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Friday, 11 March 2016


(Photography: Kreed)

The 2015 election was successfully conducted and concluded, almost a year ago. A new candidate emerged victorious, much to excitement of many. However, months after the election, we still have our citizens living like party supporters about to have an election in few months’ time. Our post-election role as citizens, have been left in the trash.
I'm not against belonging to a certain camp but the idea has been completely misconstrued in this clime. There is this "blind-support" that exists among most of the supporters in the various camps. What we see often is fanaticism. For most, as the opposition, no policy of the ruling party is right, even when they benefit from such policies. It is just crazy that a country in need of a more vibrant and sincere opposition, only has these lots to offer. You would hear them criticise good policies, which are lucid to all, except them of course and they’d eagerly support wrong ones, provided it is from their camp. Then what breaks my heart are the things they propagate and defend.

While I was trying to capture the pictures for this article, I overheard someone criticise the government’s prosecution of the Dasukigate case; he went on to state that since it was a ‘security vote’, the previous government had every right to spend it anyhow they wanted to. I threw my phone at him (no I didn’t). I mean lives have been lost because those funds were not used for the purpose they were meant for and here was a man (boy) above 30 for sure, defending them. You can't help but wonder how they really expect the country to grow, when they can't even decipher right from wrong. How do we expect our nation to grow when we can’t be sincere enough to criticise what’s wrong or support what’s right?
Newspaper stands have become the rumour capital. You need to pay a visit to one of these stands to hear the things being said by our citizens (just make sure you don’t waste as much time as they do). To say that some over-exaggerate would be an understatement. Others simply tell enough lies to make the devil cower in fear. The amazing thing is the certainty at which they make their claims. If you’re a visitor, you’d have the impression that they live with the individuals they gossip about. Potential productive individuals, just wasting their time and lives over frivolous arguments. Such time would better be spent on more productive ventures and activities but every day, you see them gather at these newspaper stands, rather than resume at their duty posts. These politicians whom they support with so much vigour and passion, most times, only trade words with each other on the front pages of our national dailies just as a cover up for what they do together behind closed doors. Some supporters are just ignorant of these facts and it’s no longer news that many of them have lost their lives in the process of showing their unending love and unwavering support for individuals that hardly care about them. Tomorrow these politicians can decamp to any party that favours them, not the ones that favour you. Majority of the present crop of politicians are just there for what benefits them and nothing else.

We’ve reached that stage were the vigilance of the citizens regardless, of any party affiliation, should keep every political office holder on his or her toes but sadly and quite regrettably too, the reverse has been the case. We have allowed ourselves to be disunited, thereby diminishing the power of our office as citizens of this federation. We’re currently, like a sheep without shepherd. The same politicians, who make empty promises and bad policies are the same set our people would troop out for in numbers, to show support during their campaigns. We have allowed ourselves to be used as pawns by our rulers, hence they can impose any policy that favours them but not the country and we would offer no objections. We will continue to struggle as a nation when we continue to celebrate wrong doings and mediocre performances by our rulers.

Elections are over and the next election is three years away. This is not the time for us to be divided, this is not the time for us to throw stones at each other. This is the time for us to demand good governance and ensure the actualisation of the promises made during the pre-election campaigns. If this country fails, we fail with it. If it grows, we grow with it. Nobody will build this country for us but us. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

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