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Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Sometimes you witness a particular event repeat itself in the same manner and you are just helpless. You can only but keep your thoughts to yourself to avoid being thought of as agent of the devil or enemy of progress. Well here is why I say so.
I attended a particular Church for close to fourteen years, where the preacher was the only person who seemed to prosper at the expense of the well-being of her members. Ehen! The gullible ones would say; “Michael, you better don’t blaspheme or speak ill of a servant of God”. I agree with you, but there are some truths that must be told.

I got used to various bible passages that were used to convince members into sowing seeds. I am not against anyone sowing seeds since it is a personal deal between you and God. Rather, I am not pleased with the special tags that are attached to these so called seeds. Some even go to the extent of telling you that blessings attached to these seeds are not for everyone.
A popular example is JOHN 3:16. Surprised! Don’t be. You’d only be because the preacher in your church doesn’t use this bible passage. As it says “For God so loved the world that he GAVE His only begotten son that whomsoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (Note the emphasis on the word Gave). Then, a professional goes ahead to tell you the essence of sacrifice laying emphasis on the story of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac. What sacrifice can be greater than this?

The church has a need or the “Lord” wants to raise ten millionaires amidst the economic crisis the nation is facing. Therefore I want ten people to step out to sow a seed of (for example 100,000 naira) are usually the sentences that follow. These statements are supported by a final blow which says “I have this special oil that I have been praying over for some days now, and if I anoint you, no devil can stop you”. They do not even care about the salvation of your soul or the sources of these seeds that people are coming out to sow.
Wait! They hear specifically from the Lord that it has to be ten people and then you see more than ten people coming out to sow seeds all in a bid to get a feel of the special oil. Last I checked, God is not an author of confusion. And just when you think the whole drama is over, they bring down the bidding price all the way down to the lowest amount possible. Then you begin to wonder if the oil or prayers would work for you in the same way it would for those that sowed the highest amount.

The results of your seed sowing are evident in the new cars, buildings and property acquired by these preachers. You complain about your situation and all they can do is smile and tell you that “IT IS WELL” even when your landlord is threatening to throw you out to the streets. You make them richer at your own expense.
Don’t agree? Can you count the number of preachers in the country that own a private Jet or go about with Police and Military escort? And you foolishly point and say “See; na my pastor dey go so” from the window of your One room apartment.
I do not even want to lay emphasis on the number of private schools owned by these so called Men of God where their members cannot afford to pay the fees for their wards to attend. And when you complain, they say “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.
Must life continue like this in the name of honouring the words of your pastor? I am of the opinion that if your Church does not change you, change your church. Your pastor should teach you how to invest your money, time and other resources. Your pastor should teach you to be as successful as he is. This is 2016 and you are not getting any younger. Stop standing behind your pastor as a protocol officer if you struggle to feed twice in a day. You are struggling to train your children in public schools and your pastors children school abroad. Na wa o!

What would you say to yourself if your pastor drives the latest of cars and you are struggling to enter a bus with your starched attires? My brothers and sisters, this is just my humble opinion. Let us pray that God would grant us the spirit of discernment and His endless blessings.

May we receive sense!


  1. This is the most sensible post ive read this year...i quite agree with u Slick..i share ur sentiments in the true sense of it broda..well i pray God grants us the spirit of discernment and His endless blessings..amen~~rich montana

    1. Thanks for reading Richie... I hope you enjoy other posts


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