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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


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“Stop right there,” the voice called to her retreating figure and she actually obeyed, which was quite funny because she hated attitude. She turned and faced the most beautiful woman she had ever seen since she moved to the state. She was a goddess in life form. She couldn’t find the exact word to describe the woman. Her dress was so exquisite and it fitted her slender form excellently, her light skin illuminated the whole room with its fineness and her eyes were so brown that they almost could be mistaken for contacts. For some reason, Yetunde became scared, this woman was a rich young woman. Was she the manager? Considering the executive chair she spun around as she looked her prey angrily.
“Is this how you walk into the office of your boss?” She hissed angrily, obviously looking at the woman and her tattered apparels she had to be a cleaner or something. This made her quite pissed, she knew Calvary was very good natured to his employees and they usually took him for granted. She hated this one standing before her, for many reasons she hated the young and ugly looking lady. She had no class, her clothes definitely were picked from the gutters and those shoes looked ridiculous. Her natural hair definitely had a lot of lice in them. Genevieve felt nauseous at the thought.
“I’m sorry I don’t understand,” she responded feeling there was a mix up somewhere.  This woman had no right to treat her this way even if she was the boss. She could see disdain and mockery in the big brown eyes staring at her with undeniable disgust. But she felt more confident than ever. She would not give in to the beautiful devil who was trying desperately to get her in a bad mood. She sighed and took the seat reserved for the customers.
“Hey, whose kid is that?” Calvary asked walking towards the pretty little girl who was coloring a page. He smiled at her. He loved children a lot and planned on having plenty, if God would bless him with them. Her pretty curls fell on her chubby cheeks and he adjusted her ribbon and bent to see what she was drawing. “My cousin’s…she is a customer and she waits for you as we speak.”  The painting was a bit too perfect for a toddler. She painted a beautiful bowl with fruits which left him astonished at such young talent. “What is your name sweetheart?” He touched her chubby cheeks once again. She didn’t reply but she smiled and lifted her little fingers to pluck his lashes but he avoided it and they both laughed. Something was oddly familiar about this little girl, he had seen her somewhere and he left to see the lucky mother of the precious baby but it was too late as a loud scream emanated from his office.
Yetunde couldn’t hold herself back any longer as she felt herself being dragged by the arrogant lady. Her inner desires gave in as she struck the woman with every ounce of energy in her.  Who was she to order her around? She was quite sure this wasn’t the manager, she had seen the picture before and this painted butterfly couldn’t be fit to work in a bank. She would’ve closed up the business in a short period with her arrogance.
Genevieve felt her cheeks burn with invisible inferno as she let out a loud scream. She knew it. That lady was pure evil. She fell on her knees as she bent to pick up the blue sapphire earrings Calvary had bought for her the night he proposed. Her cheeks were aflame as she picked her mirror and saw the disaster. “You will pay for this! Ugly savage being.”
Yetunde spun on her heel, ready to leave but she felt the door open with force and she stepped back a bit. She couldn’t utter a word. She was speechless. What was he doing here again? Mr. Perfect? She stared into his face and quickly sensed he was angry as he spotted the red mark on the lady’s face.
“What have you done this time?” He asked her angrily walking to his table. “Yetunde, what happened?” Her cousin arrived in time with Naomi to see what happened. She felt confused. Mr. Perfect was obviously the boss. She felt ashamed of her actions, how she had yelled at him and slapped him. She wished she was a butterfly now as she would’ve flown into oblivion with her wings.
“You can’t imagine what this barbarian did to me, Love,” Genevieve began as she wiped the trickles on her cheeks. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I’d do something about it definitely.” He caressed the reddened spot gently while searching for something on his occupied desk.
“Can’t you talk?” He asked angrily. This woman had hit him the other day and now his angel, the woman that he loved very much, his angel who couldn’t hurt a fly. “You are quite arrogant for your economic class. I don’t ever want to see you in my office again!” He flung the file on the ground. “Get out of my office!” He thundered and she walked out weakly.


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