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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


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I was overly excited when I saw that Ayo Balogun had dropped a new tune which featured Champagne Papi Drake. This was a collaboration come true, since Wizkid's vocals would not be low key as it was on Drake's "One Dance". It was time to show these Yankee folks how it was done in Africa.

Hush up the Silence had to be the best collaboration for the New Year. However to our dismay, the tune was unusually below par.

With due respect to Daddy Yo, a lot of things did not come out right. The hook for example did not even relate to the title of the song. It was practically boring and empty for an international collaboration.

One would have to pinch himself to realize that this were the same duo that made a scintillating remix of Ojuelegba

One would have expected the " Pakurumo crooner" to have made up for his boring delivery on Justin Skye's "U don't Know". We quite understand that Wizzy is trying to switch his style, but to little or no avail. If you follow his new sound, you would observe that he is struggling hard to fit into the reggae genre with his usual habit of free styling instead of writing. (He should give up already..)

However, the production was full of enjoyable percussion and strings. Such that If it was blended  with proper lyrical direction, composition and delivery would have made an instant hit song (with the exception of promotions and radio rotations) instead of spending thirty seconds at the intro on bragging for no reason.

We all know you are Starboy and we do not have a choice than to listen to you (even if you were to cough all along on the song)

Drake was on however on hand to give us a reason to enjoy the song bit. He once again displayed his singing prowess just like he did on Contralla. He was able to give the song a direction as he was able to tell us that the song was about a damsel even though this did not in any way relate to Silence.

Wizkid has reached a height where he ought to be classed in the category Trey Songz,, Jeremiah or even The Weeknd.. He is obviously Nigeria's biggest music export to the world.

Our criticism here is not to write off Hush Up The Silence as a complete waste of studio session, instead it is aimed at saying that the song could have been done better.

It is okay to do some research on how great hooks are written and sung in order to generate the right kind of listening appeal.

This is time for us to expect more from Daddy Yo instead of the normal “bread and beans music” he has been feeding us with. A lot of new school folks are springing forth and are giving us a feel of what good music should sound and feel like.

In solidarity, we are asking that Wizkid makes us trust him again like we did when featured on Kardinal Offishal’s “Reppin for my City”

I believe with proper composition and meaningful lyrics, Hush up the silence would have done better. For now, it's just one of those songs you hear.

However, we trust our dear lovers of Tanko music to promote this song and make it stick in our memories.

Rating : 2.5/5.0

Kindly tell us what you think of this song and how you would rate it. Feel free to use the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

Written By Slick

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