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Wednesday, 2 March 2016


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We apologize for the delay in the continuation of this series, thanks for bearing with us. As compensation, this part has been lengthened. Please read and enjoy. We welcome your comments.

Nadine wiped the frustration that had now turned to sweat off her brows. She had tried reaching Bode for the past few hours and it seemed like he was avoiding her. She stared hard at the phone and threw it on the bed. Duncan walked in looking startled. “What’s wrong darling, why the tantrum?” He looked really concerned, Nadie observed. “It’s the wedding planning and all the stress, I just called my tailor and she said she had lost my measurements for my dinner gown for the Bachelors Eve,” she kept rambling, Duncan was silent for a while, he could spot the lie in her eyes. She had been acting weird for some weeks now. Well, he shrugged, deciding it could be stress. “The feeling is mutual, darling soon it will be over,” he dragged her into his arms and whispered, “I love you” she just rolled her eyes and wished he was Bode. She quickly pulled out of the hug. She missed Bode, she had to see him. She had to see him at his office before he travelled. “Dee, I have to go to the caterer, I have an appointment with her and its almost time,” she kissed his cheek and left and he felt empty standing there alone. Something was wrong; he looked back at her retreating figure and wondered if this whole idea of marriage was a mistake.
Well the only person that could help him was Udeme and he had to call her immediately. She could tell him some things Nadie was probably hiding from him.
“The Artmaster!” She exclaimed, smiling. Could this be real? What was he doing here? Maybe he also came for the interview, she reasoned. The rest were thrown into confusion, what was going on here? The secretary cleared her throat, putting everyone back on track. “I take it that you are Barrister Edwards. Welcome, take a seat over there with the others,” Udeme followed her pointed finger and joined the rest of applicants. “I will be interviewing her, but from my observation she is not qualified for this job, just look at how shabby she is dressed, and her punctuality is nothing to write home about...” Adenike spoke lining her words with hatred. Who was this girl? She had watched how Bode’s face lightened when she came in and the way they stared at each other, she could not imagine Bode loving another, although she knew about his escapades but she was consoled by the fact that he didn’t love any of the women. “I’m sorry madam, I couldn’t make it on time due to some circumstances I found myself in.” Bode had to cut in. Adenike’s excesses had to be checked. Just because they had an affair didn’t give her the right to be this bossy. “That will be all, I will take up the questioning,” he said looking directly at Adenike with a silent warning in his dark eyes. She got it, and quickly excused herself from the room.

“So Barrister Edwards, if you were given a job here as a cleaner instead of the post you applied for, what will you do?” She smiled and wondered who asked such crazy questions at interviews and what was he doing here in the first place. Very well, game on, cute bastard. She smiled showing off her dimple, “Thank you sir for the question. You see, all kinds of jobs are important, there is no superior or inferior job. They are like little parts of a greater whole and hence crucial to the functioning of a firm. But what’s more important is the quality of service offered by these workers. As you know, maximum production is guaranteed if all workers are at their best, if they give out their full and efficient service. On that note, my service as a cleaner in this firm would not bring about the desired result as I wasn’t trained to be one, instead I was grilled for handling legal proceedings, defending and securing profits, so giving me the post of a cleaner would be a waste of my years of training, skills and potentials,” she smiled once again. “Thank you,” she added. It was like the whole room was star struck, like an angel had just walked in, her answer was incredible, a well said reply to the Artmaster of cunny questions. “Well, that is quite impressive Barrister…,” the man searched his documents for her name, “Edwards,” she quickly supplied. He smiled at her. No wonder she was highly recommended. Bode just smiled, he never knew she was a lawyer, a beautiful lawyer and my, he also loved his women intelligent, “Well, that would be all for now, please lead the applicants to the reception arena for refreshments, I’m sure they must be tired, we will get back to you shortly except for Miss Edwards, come with me,” he said to her and she got up, limping behind him, she smiled at his muscular frame, I come for the body o she thought and smiled again. She was so happy, she had finally found him, but she warned herself not to get her hopes high, he may be in love with someone else. Such a man endeared many women, it was not just his charisma, hard work or wealth, it was his looks.

Suddenly he turned and saw her limping again; he felt her pain as the emotion swept across his face. With the stairs before him, he had no option but to assist her. He held her waist and she stared at him with a mouth wide open. “It’s okay, I’m not being funny, I want to help you up the stairs,” she relaxed a bit as he held her waist and lifted her gently. What they both failed to see was Adenike’s spiteful stare a short distance behind them.
He opened the iron door and led her into his office, closing it behind him gently. He settled her on a large red couch that lay beside his table. She found this amusing. “Relax, I’m not a baby.” She said and he shrugged casually. I wish you knew how much I care ‘cause you’re my baby, he thought, “So what happened to you? How did you get the limping leg?” He asked, not waiting for an answer as he received a call. “Cancel the appointment, tell Chief Obalende Rogers to stand in for me, for the firm...yes,” he dropped it and turned to look into her beautiful brown eyes. “Long story, I fell into a deep pothole on my way here.” How? He was about asking, as he dialled another number. “Send me Dr Wilson, tell him the patient has a bruised ankle,” he paused as he scrolled down his screen; 20 missed calls. Mehn that chick na stalker, Nadine was pure bad luck and he wasn’t going to let her spoil this, he switched off his phone and turned his full attention to His lawyer. “I’m sorry about that, don’t you have a car, why did you have to use public transport?” She shook her head, he continued staring at her before the Doctor interrupted their conversation.
Damn! Bode had switched off his phone, and she was already in the firm. This would be so embarrassing, how stupid she felt, a woman that was getting wed in three weeks time was here running after a man. She put finishing touches to her makeup and got out of her car. As she walked into the firm, she smiled seductively and felt confident as she produced her desired effect. No man could resist her, and Bode was a man, a full blooded man.
Her eyes lit as she saw the pretty woman, her beauty was rare she almost passed for a half cast if not for her slightly rounded nose but she was perfect, Adenike stared on. This lady didn’t work here obviously, maybe she came to order products, she sat at the reception cooling off as she remembered Bode carrying that little bitch, it was evident they were in love. How could he? She loved Bode so much, but from his actions he didn’t feel the same way, she couldn’t blame him as she forced herself on him but she couldn’t let another woman buy his heart especially that bitch. Who did she think she was? Walking up here and everyone instantly liking her?
Bode was everything she ever wanted in a man; wealthy, from a good background and very handsome, she yearned for a man’s love for the first time and couldn’t get it, she heaved a sigh of frustration. She had to do everything possible to keep him, no, it wasn’t too late. The angelic voice tore her away from those thoughts. “Excuse me, please I’m looking for the office of the manager,” the half cast lady asked pleasantly My god, she was beautiful, Adenike wondered briefly if this was one of  Bode’s regular flings. She forced a smile and gave the lady directions, she said her thanks and cat-walked away leaving Adenike to wonder if she ever stood a chance to win Bode’s heart, she began to sob gently.
She had made the greatest mistake of her life by having an affair with Bode, he just used her for fun, although he gave her expensive gifts. She immediately felt cheap, she looked at her palms and fresh tears welled up in her eyes. She remembered those nights she spent in his bed and do his lustful biddings, numerous times they had relations even in the office and now he was leaving her for that girl. She was so sure he was in love with Barrister Edwards, she saw the way he looked at her, she had to stop that, Bode was hers forever; meanwhile she had to find out who the half cast lady was.

“Hello, Bode are you there?” Nadie was so frustrated, she was in front of Bode’s office and had knocked severally, the place was empty. “Hello, I’m in your office waiting for you,” she spoke to the closed door.  “Excuse me madam, the Boss is not around, but you can drop a message with the secretary,” a security man informed. She acknowledged him with a nod and walked away. How could Bode act this way? He had seen her calls and refused or pretended not to see them, had he dumped her? Her heartbeat raced at the thought of being dumped by him, but god! She was in love with him, that’s why she felt so restless and breathless, why was he doing this to her?
“Were you able to see him?” Adenike called to her as she was about walking out of the firm. “No, thanks for your help,” she briskly walked further. “Are you related to him or something?” Adenike questioned further, trying to ascertain the nature of relationship between the two. Na wa o, busy body, Nadie thought. “No, he is my fiancé,” she smiled. Adenike couldn’t pretend any longer. Fiancé? Bode had killed her! “Wow, are you sure about that ‘cause your fiancé just drove out with one woman?” Adenike smiled mischieviously, she could read the shock on the half cast lady’s face. “Excuse me? What lady? Are you sure of what you are saying?” Adenike handed her a card, “Meet me here at 6:30pm, I have a proposal for you,” and walked away majestically.
She had gotten some bit of information from the gossip receptionist when she sat there earlier to brood over Bode, the half cast lady was actually the fiancé of Engineer Duncan, from the most prominent family in the state, their marriage was to come in a few weeks, and here was the bride frolicking round Bode, if this story were to be true, she would teach her a lesson of loyalty.
“Thanks a lot for taking care of me, that Doctor had done a good job and I feel better.” Bode smiled as he looked into her eyes before averting his eyes back to the road. He was taking her to his house because she was so curious to see more of his pictures. She knew many things about him, like she was stalking him. He wouldn’t mind that at all, he loved her so much, she tormented his dreams, his thoughts were filled with her face and here she was sitting beside him in his car eating popcorn like an innocent child, he just smiled at her and she wondered what went on in her mind. If only you could be mine.
The drive was quick and they reached his apartment in no time. “Oh my god, is this where you live?” was all she could mutter, she was awestruck, this guy was living in a haven. Well he could afford it she thought. “Come, so you could eat something,” he took her hands and gave instructions to his cook. “Welcome madam,” the middle aged lady smiled. Bode wished this could be for real, but she was practically another man’s wife, Nadie had already told him that. He opened the door and led her to the gallery and she began crying. She was simply overwhelmed by these beautiful pictures, she whispered “Artmaster” and hugged him tightly, he was quite shocked. Could an about-to-be-bride hug another man like this? He hugged her back and they stayed that way till her phone broke that lovely moment where their hearts spoke the same language, love were the words.
It was Nadie. Udeme contemplated on picking the call. She recalled they had an appointment at the caterer’s and quickly switched off her phone, not wanting anything that could distract this special moment. “Who was that?” Bode inquired. What she had done was suspicious, maybe her fiancé had called that explained why she switched off the phone. “T’was my friend, remember her? Nadie,” “Yes I do, why didn’t you pick?” She chuckled. “Nadie and I had an appointment with a caterer for her wedding cake, and I don’t feel like going.” Whaaat! this was getting interesting, he reasoned. “Her wedding cake?” He clearly was startled. “Of course, three weeks from now, she’s getting married to Duncan, remember?” He was stunned. That stalker devil had been lying to him. She was getting married. “So how about your own wedding, when’s it gonna come up?” he asked, she stopped and laughed. “I don’t remember telling you I’m getting married. I’m not in any relationship currently, but still waiting for God’s time,” he left her and settled on the couch quietly. Could this be true? Nadie was a bloody liar and she had a lot to explain. “What’s wrong Bode? Have I said anything wrong?” She was quite surprised at his reaction, he gently placed her on his lap, like she was a little girl, kept his eyes on her and asked once more if she was truly single. “Yes, why would I lie about it, what’s going on?” He got his assurance. Nadine was an angel in a red dress, how could she betray her friend this much, knowing too well that he cared so much for her? He pushed his anger aside and hugged Udeme and whispered, “We’re together now.” The chef approached and informed them of their lunch.

“It tastes nice,” she commented. He was so happy right now he almost couldn’t wait to tell her about his feelings. They were served a delicious meal of white rice and banga soup as sauce. It tasted great, they kept exchanging stares like teenagers in love. After the meal, he led her to his garden, lay a Persian rug and they both sat down to talk. “I’m so happy you brought me here, thank you,” he smiled and took her hands in his. “I love you Udeme, I meant it that day at the ice cream bar. I want you, just say you love me back.” He couldn’t believe his own ears, he had never begged a woman so, they always threw themselves readily at him, but he truly felt something for Udeme and it was nothing but love. This woman was not for flings, she was for keeps. She kept staring into his eyes, this was unbelievable. Could he really mean his words? Or he was just mocking her because she clearly remembered how he had stared at her friend Nadine. Could his love not bring her hurt because she had read about his escapades and sex scandals? She rose up and walked towards the fountain, a beautiful sight, where water was trapped in a golden coated passage. How the water flowed endlessly, she wished this happiness she felt was going to be endless too. “Why are you silent?” He asked. “It’s okay, if you don’t feel the same way,” she held his right palm and kissed it. “I feel what you feel, I love you right back.”
Nadine had never felt so frustrated in her life. She drove towards the bar the lady had asked her to meet up. She had to know who Bode was seeing. Maybe this woman could help her get Bode’s love, she sighed and walked into the bar. She was already late as she saw the woman beckon on her.
“Welcome dear, what would you like to drink?” Adenike asked, wondering why the half cast lady looked so exhausted. She had not even started with this ungrateful fool, Duncan was too good a man, to deserve this bitch, bloody cheat and she had the guts to come after her man Bode. “Nothing, obviously, I didn’t come here to drink, so get on with it, she frowned,” “Whoah slow down, we ain’t fighting. I’m Adenike by the way, Nike for short and you?” She answered grudgingly “Nadie.” Nike ordered a glass of Chardonnay. After minutes of silent sipping, she cleared her throat. “Well, Nadie, I heard your wedding to one Engineer Duncan is around the corner,” she watched her for a moment and was satisfied with what she saw; fear, in its purest form. Nadie sat frozen to her chair, this woman was going to ruin all her plans, now she knew about Duncan. She could expose her to Bode. “Okay, your silence means it’s true, I guess I should continue. I also know he comes from a very wealthy family even more than that of Bode, and from what I see, your type is after the paper,” she eyed her, feeling disgusted. “From my research you have been with Duncan for a long time, since university days, and he is a good man but you chose to cheat on him and with my own man Bode.” Nadie looked more bewildered and chose not to be shaken by this evil witch. “And your point is?” “Wow, I admire your courage. Even when caught you’re still on the defensive, beautiful!” She now rose hitting the table so hard that others in the bar turned towards them. Nike quickly sat down and continued. “If I ever see you around Bode, I shall expose your infidelity to the whole world, and you stand to lose so much or did you think Leaving Duncan would make Bode marry you?” She chuckled. “Stay away or your wedding shall be a disaster, good riddance,” she cursed and walked out. Nadine sat for minutes wondering what had hit her, she suddenly couldn’t move, that woman had just threatened her. Gosh! She exclaimed. Bode was a two timing bastard, but she reasoned, Bode’s love wasn’t guaranteed and here she was at the brink of leaving Duncan for him, nah, there had to be change of plans, she couldn’t lose two men at once, she braced up herself and made plans to solidify her union with Duncan.

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