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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


“How was your day? Did you make any sales?” Her mother asked hopefully. She shook her head. Time was running out and her sister needed the money badly. “Is that why you are looking so discouraged?” Her mother smiled. “Sweet choco, if I cried every time life hit me hard, do you think I would have been alive today? Just imagine how I survived after your father had left us.” Debora sighed, what her mother had said was true, she believed more than ever that help would soon come her way. “Mama where is Eno?” Her sister was the black sheep, always up to something mischievous. Because of her recklessness, she was carried along some criminals at a night club she frequented, that was what brought them to this level of desperation, they paid a huge amount of cash to bail her from the Police station. Sometimes she felt like giving up on her sister. Eno wasn’t considerate at all, she loved to mix with rich kids in the neigbourhood. One of the reasons she had refused attending a public school, she wanted the life of the rich and famous. Sadly, she was getting it but at a very high price. They had nicknamed her “Ewa,” she was compared to a female dog whose urges were insatiable. Eno had made it her duty to sleep with any rich kid in the neighborhood just to get some cash from him and to belong. This usually made their mother very sad.
“I don’t know where that girl has gone too, just change your clothes eat something and get some sleep. I don’t know how much longer we will cope with her behavior.” Just as they finished speaking, Eno stormed into their little room angrily. “Who’s behavior? So now both of you gossip about me, even you Mama?”  Deborah was stunned, this was the girl she had collected her own share of the esusu to bail out of cell and here she was insulting not just her but their mother. “Are you crazy?” Deborah asked, with this question she received a slap that sent her reaching for her balance. “Ask me again, you bloody pretender, you always act like you are better than I am, are you a virgin? Ehn!” Deborah lay on the floor for sometime not understanding what had hit her. She felt her mother’s hands gently comforting her and to Eno she had so much to say but chose to keep silent. “So Mama both of you cannot talk again? I will be back tomorrow for the money for my examination fees. Make sure it’s ready,” she packed a few clothes and left the room. “Mama, I will not hawk to pay that girl’s fees. Mama I have my own life to live, I need to start something for myself instead of working for an ungrateful bastard.” Her mother cautioned her. “Don’t call her that. No matter what, she’s still your sister, your flesh and blood, but I support your decision since Enobong has the guts to insult me and hit you, I believe she should have the guts to raise her own fees. Just get up, eat something. I prepared yam and ntong sauce, you will enjoy it.”
Aniebiet had dropped Morgana at her house. He explained why he couldn’t take her to his’. She understood him and kissed him goodbye wearing a frown. She had returned to this house with foolish workers. She hated each and every one of them; they were so lowly and poor, she hated such people. They practically irritated her hence, she had no patience with them. Immediately, the two maids and the cook ran out to help with her luggage but she shouted them back. “Don’t you have manners? I never asked for your help. You think I could allow your dirty and smelly hands on my bags, gosh y’all reek!” She spurned off. This left the servants feeling very sad. They wondered why Morgana was so mean to them, when her late mother had been so nice. They shook their heads and left, after all people were different.
Morgana Esio was an accomplished legal practitioner and a paragon of beauty, she was well sought after in their high class circle. Many times, sons of Ministers had approached her but she declined because she was in a relationship with Aniebiet Briggas. It was not just the fact that she was from a high class background but she was extremely beautiful. She was 5ft plus, light skinned, straight legs any woman could die to have, a perfect bust size, medium sized hips, it was her face that was her crown, her straight nose stood proudly on her smooth skin, her almond eyes had a shade of green in them which was very natural, her lips were soft and full but brown, but it made her more attractive. She knew she was hot and knew what she deserved. This made her deal with only people in her circles. They understood her better and shared similar passions than ordinary people.

But many times, she wondered if she was making a mistake, she had dated a man for four years and for once he never spoke of marriage. This bothered her because she couldn’t imagine herself being married to someone else. She was deeply in love with Aniebiet and wondered what she would do if he jilted her like the rest. She climbed the stairs leading to her room. “Home sweet home,” she mused and fell into bed. She suddenly remembered her appointment with Inemesit the following day. She smiled mischievously. She would teach her a lesson. She felt her phone ring, it was her father; he was out on a business trip. She sighed. She had the house all to herself; she had to invite him again.

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