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Thursday, 10 March 2016


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It was such a bad dream. It had been a while she had that kind of nightmare. She was standing beside Bode in his garden and suddenly, an old woman with a scary face appeared and pushed her into the fountain, screaming, “You don’t belong to him, keep off!” As she fell into the fountain she suddenly realized it was getting deeper and deeper, it was like a force pulled her beneath. She kept screaming for help, but Bode just stood there staring at her and laughed mischieviously, the laughter still receded in her ears even as she woke screaming, “Bode help me...” Thank heavens it was a dream! She checked the time, it was already dawn and she couldn’t go back to sleep. She got up and left for the bathroom. She had to find Duncan, she couldn’t stay alone in this room.
He had heard muffle screams in Nadie’s room so he braced himself up the stairs to check on her. Nothing bad should happen right now with the wedding around the corner. Everything should turn out fine. “Ah, darling you are already awake, came to check on you,” Duncan said with a look of concern. “I’m fine love, just a nightmare, ‘let’s go to sleep, tomorrow is gonna be a busy one. I have to get hold of Udeme. We have a lot to do.” She had missed her friend for days, they hadn’t seen each other and she wondered how her interview had gone. She kept seeing Adenike’s face in her mind; she saw how ruthless the woman looked, but no, even though she was getting married to Duncan, her heart was buried in Bode’s hand. She remembered the passions they shared; how he kissed her, loved her, bought her gifts; she belonged to him. She would revisit that case later. He watched her face intently as they passed under the chandelier. “Is that a smile?” He was sure he spotted one on her face. “What’re you thinking about?” He asked but she just kissed him and whispered, “I love you Duncan, can’t wait for the wedding.”

“Babe you really need to come over, time is running out on us,” she pecked his forehead while talking to Udeme on the other end. “Yes come over, I have food, naughty you, bye.” “I suppose that’s UD.” Duncan asked, he was loving this, his old Nadie had returned back to him, she wasn’t cheating after all. Maybe it was the stress. “Yep, she’s coming over, we have lots to do, let me go downstairs and give the chef instructions.” She kissed him shyly. They had loved themselves the night before, but she had mistakenly groaned “Bode”. Thank god, he didn’t hear it. She heaved a sigh of relief and walked out.
Udeme felt so happy, Bode had dropped her off the night before and promised to meet with her later in the day concerning her job application and he guaranteed her it was going to be positive. “I’m in love with my baby...” she hummed to the tune of the song, she was so lucky. She suddenly stopped and looked herself again in the mirror, she was glowing! She couldn’t believe her luck; Bode was rich, handsome and caring. At least she had found the love Duncan never gave her, and for the records, Bode’s love had no equal. Her phone buzzed and she hesitated. Maybe it’s from Airtel. She picked it reluctantly and smiled. This tale of love was getting more interesting.
“Goodmorning Sunshine, you light up my world.” She could almost feel his presence from his sweet male voice. “I’ll pick you up by 8 o’clock for a dinner at Samira’s Resort, if you need anything, let me know...and one more thing, it’s a date.”
She couldn’t believe her ears; Samira’s Resort was the five-star in the city. She had envied Nadie’s luck as Duncan had actually taken her there many times, now she was going there herself with the Artmaster. This was getting more interesting.
She wore jean pants and a stripped blouse, she wanted being simple as they had shopping to do. The wedding was in three weeks time and she was going to be the maid of honor. She stepped into the house and smiled. Soon her best friends would become Mr/Mrs. She sighted Duncan as he highlighted from the stairs. “UD, right on time, let’s visit the dining,” he led her on. He noticed she looked different, relaxed and happy, something was up. They met Nadie on the table. “Ah see who I dey see, babe you just dey shine, wetin be the secret?” Nadie exclaimed and Udeme smiled. “Na god o,” not wanting to start the Bode conversation as her friends never approved of him. “I was about saying the same thing, you look pretty amazing,” Duncan chipped in. The table was already set; fried Irish potatoes and an enticing bowl of gravy with beef set before them and they made no hesitation as hunger was impatient.
“So how was the interview?” Nadie asked looking concerned. Udeme felt it was time to let them know about Bode. “Chic na long story o,” she gulped her Milo drink. “Cut it short,” Nadie added curiously. “Guess who I saw there?” Duncan already rolled his eyes, girls and their funny conversation. “Udeme mbok go straight to the point, you know I hate suspense.” “Okay, I saw Bode, the Artmaster.” The place was quiet for a while. “What do you mean you saw Bode?” Nadie asked again because he told her the last time that he had a photoshoot in Malta. Her heart was racing. Should Bode ever found out she had lied, then her chance of loving him was gone. “He’s the CEO of Artmaster Luxuries, the famous distribution network, I met him there. We talked and he took me to his place, he asked me out.” Duncan frowned a little, he spotted fear and desperation on Nadie’s face and he wondered why she was so interested in this conversation. Well maybe she was just being concerned about her friend, but his heart told him something else. He rose up. “Alright ladies, have fun, I have to catch up on a meeting. Meanwhile UD, am happy for you but be careful, I do not trust that guy,” he strode off quietly as she answered, “Okay Dee.”
Many thoughts ran across her mind. She had been careless. Maybe if she had known that the firm belonged to Bode, she would’ve dissuaded Udeme from applying there. Now her own tables were turning against her. She knew too well that Bode was in love with UD even before they had an affair together but she couldn’t let that happen. How could this girl, this unattractive girl win the heart of the man she loved? She had to do something fast. With this in mind, she excused herself. “Excuse me Ud, let me make a call to the caterer.”
Udeme sat there shocked. Apparently, her news of dating Bode had not been well received by her two friends. They were acting funny, maybe they already quarrelled before she came but why did she need approval on whom to love? She now felt herself a fool. She should have kept her mouth shut concerning Bode after all, she clearly remembered that Duncan and Nadie had started dating for months before they told her. She just shrugged. There was no stopping her with Bode.
Nadie quickly rushed to her room, she couldn’t imagine Bode with Udeme, that bitch! She had stolen her man. She quickly dialled Bode’s number. Pick up, bastard, her heart yelled in frustration, instead the line went dead. She received a text message shortly; he told her to meet him for some explanation. Yea right, she needed an explanation from his betraying ass, but what she didn’t understand was that he only needed her explanation on why she prevented Ud from seeing him and lying about her.
“Alright baby let’s go,” she called to Udeme, feeling so jealous. She imagined Bode kissing her and loving her like he did to her and felt a sharp ache in her chest. She had to stop this!

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