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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


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‘There is power in the name of Jesus…to break every chain…’ Yetunde rushed in to see the owner of the angelic voice that sang those words. She loved that song so much; it was one of her best gospel hits. She held her baby tightly and hurried to her seat but she paused at who she’d seen. This was getting crazy. She stared at her cousin who looked like she had seen a ghost. But what greater surprise could be than seeing Genevieve? Eddie told her the name of the arrogant lady that attacked her at the bank. There she was, high and mighty, singing with the voice of an angel with the heart of a demon.

This was going to be interesting. She sat comfortably and hummed to the song. Although this woman was evil, she had to give it to her. She sang good. Eddie was surprised at her cousin’s composure because of the woman on stage but they needed to leave immediately; she couldn’t see Femi, not with Naomi. “Don’t you think we should go back home?” Yetunde stared at her. What had gotten into Eddie? “Are you okay? ‘Cause you’re acting all jittery like you saw a ghost.” Eddie avoided her eyes. “I just have a bad feeling. Are you sure you are comfortable and with Genevieve on stage? You must feel weird, you know,” she closed her eyes. She sounded really ridiculous. “Okay you know what Eddie, why don’t we stop talking and enjoy the praise and worship session.” She nodded quietly and prayed they shouldn’t bump into Femi.

The crowd cheered and clapped their hands. The praise session was wonderful. Faces were filled with smiles and hearts with joy, all giving glory to Jesus. Yetunde waved her hands in appreciation for His mercies upon her life. And at that point, she made a promise to God never to fail him again, always to trust Him in every situation. She felt her burdens being lifted up. She was at the right place—Bethel; the place of worship.

She closed her eyes and joined in the worship chorus then the voice switched to a deep male baritone. She paused. She didn’t want to get distracted but the voice sounded awkwardly familiar. No, it couldn’t be. What was he doing here? Then she felt Naomi’s little hands on her skirt and she was forced to open her eyes. Her cousin was right, they should’ve left a long time ago.

She saw him and shuddered. She had to leave immediately. She felt so bad but the crowd behind would ruin her plans. She sat down gently to gain some balance. She couldn’t believe it; the man standing on the pulpit was introduced, ‘Pastor Calvary Aduga’ and the crowd applauded very loudly . Her cousin stared back at her widely in disbelief. “Eddie, did you know about this?” Edidiong was just as shocked. So her boss was also a Pastor. She hadn’t expected it but she wasn’t too shocked because he lived a righteous lifestyle; he was very kind and humble except for his wife to be. She shook her head sadly and wondered how such a marriage would turn out.

Yetunde felt stunned as the man began to preach. She quickly whispered some words of prayer in her heart. She felt horrible—all her stubborn pride fled away—when she realized she had slapped a man of God. God, please show me mercy. I didn’t know. She shook the thought out of her mind as she remembered her stolen car. Maybe that was the punishment she got for slapping a Priest of the Most High. He was a genuine prophet as he had just spoken a word that met her at the point of her need.

“The bible says: whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved, and that is what we came to do tonight—to call on Jesus with our songs, our praises, our worship to Him—Hallelujah!” He paused and continued. “The Holy Spirit has just ministered to me. There is a young woman here, your life had been taken away from you since you fell into the sin of fornication. You are still running away from God’s presence but He said He has forgiven you and if you hold on to Him and worship Him tonight, He will make your life beautiful again.” Yetunde froze at where she sat. The crowd thundered amen as he began to make other declarations.

She couldn’t hold it anymore. That was God speaking to her. She had been forgiven. She knelt and cried. “Thank you Jesus,” while her daughter who sat comfortably with Edidiong looked confused and stared back at her Aunt for an explanation. Eddie was as shocked as the little girl she held her close and pecked her cheek.

Yetunde smiled as they boarded a cab back home. “I’m so happy you invited me, thank you Eddie.” Edidiong smiled and thanked God. They hadn’t seen Femi. But she felt a little bit guilty for keeping it to herself. Yetunde had the right to know but this wasn’t the right time. Her cousin had never been this happy and she didn’t want to get her in a bad mood again. The night had been eventful; they had recorded live performances of many songsters and they would talk about it for a long time.

“Edidiong you are awfully quiet tonight. Are you sure you’re okay?” Yetunde asked again only to receive the exact response as earlier: two nods. She sighed. Something was bothering her cousin but she let go of the issue and tapped her sleeping child as they approached the house. She believed every word of the Pastor. She had stopped thinking of him as Mr. Perfect. There was no good thing about mocking an anointed servant of God. Her admiration for him grew stronger—he was her ideal man. She pushed the haunting thoughts as she remembered his arrogant fiancĂ©e. She wondered how he ended up with such a vile woman but the bible said, “Judge not that ye may not be judged.”

They all walked toward the house. Something wasn’t right. Yetunde quickly walked to the lobby and found her neighbours weeping. “What happened here?” Yetunde asked anxiously, referring to no one in particular as she spotted the lifeless body of her landlady. “We were attacked by armed robbers,” one broke down and wailed loudly. Eddie took Naomi and rushed to Yetunde’s room. The door had been greatly vandalized and her television was missing. She hoped that was all and nothing more. “Yetunde, come over here.”

She paused and observed her one room apartment: her television was missing but that wasn’t the important thing. She had just received part of her gains from the savings committee she had joined. She reached her yellow bag from where it hung. She bit her lip and controlled herself as reality hit. “God, is this your promise to me?” she wept silently. Something was wrong in her life. She hoped to pay part of Naomi’s fees with that money but it was now gone.

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