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Sunday, 12 June 2016


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“What do you mean you have a new boss?” Yetunde shifted uncomfortably on the okrika shoes she had managed to buy from her small savings. Her cousin stared at her confusedly. “What kind of question is that? You have started …you ehn,” she poked yetunde playfully. Yetunde ignored her, this was serious, if Olive Groves Bank had a new manager then all her hopes of getting a loan as quickly as possible where shattered. She ignored the other thought that crept into her mind, remembering the words Mr Bassey had spoken to Mr. Perfect: ‘welcome Boss’. It couldn’t be. She’d been damned to serious poverty as she remembered all the bills she had to pay.
“Do you know this man? The new manager…have you met him before?” she inquired of Eddie, who was quite lost. Had something bad happened to her cousin? She thought. Yetunde was acting really funny and asked too many questions. Well, to put her mind to rest, she pulled out her iPhone which made Yetunde gasp in shock. “Here is his picture.” Yetunde released the breath she was holding, thank god it wasn’t him. She had her confidence back, she even felt like walking back to the office and giving Mr. Perfect another good slap. He really deserved it for putting her through hell, breaking her car light and causing her to have goose bumps.
“Miss Edidiong Gerard, get ready,” a deep male voice called. “Okay Yetunde, we meet at my house, give me your number quickly because I’m next for the interview.” She sighed with relief as her cousin scurried off for the interview. Edidiong definitely had so many gists for her. She imagined what went on with her parents and her other relatives in Lagos and shook her head sadly. Why couldn’t her parents forgive her of just that crime? She prayed Eddie should be picked for the job as her closeness to the new manager would enhance her chances of getting the loan.

As she stepped outside the bank, she walked briskly to the area she parked her Toyota but it was a bit confusing to her. She remembered clearly where she parked it, but it wasn’t there. “God please don’t do this to me.” She paced around. “No, this isn’t happening. God I hope not, I know I complained and I hated that car but it’s all I’ve got to gain a loan….no.” She finally screamed as reality hit her: her car had been stolen.

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