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Sunday, 12 June 2016


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Calvary Aduga flipped through the file before him. He smiled feeling fulfilled. God had been so faithful to him. “Thank you Jesus, you are wonderful,” he whispered as he looked around his new office then back to the file before him. He saw her face on it—the rude young lady that had given him a resounding slap. He read through it and from what he saw, he could understand her reactions the other day.
Frustration was one of the many routes which led to an angry lifestyle. He had often warned his members against it. One should always trust in the Lord to solve all their problems. God was very necessary for the success story of any mortal. He closed the file and tossed it aside. He imagined how much the young woman suffered and wished he could help but she had no property of real value to obtain this loan.
“Sir you have a call,” the new secretary stormed in after knocking loudly twice. “Line three,” she chipped in and strolled towards the coffee machine. He really needed coffee to keep him agile for the meetings he had to attend in the next thirty minutes. “Hello,” he replied to the female voice he was familiar with. He loosened his button and relaxed on the chair; his love was on the line. He smiled as the memories swam across his head. Genevieve was a wonderful woman and they were currently courting. In no time, they would marry and live happily ever after.
“Okay Love, I will be free tomorrow, you could come and I will take you on a tour round Olive Groves,” he smiled sweetly. She made him smile; she was the woman for him and no one else. Genevieve was not only God-fearing and kindhearted but she was extremely beautiful. She complemented him—her flawless light skin to his deep mahogany shade, her average height to his tall frame—he was truly lucky to have such an angel.
Yetunde tucked little Naomi in bed nearby. She was happy to spend some time with her cousin. Since the incidence of her stolen car she had been depressed mostly but with Eddie around, she felt better. She felt so discouraged, even after reporting to the Police, there wasn’t much they could offer instead, they had asked her for some funds to initiate a private investigation. The system was a huge failure.
“So what is the new boss like?” Yetunde inquired as she handed Eddie a mug of hot chocolate. “Nice…very nice,” Eddie responded, savoring the sweet brown liquid in her mug. Yetunde wondered which was nice. “Be serious Edidiong, I need this loan badly. You have seen it yourself. Naomi has been home for days because I can’t pay her fees.” Eddie was silent for a while, she really wished she could help her cousin but she had her siblings to cater for. “Okay, he is nice just don’t get your hopes high. You should try and see him tomorrow before he leaves for the Worldwide Bankers Conference holding in Italy.”

Yetunde smiled and prayed it came to pass. She needed this loan to fix her life. It was going to be a fresh start. She dropped the list she had already written and closed her eyes to fantasy. She saw herself owning a big supermarket and Naomi owning better clothes and shoes. She opened them again and smiled.

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