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Monday, 16 January 2017


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Today we will be going back in time. Yes! All the way back to the year when Panshak “Ice Prince” Zamani’s second studio album dropped. It was in the year 2013 and everybody anticipated a follow up to the Jos born rapper’s debut album. He did not disappoint as Chocolate City put out the Fire Of Zamani” album into the market.

However, Track 7 on the album had been a favourite tune even before the album found its way into Alaba international market. The Don Jazzy produced track came as a surprise, as one would never have expected the Mavin Boss to have produced a rap song. I was completely taken aback when Iceprince whispered “And its Don Jazzy again”.

The production skills of Don Jazzy on this song were above par. Beautiful samples, strings and kicks that could heard even on the worst set of headphones or speakers. You would have to be exceptionally wack as a rapper not to be able to deliver on this magic sound created by the wonderful hands of Michael Collins.

The song was carefully crafted and laced with an exceptional rhyme scheme. It is more than fair to say that Iceprince brought on his A-game. However, a couple of repeated listens showed that Iceprince was taking lessons from Meek Mill. Similar punchlines, word play and style of delivery.

This would however not take the shine off the song, it was and is still a banger. It is no surprise that N-word was followed up by delicious remix that featured South Africa’s revered rapper A.K.A.

A.K.A’s verse on the remix was sick and did not need healing. The chemistry between both rappers on the track was exceptionally interesting. They both understood what they needed a remix to sound like. The remix sounded like a new song entirely.

For dessert, Iceprince served us with a dope video which showed cameo appearances by Don Dorobucci, AKA and his South African family. I especially enjoyed the funny dance steps displayed by the Mavin Boss and Iceprince on set.

In general, N-Word was a gift from Mr Zamani to his fans and lovers of rap music.  It’s been four (4) years after, yet N-word is still a tune for your rap playlist.

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Rating: 3.7/5.0

Written By: Slick Michael

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  1. N-Word is undoubtedly a dope tune n remains evergreen to rap enthusiast like us, On a scale of 1-10 i rate d track 8...kudos Slick.


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