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Monday, 23 January 2017


Dear Reader,
Thank you for visiting. As promised, below is our opinion of Star Boy Wizkid’s single “Daddy Yo”.
We hope you enjoy your stay.
 Daddy Yo came at a time when we thought Wizkid was going to take a break from his normal style and make us feel the influence of the Western world in his singing style. There had been news of Ayo Balogun collaborating with foreign acts and there had been music videos to buttress these gists.
However, it is said a fox never loses its spots; as such it was not a surprise to hear Efya’s endless repetition of:
“Daddy Yo make me dance, Star Boy make me dance”.
For an easy read, we have decided to split this review into the following subheadings.
I particularly enjoyed the hook on this one, as it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue without any hassles. However, the verses were too watery (no disrespect to Wizkid music lovers) for the level of achievements that Daddy Boluwatife has attained over the years in the music industry.
“1,2  I love the way you dance”
“I love your kitty dance,
I love the way you dance”
3,4 knocking on the door
Whine fi mi baby
Girl gimme, whine slow
Girl; 5,6 tip on your toe”
And blah blah”
 We believe that Starboy could have done better if rolling with the likes of Drake, Chris Brown and other international acts had any effect on his sound.
If asked on the spot, we would usually classify the Artiste behind this song as an Afro-Pop artiste, however he decided to give us a reggae dancehall feel on this one. Talk about evolution!
Maximum respect to the producer on this joint. Although we did not get to hear his name or signature on the sound. You just have to bob your head to the rhythm of the tune.
The drums were and bass lines were out of this planet and everything was almost done right. I did not really enjoy the delivery/recording on this one, probably due to the laxity with which the sound was attacked. Efya really sounded boring.
It is no rumour that Wizkid is notorious for knowing what to give to his fans at any time. All he needs is a beat and a hook is manufactured in his head within seconds. And even if he coughed on a beat, a lot of people would buy it.
Skits and viral videos are on social media platforms to support this claim.
It is no different with Daddy Yo ;as every beer parlor, barbing salon, events and other public places for relaxation have this song on repeat. You need to observe the excitement in people, when the song comes on. One would think it was the Pentecost.
Daddy Yo is definitely a hit for a major part of the populace.
Over time, we have discovered that the maximum life-time for hurried, commercial, dumb or Kpangolo music is usually six (6) months. Therefore, it is worthy to note that we may barely remember lines to this song in some months from now. Except for heavy on-air rotation and sold out events at the end of the year.
Rating: 3.0/5.0
Thank you for reading. We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Kindly tell us what you think of this song and how you would rate it in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.
DISCLAIMER: The above written article are solely the writer’s view/opinion on the highlighted music. It is in no way written to discredit or tarnish the image/efforts of anyone. Kindly read with an open mind.
GistCreek Team

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