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Thursday, 7 April 2016


“That’s a good decision you’ve made Ani darling.” Mrs Briggas was pleased her son had finally made the right decision; Morganna Esio was going to be her daughter-in-law soon. “Bro, don’t mind mom, take things slow, get to know her better. Ain’t no turning back in African marriages,” Clarabella advised. Serene glared at her disapprovingly. She liked Morganna and couldn’t wait for her brother to be married to her. “Why don’t you mind your own business,” Serene flared. Clara hissed and left the dining table. This made Aniebiet to chuckle. “You girls are so dramatic, I’m the one getting married here remember?” He stared at his mother who looked quite confused. “Where’s Andy?” He didn’t show up for breakfast. Aniebiet smiled. He knew his cousin was banging a particular maid and didn’t need another breakfast. “Mom he’s doing fine wherever he is.” “So can I do the planning for the engagement party?” His mother further asked. Even if he said he didn’t want an engagement party a thousand times, his mom wouldn’t listen. He simply nodded and ran off to take a shower. Today was gonna be such a busy day for him.

He passed Andy’s room and shook his head. His cousin hadn’t repented unlike him. He remembered banging all these maids. Now, he was grown and more responsible and was about to take up even more responsible stuff. He quickly dialed Morganna’s number to check on her. “Hello baby, how are you?” She responded happily and he fixed a date with her where he would propose. He was already feeling nervous. He was looking at a future with Morganna already and wondered what marriage felt like.

Morganna had arranged a meeting with the boyfriend of her one time best friend Inemesit, who had betrayed her by sleeping with Aniebiet. It wasn’t just once but five times. That girl hadn’t meant well for her. She had found out from one of the maids then who had seen them hang out in Ani’s room. She shook her head. She had confronted Inemesit but she blatantly denied, feigning innocence. Well, she had evidence. She had forgotten her undies at Aniebiet’s place and it proved to be useful. She was going to payback, after all those years she couldn’t even apologize for her wrongdoing, and now she was asking for her help, she would definitely help her with the fashion show but she was sure going down to hell.
“I’ve waited for twenty minutes for you, please where’s the stuff I asked for?” The man presented the parcel and in exchange collected a signed cheque. “Disappear” was all Morganna said to him before walking away. He wondered if he was right by revenging his ex, Inemesit who had cheated on him severally with Aniebiet Briggas, the rich guy on campus then. He remembered how she started acting funny, calling him a lowlife who wasn’t worthy of her. In his agony, he had fallen for Morganna who had only used him as a pawn in her own game of revenge. She was paying her friend back in her own coin, apparently the coins weren’t enough. He took a deep breath and disappeared. He needed to leave town. What he had just given Morganna would ruin Inemesit for a long time to come and she was the biggest fashion designer in the country, he had to run!

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