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Sunday, 3 April 2016


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Dawn had set in a bit quickly. Duncan gently shook the sleeping Udeme beside him. They had settled for the couch in the waiting room where other visitors stayed. “Ud,” he tapped gently. “It’s five a.m. dear. Let’s see the Doctor in charge and know about his current condition.” She yawned and nodded. Slowly, new activities began in the hospital; new patients being brought to him and others leaving. They walked closer to the consultant’s office, but it was empty. “Let’s go back and wait Dee.”
“Excuse me,” Udeme called to the nurse who had addressed her earlier. “Yes, good morning.” She directed them to another office. They waited patiently for the in-charge to let them in on Bode’s condition. The young man who was already dressed for a new day smiled at them. “Good morning Barrister Edwards,” while offering Duncan a handshake. Settling comfortably, he brought out a file from the drawer behind his seat and read it carefully for some moments, having been satisfied he looked up to the people before him who had such high hopes on their faces. “Bode will be fine but he would be asleep for some hours. The surgery was successful, he was quite lucky the bullet didn’t hit a major organ, he should recover soon enough.” Udeme couldn’t believe her ears; she had already started praising God in her heart. Thank God her baby was okay. She had so many fears and the police were still on the matter. Knowing the type of police institution the country had, her becoming a suspect was not ruled out. The young Doctor quickly scribbled down some drugs on a white sheet and directed them to the pharmacy. Udeme heaved a sigh of relief while Duncan playfully elbowed her. “You see, I told you everything would be fine.” She nodded at him and was grateful he’d come to be with her in such a condition.

“You got me so worried,” he continued as they walked out of the pharmacy towards his car. She just smiled recalling the events of the previous night. Which woman wouldn’t get worried? When the man her heart lay with was bleeding to death. She shuddered from the memories. “Did you inform his people?” Duncan asked. She was about replying with an affirmative when they spotted Nadine running towards them. This got Duncan shocked, what was she doing here? He had told her he would be with Udeme hence she had no need to worry. Women! He shrugged. Nadie arrived and hugged her friend. Her insides squealed; she hated this girl with a passion. It was her fault her Bode was in that condition. “How’s he?” she asked eagerly. Udeme was thrilled by her concern. Truly, she had caring friends. “The Doctor said he would be asleep for several hours. He overreacted to the anesthesia but he’s okay.” Nadie felt relieved. Her baby was okay.
“You know what guys?” Nadie began cooking up her plan. She wanted to spend a little time with him again. “You guys should go home and rest, I’ll watch over him till you return to take the next shift.” “That’s a good idea sweetie,” Duncan kissed her gently on the forehead and got into the car. Udeme was quite happy, she needed some rest. She would come back later and watch over her Bode. Nadie waved sweetly as the car moved away. She carefully packaged the drugs Udeme had handed to her and carefully recited the room number again, “Room 54”. She chanted as she walked into the hospital.

Arriving the room, she opened the windows and walked over to where Bode lay, even in his sleep he was an angel. She caressed his hard chest and his toned arm muscles, she wished all this were hers but the fool had stolen her man which she was soon to reclaim. She covered him up again and decided to clean his body; she dipped the towel Udeme had given her into the warm water she had brought herself. She knew most people who were hospitalized needed hot water. Just then the door to the room opened and a woman who looked about fifty - something years walked in gracefully. The woman was tall and light in complexion, there was something familiar about her, those eyes reminded her of Bode. She gasped at the thought and immediately rose up to greet the woman; this should be his mother.
The woman ignored her at first and walked towards her son, dropping the basket she carried. She touched his face and examined his body. Turning to the men that escorted her, she said something in Yoruba and they both departed. After her scrutiny, she eyed Nadine suspiciously. “Are you the girlfriend to Bode?” Nadine shook her head in negation. This was time to make her move, she would make this woman like her. She would use this opportunity very well. “I’m sorry madam, his girlfriend is not here, she got quite busy and left.” The woman frowned easily. “What do you mean she isn’t here?” She quickly brought out a phone and began dialing numbers. “She was the last person seen with Bode and she isn’t here to nurse him, leaving you her friend to do it for her. That is most suspicious. I’m calling the D.P.O. That girl has some confessions to make.” Knowing fully well that this would amount to trouble and changes to her plans, Nadine immediately got to her knees and begged the woman. After careful consideration of her pleas, the woman asked her to rise. “So what is your name and what relationship do you have with my son?” The woman observed Nadine for a moment, she was very beautiful, like a biracial woman, she instantly liked the girl.

“I’m Nadine, I dated Bode briefly but he dumped me for my friend who is not a very sincere person.” The woman was silent for a while. She believed this because Bode was her son and had one terrible weakness; women. “And I suppose this friend of yours got him into this mess which you’re currently cleaning. Why do you then take pity on her, you should let me put her in that cell.” Nadine touched the woman’s hands gently provoking her motherly side. “Mama, vengeance is for God. Udeme paid me back in a bad coin after introducing her to Bode. She tricked him into loving her because of all the bad things she had told him about me.” Bode’s mother listened intently, she had to believe this story. That Udeme girl was very rude and shady, she didn’t even have the courtesy to call them herself, instead, she had sent the cook to inform them of Bode’s condition. “You said your friend is not straight forward, throw more light on that because I would deal with her. I will make sure Bode breaks up with her immediately he wakes, just tell me,” she urged. Nadie sighed; this was her golden opportunity to teach the bitch a lesson. “Mama I will tell you everything but you have to keep it to yourself for the meantime.” The woman nodded. “Go on.”

‘Madam, I cannot lie to you, my conscience wouldn’t let me, my friend Udeme has not been straight with your son from the beginning. She’s only after his wealth and political connections. She’s even engaged and would wed very soon, she has been engaged the whole time but she keeps deceiving Bode…” she waited as the older woman rose on her feet angrily. “You mean she is married? How could Bode go out with an engaged woman? Are you sure of what you saying?” She asked again, Nadine Nodded. “In fact, she just left with the man she is engaged to, but they would be back.” She was silent for a while, she prayed her plan worked. She wanted to find her way into this woman’s heart. If this worked out well, she would definitely leave Duncan and cling to Bode, she was ready to fight for this love.
The woman glared angrily at the sleeping Bode, and wondered what sort of loose woman he had gotten himself entangled with. She hissed disgustedly, how could a woman deceive two men at once? She pushed the thoughts out of her mind, she had already made her decision, Bode had to end such a dirty relationship. Here was Nadine the one he had dumped, by his side, taking good care of him while the olosho he had dated was out with another man. “Thank you Nadie, I’m glad you were open with me, Bode would be yours again, it’s a promise.”

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