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Friday, 12 August 2016


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“The more you trust, the more you get crushed. If you show too much emotion, people will just exploit it. I try to be friendly to all and this is what I get? No problem, lessons learnt. I’ll never waste my life on any human being again.”
He took another sip from his glass. “I’ll start taking alcohol, I’ll go for parties, and I’ll stop smiling as often as I used to. I won’t even call people anymore, it’s like everybody takes me for granted. And oh, no more mister nice guy, I won’t tolerate any offence as often as I used to.” He concluded as he wiped the tears off his face. All I could do was just stare; this was the nicest guy I knew, probably the nicest in school. I had seen him being mocked and scorned on several occasions but he still took it on his stride. This however, the rejection he just got from a girl, this one broke him. He told me it was the third time, the third time in a row. I do understand how it feels to be rejected but thrice in a row? Never been there. I poured the remaining beer into his glass then he raised his hands to draw the attention of the bartender. “Another bottle,” he said. “Don’t even try it!” I shouted. I had seen enough already and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I’ve come across a lot of individuals who have taken this wrong step in their lives. Changing your character or attitude, just to prove to someone that you’re a ‘badass’ or a tough guy, is just juvenile. You shouldn’t judge yourself based on most people’s opinion about you because most times, those opinions come from people who often see themselves as being perfect and who often believe every other person should live like they do. Do not attempt to abandon those beautiful attributes you have, just because of someone’s venom. It’s your life and you shouldn’t live to please anybody but GOD. Be your own man and don’t act like a feather on a windy day.  The world doesn’t end with one person, if they don’t like you, it doesn’t mean other people don’t.

Every human being has an emotional weak point, once it is meddled with, this is always the outcome. The way some people treat others, you’d be given the impression that people don’t have feelings. From shouting others down for trivial reasons, to looking them in the eyes while informing them how worthless they are to the world. You think it’s nothing right? Well, I’ve heard of people at the receiving end of such treatments, who have gone on to commit suicide. These things you consider to be minor can cause depression. Just because you ‘have no feelings’ does not mean others don’t. Most people are fond of judging people’s emotional resilience based on their physique. In my life time though, I’ve seen some Arnold Schwarzeneggers breakdown and cry. So don’t assume anybody is strong to withstand the venoms from your words. It is not written on the face hence, it is only wise for one to treat every human with some measure of respect and to choose your words wisely. If what you have to say is the truth, then communicate it with love and kindness, not with insensitivity.
Looking down on people, downplaying their importance, is one act we should desist from. “You’re rich and he isn’t”, “You have a great job and she doesn’t”, “You have a better job and he doesn’t” etc, should not be the basis which should be used by us, when dealing with others. What’s important is this; “Is he/she human?” If yes, then they deserve to be treated with respect. The same level of respect you would wish others to accord you. If you don’t like them doesn’t mean they are any less important than you are. They mere fact that the still breathe, is an evidence that God accepts them the way they are.

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you need them, just treat everybody right. “If you can’t lift them, don’t drop them.”

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