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Wednesday, 16 November 2016


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Genevieve felt like she was starstruck; she almost missed a note. Thoughts were powerful. She had just remembered him the night before as her mother advised her and now, here he was in their church. He was still the Femi she knew; dark and very handsome, except that a very pretty lady walked beside him with a toddler in her arms. Her heart twitched at the memories of what they shared. Femi could’ve been hers but he was from a low background back then. Now she had found a new life in Calvary. She wouldn’t let any woman come between them.
The service kept unfolding with more surprises as she spotted Calvary’s secretary among the first timers who walked towards the seat reserved for them. This wasn’t good. It only meant that the wretched lady was somewhere around the corner. She had to find a way to Calvary’s life permanently. She would make it happen or die trying.
“We welcome you all in Jesus’ name. This is the Grace Arena and we like to celebrate our first timers. Please wait after service for a brief talk with the pastor. Thank you.” The secretary announced but that wasn’t all. “Beloved of God, Grace Arena will be celebrating her 20 Years Anniversary!” On announcing, the church broke out in a number of jubilation sounds; some shouted out loud, some screamed, others clapped happily and some blew their whistles.
“Let somebody shout Hallelujah!” Pastor Calvary mounted the pulpit. The crowd responded immediately with a thunderous Hallelujah.  “Brethren, the Lord has been good to us in this church, He has been faithful.” He then paused as he saw yet another vision. This one startled him a bit.                                                                                                                            Genevieve and Yetunde were rowing a boat and a quarrel ensued. Genevieve immediately pushed Yetunde out of the boat and she fell into the river. Just then, his eyes glided to the area where first timers stayed but she wasn’t there. Something was wrong.

“It was such a glorious service Sir, we had a nice time.” Eddie spoke with relief. She was quite happy her fears hadn’t come to life. She remembered seeing Femi here the last time they attended the program but she had carefully looked around, there was no sign of the devil. For now, Yetunde was safe. “So where is your cousin?” He was bothered by the vision he had. Something wasn’t right. He had to go on a fast for deeper revelations. “She’s a bit ill, she couldn’t make it and she regrets deeply.” Eddie responded. “I see, okay. Just hang around, I’d love to see her so I’ll drive you two back home.” He smiled at his little friend.
Genevieve stared at them with so much cruelty. If she wasn’t careful, Calvary was going to slip through her fingers, just like Femi. She wondered where he was. Such a coincidence, the world was really a small place. She turned around to find him, her heart pounded harder in her chest. Was she making a mistake by searching for Femi? What did she hope to find? Her head told her to stay back but her legs carried her faster. She spotted Calvary speaking to Pastor Ogbonna, she ignored them and went on.
“Gene...” she heard the voice—deep male baritone that was so familiar and the memories flooded back again. “Femi,” she called and it sounded almost like a whisper she turned to face him and was happy at what she could find; this time, he was alone.  She stared into his dark eyes that always called to her. They were still so broody and seductive. He looked different now, not like the school boy he was, he was perfect and responsible; almost like her Calvary but he lacked that charisma. Still, she liked him this way. “It’s been ages.” She smiled shyly, avoiding his eyes but he wouldn’t avoid hers. He stared into them devotedly, her big brown eyes ever so beautiful. He remembered her vividly, one of his youthful ecstasies but she was a woman now and he was married. His mind drifted to the past where they unleashed their passions upon themselves. He almost kissed her hand but someone was around.
Ife cleared her throat. “Am I missing something?” She eyed the chorister viciously. This one was definitely a man-thief. “Ife darling, meet Genevieve an old friend back in the day.” Ife had nothing to say to the lady. She hissed and walked away. “I’m sorry about that Gene. Here’s my card, call me.” Unknown to them, they had created a scene and raised eyebrows. Genevieve looked at the card and smiled but her smiled faded as she saw the child in Calvary’s arms. “Yetunde,” she cursed.
They were approaching her. “Angel, you know Eddie my secretary…” she nodded quickly. “I want to drop them off and speak to her cousin as well. She’s very ill. I’ll see you in the evening fellowship.” He squeezed her arms and walked away. Genevieve had never felt so humiliated. She pulled herself together then something else dropped into her thoughts. The little girl that Calvary carried had a strong resemblance to Femi’s baby. That was odd.

She stared at his complimentary card once more. He had made it big, very big indeed.

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