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Wednesday, 1 June 2016


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She couldn’t believe her eyes. What was he doing here? And why did Mr. Bassey call him ‘Boss’? She was getting the chills right there as she feared the worst. If this man was the new bank manager or that influential from what she had seen, then her hopes of getting the loan were gone with the wind. She tried to walk past the cluster of bankers but they slowed her down, like they had a conference or something. 
Just then, she felt a hand drag her backward, she was so angry  and was ready to punch the offender who was trying to slow her down.  “Yetunde!” the female voice cried happily and she turned and grimaced. Not now, she had just seen her cousin who was a bit spontaneous and she sighed. She wasn’t getting out of this bank soon. She forced a smile. “Eddie,” she was surprised to see the girl there. Since she got abandoned by her parents, Yetunde had cut all ties to her family members. She had taken extra effort by relocating to Oyo, leaving Lagos where most of them settled. She was quite surprised to see her ‘Calabar cousin’. That’s what she always called her. Suddenly, her heart sank as she remembered all she had lost since she got a child of out of wedlock.
“Long time Eddie, what are you doing here? And why is there so much crowd?” Her cousin just smiled and threw her arms all over her. “Goodness! Yetunde, is that all you can ask about after such a long time?” She felt a bit hurt but she didn’t blame her once loving cousin who had gradually turned cold. She stared at her shabby dress and her old shoes, life wasn’t very good to Yetunde. “You know what? Let’s find a place and talk…you know…relax or you could come over to my place later, I just moved to Oyo.” “Wow” was all Yetunde could manage. “And may I ask why?” Edidiong smiled sweetly, she was so happy she had reunited with her cousin once again, they had a lot to talk about. “I got a new job as the secretary to the bank manager.” Yetunde smirked. She imagined her cousin making coffee for that rude Mr Bassey who’d mocked her earlier about her car.

“Well that’s nice, it’s just that Mr. Bassey Ekpeyong is kind of rude…you know,” she trailed off as she saw a glint in Eddie’s eyes, that girl was laughing at her ignorance. “Sorry, which Mr. Bassey? Why do you think there are so many people here today?” She walked closer to her cousin and pinched her pale cheeks. “We have a new boss.”

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