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Friday, 29 April 2016


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Udeme shifted restlessly in the cab, it was getting darker and she was quite sure it was around 10 o’clock as she checked her phone to confirm. They were caught in a traffic jam and they were at the tail of the line, a very long queue of cars it was. She wondered if this was yet another sign that herself and Bode were not meant to be but she refused to believe that. The traffic jam was just a mere coincidence. She would still see him for the last time tonight before thinking of a plan. She couldn’t give up easily on Bode, she was sure that he loved her although he had his weaknesses but she trusted in his love. She braced herself with hope. She would seek for advice from Nadie and with the help of her best friend, she would win Bode back.

Her phone shone and vibrated on her laps, it was Nadine. “Udeme where are you right now?” She quickly explained the traffic jam situation. Being satisfied her friend was alone with Bode in the hospital, she dropped the phone and faced the cab driver who was eavesdropping. She observed him for a little while, it was quite weird for such a young man who spoke excellent English to be a cab driver but then again, this was Nigeria. “Madam, there is another route we could take to the hospital but you would have to pay extra,” he offered. Udeme considered this for a moment. “And what route could that be?” She asked staring at the young man suspiciously, he wanted more money and she guessed that other route would be longer. “Brooks Avenue.” She considered his suggestion and checked her purse to be sure she had enough. She didn’t want any embarrassment from any driver. She had just the exact amount he had asked for. There was no point of hanging around such tight traffic which could take few more hours to clear up. She had to hurry before Mrs. Thomas could return to take over from Nadie. 


Danga Roland lowered himself upon the heap of sound that lay by the roadside, he felt like a chameleon, having the need to blend with his environment. He spotted a police van from where he hid and prayed they moved further or his ‘job’ would be ruined. He was a wanted man already in the country, one of the highest paid assassins in West Africa. Many politicians had employed his services. He smiled as he remembered his first job in The Congo; he had been hired to destroy a certain writer who had posed as an opposition to the government. He had administered a very deadly poison to the man while taking a picture with him as one of his fans, all he did was simple; he had poisoned the tip of his nail and had dug into the man’s skin while hugging him along other fans. It was a natural death to the masses but to him, it was his first success. 

‘Yakubu’ was only a pseudonym, he had hidden his real identity since the day he began training, only his family knew him so well and that had always exposed them to threats. So with all what he’d earned from the jobs, he sent his mother and other siblings outside the country. He had done different kind of jobs but tonight’s was going to be a bit odd for him. The client was a female, he hadn’t met her in person but through the Kabarl, an online agency that used pornography as a cover for their assassination network. She had asked for the best and was ready to pay heavily to get the job done. He sighed with relieve as he saw the police van on the highway, now he had to prepare, he took out a wrap of cocaine and sniffed it gently but the beep of his phone disrupted his moment. 

The text was clear and apt, it read ‘She is Coming, I’m driving a brown Volvo. KABARL. He felt his blood rush but he controlled himself; the drug was getting to him. The woman client had given him specific instructions and he was sure to follow them through but he wondered briefly why a woman should inflict such havoc on another woman. 

He steadied himself as he sighted the Brown coloured Volvo and luckily the road was empty, he rushed out and waved for his partner to stop the car. It was time for another job. 


Udeme suddenly felt scared as she saw a strange man waving at their cab and was more confused when the driver headed towards his direction. “What’s going on?” She asked, feeling more afraid, but he ignored her and drove faster, she felt her heartbeat increase. She tried opening the door but it was locked. She felt so helpless, was she going to be kidnapped? Or killed? Who was after her? She had no other choice but to scream but she was too late as the other man silenced her with a piece of clothe while the other packed the car. 

She felt her back against the heap of sand and looked around helplessly, she couldn’t scream as her mouth had been covered with a piece of cloth. She cried helplessly as she watched the man loosen his belt, she tried moving but he held her down and pulled down her skirt with such a rush. The other man stood watching while making a call, she felt like dying, she wished the earth could just open up and swallow her. But it was too late as the man parted her laps and thrust deeply into them and she gave a loud scream only she could hear. The last thing she could see was a flash of white light and she went numb. 

Yakubu rose up quickly and beckoned on the other man whose job was to take pictures. ‘”Are they okay, clear enough or I should take new ones?” He asked, fearing the wrath of Yakubu. Yakubu went through the pictures and shook his head. “We have to go again, the rag over her mouth spoils the whole picture, makes the situation look like a rape but love making is what is intended’. The young man nodded and prepared his camera for another round. 

Yakubu sent the pictures directly to the mail of his female client and was yet to receive a credit alert. He waited patiently while the other man dressed up the girl who was now awake but felt too weak to struggle or utter a word. His phone gave a loud ring and he moved away to take the call. “Done” was all he said and cut the call. He wasn’t a man for many words. “Let’s go,” he called out roughly to the other man and they walked away, leaving the bleeding girl behind. 

Udeme couldn’t accept what had just happened to her. Was she raped? No, she couldn’t be. She sat dejectedly on the sand as tears streamed down her face. Who would she tell? She wished she had listened to Duncan. She rose up slowly and picked her phone. She had to tell Nadie as quickly as possible, she needed to see a doctor. She dialed the phone severally but there was no answer. She had no other choice but to call Duncan.

“Hello Udeme where are you? Are you home or at the hospital?” She was silent and couldn’t hold it down any longer. She broke down into sobs. “What’s wrong, Is it Bode? Is he Okay where are you?” But she couldn’t bring herself to say those words. She closed her eyes and whispered “Duncan…I’ve been raped.” He was silent for a while then finally asked, “Where are you?”

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