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Monday, 13 June 2016


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“Meet me later in the office. I have to rush.” Eddie walked briskly to the door as she waved her cousin goodbye. “Okay dear,” she waved back, now facing her toddler who was playing with her cereals. “See momma, it’s blue,” she showed off a coloured chocolate ball. Yetunde sighed. Naomi had been home for almost a week now and her salary hadn’t been paid this month. “Like it could actually do anything,” she huffed. She had prayed that morning again for forgiveness. She strongly believed God was judging her for her past sins. She needed mercy from him and she needed it fast.
As she locked the door and ready to move to the bank with Naomi, she felt something was wrong, something was incomplete. She quickly put her baby down and searched through her bag countless times and discovered her documents were missing. That was going to make the situation all difficult. Then she tried recollecting the places she had been since her meeting with Mr. Bassey. It all dropped back, bit by bit and she remembered she had left it at the bank. Well, that would delay her a bit but she had to speak with the manager first to see if there was hope.
“Momma…..are we going to school?” Naomi sounded excited as she plucked her mother’s eyelashes who in turned winced in pain. But that pain was nothing compared to what she felt when her angel asked that question. She couldn’t reply. “Everything will be fine love” was all she could whisper.
“No, I don’t like that colour, it doesn’t flatter your skin tone,” her mother had tossed five dresses down for the past twenty minutes. Genevieve couldn’t help but feel frustrated. “But mother, it’s just a visit to his office, not a date.” Her mother’s face fell at the girl’s utterance. “Always a visit…you should work harder for Calvary to come see us.” Genevieve sighed, she had tried severally to lure him to start the marriage procedures but he kept saying “Till the lord gives me go ahead.” She loved Calvary Aduga very much and she was quite sure he felt the same way but he was so spiritual, she couldn’t blame him. Most pastors were usually very spiritual and very soon she would be a pastor’s wife. Not just any pastor, she mused as she applied eyeliner to her beautiful brown eyes. She had seen how other sisters in the church looked at her, with envy of course as she had been favored by God to court such a man as Calvary. He was every woman’s dream; god fearing, very handsome, hardworking and kind hearted. “What are you smiling at?” Her mother wondered. “Nothing Mom, just Calvary.” The woman contacted the smile. She couldn’t wait for the day her daughter would be wed to such a fine gentle man.
“Now Mama, pick a dress that is suitable for the future Mrs. Aduga,” and they both laughed as they were sure their plans would work out.
“Are you sure your kid won’t cause any distraction in there?” The security man inquired harshly. Clearly, she wasn’t in the mood for him so she simply nodded and moved on. She missed her car. Though it was old, it helped her save some change that she was currently wasting on public transport. She prayed once again for favour from the new boss as she stepped into the glassy door.
“It took you so long,” Eddie spoke a bit upset. She explained about her documents which seemed to pacify her cousin. “You’re just lucky, he was about going somewhere so just go in there and wait for him.” She grabbed the smiling Naomi into her laps. Yetunde felt a bit nervous as she hadn’t met this new manager before, she had seen his picture and he looked a bit middle aged just like Mr. Bassey. She straitened her old skirt which was thread bare with an ugly ash shade, it was faded. She couldn’t afford the luxury of new clothes and this was what she had for important occasions. She checked her hair quickly and walked confidently towards the office. This was her chance and she was ready to take it. She felt confident as she recited Psalm 27, “The lord is my light and my salvation…” and she forgot to knock as she opened the door. She stood still for few seconds, not knowing the next step to take. She just stood there stunned by the second wonder of her world. Meanwhile the first was seeing Mr. Perfect the other day unexpectedly. How could Eddie not tell her about this? She decided to leave immediately but the voice stopped her. 


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