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Thursday, 3 March 2016


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Just last month, I had pulled off what many had thought was impossible, I had successfully secured a date with Idara, much to the surprise of many, myself included.
This was going to be my first date with a girl I've had a crush on right from my 100 level. Idara was the perfect example of beauty with brains; she was like the cross breed of Beyoncé and Einstein. What I loved about her the most was her humility. Even with all her enviable attributes, SHE WASN'T HAUGHTY OR SAUCY.

My phone line was hot today. It was as busy as that of a newly appointed Minister of the Federal Republic; calls from friends and colleagues. Some wished me well, others gave me useful tips but then, they were some who didn't find this development pleasant. One of them was Bassey, Idara's ex. He was one of the doubters. In fact when he first heard that she accepted to go out with me, he ridiculed that she was just playing with me. He came up with all sorts of gimmick just to ensure it didn't happen but it was about to.

I checked my watch; 20 minutes to 6pm. I placed the candles at the center of the table. I lit them to ensure they weren’t fake. I suddenly became meticulous, just to ensure everything went as planned. I was nervous too. I had prepared her favourite dish; yam with well garnished fried egg. I got to know about it through one of my conversations with her. That was before I asked her out though. I doubt I'll ever forget that day. It didn't start out as a pleasant day initially. First, I went late for Dr. Johnson's lectures and as usual, he refused me entry into the lecture hall. Then, I got my CVE513 test result, I scored an appalling 3 out of 10. Thankfully, it was the first test. Finally, my school bag or 'bag of ancient days' as my friend fondly called it, had a tear at the bottom, so all my books fell out to the floor...and it was drizzling! But there is a saying, "Every disappointment is a blessing" because just when I thought things would get worse, that was when it got better, even more than I could imagine. "Can I assist you?" I remember hearing that feminine voice, while I was hurrying to gather my books. "Err...emm.." I stuttered, she giggled. She picked up my lecture notebook and my test script fell out. On cue, we looked at the script, then at each other. She smiled and said, "Some days are just like that. I know you can do better." She picked up the script and handed it to me. We stared at each, for almost an hour...okay actually it wasn't up to a minute. "Weellll..." she broke the silence, "I have to go, I have an assignment to complete. Have a nice day." She walked and I remained motionless, as if someone had ripped off my spinal cord. Then suddenly, cupid slapped me and the light bulb in my brain flickered. "Idara wait!" I called out and she spun, "I'd like to go out with you, someday," I said to her. Oh Sorry, that wasn't me. That was a mistake. I'm sorry. Normally it's what I would have added but I remained resolute and refused to heed to the voice in my head. I had waited for this chance for so long, this was probably my last and I wasn't backing down. "Errmmm, where do you have in mind?" she asked. "A candle light dinner at my place," I replied, not sure of what I said. "Hmmm...I've never had that..." She's never had that! But you've even had a date before. Please don’t say no. My thoughts cut her short then reminded me of my place. "...that'll be cool. Just let me know the date. I have to go now," she continued, before she walked away. Again, my limbs failed me. I was not sure of what just happened.

To this day, it still felt like a dream. I was on the verge of ending my dateless run and possibly, my girl friendless run too. Okay, I think I was becoming over ambitious. I took out the ------ from my cabinet and placed it strategically at the center of the table. Everything looked set, except my attire. I was still in my boxers and singlet. I opened my wardrobe and in it was a neatly arranged and well ironed half-jacket, with a navy blue shirt and black trousers. It was a gift I got from my mother. She said it was in anticipation of my graduation. That woman could make a stone smile. I had just finished dressing up when I heard a knock on my door. I looked at my clock and it was six on the dot. “Just on time,” I said to myself. I walked towards the door and in my excitement, stumbled over an obstacle. It was a mini floor speaker. I picked it up, while cursing under my breathe. I heard the knock again but I was at the door already. I arranged my shirt’s collar again and then I inhaled deeply. I unbolted the door and then opened it. The huge smile on my face suddenly dissipated like smoke in air. It wasn’t Idara, it was a NEPA official. “You no dey close from work?” I asked him, trying desperately to hide my displeasure. “My brother sorry o, I forgot to give you your light bill.” He responded. “Tomorrow is still a day you know?” I replied, as I grabbed the bill from his hands and closed the door. I went back to the dinner table, scrutinized it for some minutes and then concluded she was going to love it. I pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. I covered my head on the table. It was 6:15pm already. I called her number but she didn’t pick up. I was beginning to develop a bad feeling about the date. Maybe she wasn’t going to show up or maybe I was just over reacting; feeling insecure as usual. I pulled out my phone and opened the candy crush application. I wasn’t a fan of the game but I needed to distract myself.

About 30 minutes later, I still didn’t hear from her. I decided I was going to give up in the next 5 minutes. 5 minutes later, I extended the deadline by another 10 minutes. Some minutes later, my phone rang. It was an unsaved number. This must definitely be her. I said, all the while smiling sheepishly. I pressed the answer button but it wasn’t Idara’s voice I heard at the other end, it was a promo by my network provider. I threw the phone on my couch then I got up and began to clear the table. I had waited long enough, if she didn’t come 5 minutes ago, she was never going to come in the next 5 years. Then I heard another knock. I sighed, that must be the gate man, with the clothes I gave to the dry cleaner yesterday. I walked sluggishly to the door, opened it and … “Happy Birthday!” she screamed excitedly, with a cake in her hands. It was Idara, she was looking beautiful as always and how the heck did I forget my birthday? And how did she know? So many questions but I could only managed a smile. “Sorry I would have been here earlier but I decided to stop by the bakery to get this for you. I just saw your missed calls, my phone was silenced,” she continued. “Soooo…Are you going to usher me in or what?” She asked. “Your hair is beautiful.” I responded. She blushed, before thanking me. I stepped aside and got the cake from her. “Wow, what a lovely setup.” She commended when she saw the way I had structured everything. “But where are the plates?” She added. “Uhmmmm…They are right in the kitchen. Why not settle down, while I get them, so we could get things started.” She nodded and was about to pull a chair, “Wait!” I interrupted. She looked confused. I dropped the cake on the table and pulled out the chair for her. “My mother taught me to be the perfect gentleman. You look so gorgeous as always my dear. Please sit.” She looked into my eyes and we both smiled. She sat on the chair and I walked towards the kitchen. It was going well so far, just like a clip from a romantic movie.

You still wonna hear the rest? Come on, give us some privacy, it’s a date. Talk later...

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