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Thursday, 10 March 2016

SUSAN --by Slick

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Mr and Mrs Oghenekarho had been married for ten years and counting. They had met each other in the Light of The Saints Bible Church, a small worship centre in the heart of Okpanam town in Delta State. They were the perfect couple, or so the public thought. Pastor Solomon Oghenekarho always made his wife an example of a virtuous woman any time he preached to the congregation in church.
Every bachelor and spinster always dreamt of having a marriage as special as that of the Oghenekaros. They were blessed with a son whom they named Stephen. He was their source of joy since they had tried for two years to no avail and God had just answered their prayers. But they had a problem.
“Stephen, go to your room, Mummy and Daddy want to have a chat.”
“But Daddy, I want to watch TV.”
Mr Solomon gave his son a look that sent a message that carried no joy to show that he was serious about the instruction he had dished out. Stephen grudgingly dragged his feet to his room and slammed the door to show that he was not happy that he had to miss his favourite cartoon. Unknowing to him, his mother was about to get a beating.
The Oghenekarhos had just finished eating lunch in awkward silence. That usually happened when Solomon was not happy about something or simply did not like the meal that was prepared.
“My husband, is anything the matter?” Susan queried.
She was waiting to get an answer when her husband dealt her a slap that sent bells ringing in her head. Sudden darkness had clouded her vision and it took some minutes before she could see clearly again.
“You stupid woman, how many times have I warned you not to ask questions concerning my search for a better job, especially in front of my son?” He fired.
“My husband, I am sorry. I did not mean to embarrass you”. Susan replied sobbing.
“Do you have to remind me that I am just a clerk at the bank, you bitch?”
Solomon removed his leather Valentino belt and beat his wife furiously, the buckle occasionally striking her on delicate areas of her body. He complained about a host of other things as he constantly reminded her that he was the Man of the House. He had been beating her for over thirty minutes and she could not cry anymore. She only winced in pain. This was a normal ordeal in the home of the Oghenekarhos.
“Take a shower and meet me in the bedroom, I need sex.” He spurted out.
The beating was over and he had just decided to retire to his room when he noticed that his son had been watching the whole drama. He simply ignored Stephen whom had rushed towards his mother in a bid to comfort her. Solomon shut the door, laid on the bed and waited on his wife.
Soon it was Sunday, and the Oghenekarhos drove to church in their sedan vehicle which Susan had saved her salary to purchase at an auction for her husband. They were in the church premises and exchanged pleasantries with other church members. Some women had inquired about the vivid dark spot on Susan’s face but she simply lied that she had slipped and fell while mopping the floors of their home.
The Pastor who was obviously Solomon Oghenekarho was preaching a long sermon about how men should care for their families and wives. He cited various bible verses and examples to back his teaching and everyone seemed to be touched. How could one man be so intelligent and filled with the word of God? He must treat his wife like an angel. Everyone seemed to be carried away accompanied with occasional screams by the youths.
“Preach Pastor, Preach!”
Everyone could be deceived, but definitely not Susan. She was the one whom suffered the punches, kicks, slaps and strokes from the monster holding the microphone. She had no witnesses except God and her little son whom was too young to understand. Sometimes, she felt the urge to kill him in his sleep, divorce him or probably walk up to the microphone to expose his ugly deeds. But any of these actions would have depicted her in bad light especially as a preacher’s wife. She was simply handicapped. How did she miss the signs while they were courting? He was sweet then and apologized any time he hit her. What went wrong?
The service was over and it was time to go home. Susan and her husband walked towards the car while exchanging farewells and trying to get a hold on Stephen who was running around with other children. Only God knew when the next beating phase was to come.
Many women like Susan exist in the world today; battered physically, emotionally and psychologically.  She may not necessarily be the wife of a clergy or anybody of status. But she’s human, delicate and deserves care. Pray and fight for a Susan today. She needs it.


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