by paying for her stuff, even asking her to pick more. She didn’t want to impose besides, men never gave anything for free. Her heart raced. Maybe he liked her. That’s why he was so interested in her business. “I’m sorry Mr. Calvary but you’ve done enough. Thank you very much and I’m very sorry for the way I treated you.” He smiled warmly and squeezed her shoulders “That’s why you owe me. After the ice-cream, you’re free to run but right now, I need your apologies.” He directed her to the car and settled Naomi on her lap. Yetunde gasped. This was too much for her to bear. They looked like the perfect happy family she was not going to have anytime soon. Which man in his right senses would marry a damaged woman? He hummed his favorite hymn as they approached the fast food, stealing occasional glances at her. She looked worried and he wondered why. He felt drawn to this young lady for some reason. He was going to find out about her. Definitely she wasn’t married; she had no ring on her finger. Somehow, he felt relieved. This was getting very confusing.

Naomi devoured the ice-cream happily, gaining the attention of the two adults. She felt very special that very day.  “So, mind telling me a little about yourself?” He looked into her brown eyes but she quickly looked away. He was right! She was a soft lady with a tough exterior. She paused and stared at the window. “There’s nothing to tell.” Why was he so interested in her personal life? Could it be because of his generosity, he had the right to pry? She closed her eyes. This man was an anointed servant of the Most High and she had hurt him once. She was just not used to total strangers being overly nice.
She told him everything except the part about her illegitimate love affair and how she was abandoned by her family. She couldn’t bring herself to do that. She felt embarrassed. He nodded and wondered how she came about the little girl but he was afraid to ask. He didn’t want to spoil her mood. Then, his phone rang.  “Hello Gene, I’m not in the office right now but…” he paused as he tried to understand the reason behind her rude response. “Where are you right now? Tell me, I’m coming.” He cut the call immediately, she sounded so rude on the phone. For once, he wondered if Genevieve was a hypocrite because she had never raised her voice on him.

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