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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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“Welcome, Miss Yetunde. Please I’d love to have a word with you.” Naomi’s teacher greeted while dropping the little girl in her class. Yetunde was instantly worried because she knew what Mrs. Aderigbibe would discuss with her. In the whole state, they were about seven good nursery schools for children and “Violets & Petals Nursery/Primary school” was one of them. Although she was struggling, she had vowed not to let her child suffer, she had promised herself to give Naomi the best in all things. But sadly, money had come to stand before her dreams, her heart sank a bit lower, but she wiped the moisture from her eyes. No way, she couldn’t cry now, she signed up for this. She had to fight back and stay strong. But she felt her hope swim farther into the river of despair. What if the loan wasn’t given to her? How would she survive? She recalled begging her parents the previous years to help her with some money but they had bluntly refused. She was alone now, and she needed to do what loners do: survive.
“Hello Miss Yetunde, you seem to be in a hurry.” Yetunde nodded quickly as she checked her leather band wristwatch. “I guess you know what this is about. I’m tired of covering for you, you have to try and pay the girl’s fees or she wouldn’t be allowed into the class from next week.” The woman paused after delivering her message. She watched the young woman who seemed to be in her mid twenties and shook her head sadly. She really wished she could help but the times were so hard. Sometimes she was tempted to ask about the girl’s father but she refrained from it. “I understand Madam…just give me a few more weeks ….please I would pay all am owing.” She even began to cry but the woman had already walked away. “God please help me…please forgive me am tired of paying for my sins.” She cried as she settled in the car. “Just help me obtain this loan, I promise to go to church…please Jesus.”
She took a deep breath and stepped into the bank with some documents she had been asked to bring. One of the bankers directed her to the Manager’s office as he was aware of her prior application for loan. She had never felt this nervous in her life but she was as she knocked timidly on the door and awaited a response. “Come in’ a breaking voice called, she greeted the man who directed her to a seat reserved for customers. She wondered if Mr Bassey Ekpeyong was a kind man as he flipped through the documents. “Miss Peters I have gone through these documents and you haven’t presented any documents on any property that has real value.” She was frightened, what property did she have beside her old car? “Sir but my car documents are there.” He chuckled softly feeling amused by the desperate woman that sat before him. “Look Madam, to get this kind of loan, you must have valuable properties which the bank could fall back to in case you fail to pay the loan,” he explained and paused to sip his morning coffee, clearing his throat afterwards. “I believe I have seen your car before. Trust me, it’s worth nothing.”
She felt the words sting her to her bones, where was God right now she needed Him? Before she could react, she heard some noise and the door opened. For a moment she wished she could disappear but it was too late as the man she had slapped earlier stepped into the office beaming with smiles till he spotted her and his face went dead.

What was he doing here? She thought. She had to leave immediately. She didn’t want anyone, especially this man knowing she had money problems and needed a loan to fix it. She planned on what to do next as she watched a sudden change in Mr Bassey’s behavior. He was all smiles and looked very afraid of the young man before him which made Yetunde smirk. Who did Mr perfect think he was anyway? She had to run as quickly as possible as she heard Mr. Bassey’s words: “Good Morning Boss”. She had enough, she had to run out but they were other bankers coming into the room, she had never felt so stupid. The man exchanged pleasantries with Mr Bassey and turned to her again. “You,” was all he said before she ran out of the office.

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