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Friday, 12 August 2016


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“Okay, enough of the argument. Always consider Naomi’s future before your pride. We need to leave, the program starts by Six O’clock.” “Whatever,” Yetunde groaned and left to rouse Naomi who was deep in sleep. They all ate a light meal and packed up their bibles. It was indeed going to be great.
“So have you been to the church before?” Yetunde had heard about the church a lot but she never dared to go. She just couldn’t find herself in any church. She had failed God once and he was still punishing her for her sins. “No now. I’m new in town so I haven’t really settled down. Let’s just see what happens, maybe I will worship there.” Eddie smiled at the cab she had just waved down.
“Grace Arena Church,” she yelled to the cab driver and he stooped, looking at the two young women and the baby. He had the perfect set to exploit. He coughed and cleared his throat. “Five hundred naira.” Yetunde was already boiling with anger. Men, always wanting to exploit. “Five hundred what? Did we tell you we want to hire?” The man feigned anger. “Una no sabi the price of fuel for this country? No be Grace Arena Church Along Ore Road?” “Just go…go your way” was all Eddie could utter. No one was going to spoil her mood. Tonight would be all about praising God and giving him beautiful worship.
Calvary hummed his favorite tune as he drove. God was indeed faithful. They had taken months to plan for this program and it was finally coming to pass. He prayed mighty things happened to people—healing, deliverance, salvation of souls. “…and crown him…Lord of all…,” he continued whistling then he slowed down. He had spotted Edidiong from afar. This was the time to ask about the rude young lady. He wasn’t going to be free for weeks. But as he drove closer he saw his little friend in her mother’s arms. So the rude young lady could hold a baby so gently? He mused and horned to get their attention.
Her heart started beating again, just like in his office. She tried to calm herself by shifting to the other side. Why was she behaving this way? Like a shy teenager. Was she shy of him? He stepped out of the car and exchanged pleasantries with Eddie. She tried to look away but she couldn’t. He wore a black denim with a blue coloured shirt and he looked perfect. His dark eyes focusing on her cousin suddenly turned and caught her staring at him. She blinked and quickly looked away.
Calvary felt a little excitement crawl up his spine. Was he mistaken? He had seen admiration in her fiery eyes. Did she like him? He walked towards her and the toddler immediately leaned out and followed him, leaving her mother startled. “What’s the meaning of that? Give me back my baby,” she paused to listen to herself. Was she overeacting? She couldn’t help noticing how Naomi looked quite comfortable in his arms—his strong arms. “Chill, they have met before at the bank,” her cousin scolded.
“My little painter,” he squeezed her cheeks and stared back at the girl’s mother. This was the perfect time to do what the Lord had asked him to do. “Hi, I’m sure you know my name.” She stared at him with disgust. Who did he think he was? Some celebrity? He put out his hand for a handshake but she ignored it and left his hands hanging in the air. Edidiong stepped in. “I’m sorry sir, she’s just in a very bad mood. We were actually hurrying somewhere.”
He raised his brows suspiciously. His secretary could be coning. He stared at the rude young lady. She was going to be very difficult to please.  “What’s your name? At least tell me that,” he continued as she jerked Naomi out his arms. He felt hurt. “Yetunde Peters,” Edidiong chipped in, receiving a murderous glare from Yetunde. “Sir, we really need to go,” Eddie continued but he just smiled and it left her confused. Which man smiled in the face of embarrassment? “Where are you off to? I can drop you,” he offered kindly.
“Sir we are going to Ore road but you don’t have to stress yourself…” he opened the car door and smiled. “I insist.” As they both turned, Yetunde had already waved a cab and stepped into it. Edidiong shook her head. Typical.  “I’m sorry sir, she’s a very nice person. She has just been in a bad place lately. He nodded and started the car. “It’s okay,” but it wasn’t okay. The young woman—Yetunde hated him obviously but he couldn’t blame her. He had broken her car light. Wait, could that have been the reason she wasn’t driving? He wondered and hoped not. He had to find a way and appease her.
Yetunde was so furious with her cousin. How could she be on Calvary’s side? She ignored Naomi who tried plucking her lashes again. “You too, you had his back,” but the toddler didn’t understand. She closed her eyes and saw the kindness in his eyes as he played with her daughter. She needed a father but Femi had asked her to abort the pregnancy. She sighed. Could she ever love again? She had vowed never to trust any man, she would work hard and take good care of her daughter.
The abrupt halt of the cab brought her back to reality. She quickly paid the driver and walked towards the massive building. The area was filled with so many cars and people and she felt lost for a moment. She really needed to find her cousin. She wasn’t familiar with this place…she suddenly regretted her actions…they had to stick together in this crowd. And what annoyed her most was the poor network. “Lord I need you,” she whispered and moved forward.
“Welcome,” an usher greeted politely and she was led into the auditorium. She smiled happily; the turnout wasn’t that explosive yet. She had to pick the best seat. Luckily for her, Edidiong called. “Where are you?”She gave her directions and in no time, they were together. An aura of joy saturated the whole auditorium. “Momma…pee….,” Naomi complained and she knew what that meant. “Take care of our seats,” she instructed Eddie as she left.
Edidiong carefully placed their bibles on the empty seats next to her. Her cousin was really dramatic. Her behavior towards Mr. Calvary was quite childish and she would call her to order later. Although Calvary had hurt her and embarrassed her but he was truly sorry. She could see the remorse in his eyes but her cousin was blind to that. She looked around once more just to get their coordinates so they could know the way out as they hadn’t planned on staying to the end but her heart stopped for a minute; she blinked her eyes to be sure of what she had seen. No, it couldn’t be, not here and not right now.
She saw him smiling and speaking to an usher then he walked out like he was hurrying somewhere. It couldn’t be! She had to get her cousin out of the place. It was Femi.

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