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Friday, 1 April 2016


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With the help of the guards, Bode was quickly rushed to the hospital. Udeme had asked the old cook to call his relatives as she hadn’t met any of them before, besides there was no time to go through his phone. So many thoughts ran through her head as she recalled the statement of the assassins. Somebody wanted her dead and very fast. She paused and stared at the wall of the waiting room, counting the number of people she had offended lately. “Who could want me dead?” Suddenly she remembered her two friends. She had to call them and inform them of the current situation. For now, the focus was on Bode and how to bring him to full health. Later, together they would solve the mystery.

“Excuse me Madam,” a nurse called. She turned, using the medium to inquire about Bode. “He’s very fine, we just need you to sign some documents. He lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion.” She nodded. “When would I be allowed to see him again?”  The nurse rolled her eyes, “come back in the morning, he will be ready.”
Checking her purse, she quickly took her phone and dialed Duncan’s number. “Hello Dee, it’s me.” Duncan paused at the other end, wondering what could warrant such a distress call, fearing the worst. He shook Nadine who was apparently having a good dream due to the smile spread across her angelic face. “Udeme what is it? Are you okay? You sound worried.” “We were attacked last night, Bode was injured,” he felt glued to the bed in shock as he shook Nadie harder, she awoke staring daggers at him, “Udeme was attacked,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry, where are you right now?” This was what he feared. For some reason, he saw Bode as the kind of guy that attracted danger wherever he went. “I’m at the hospital right now.” “Okay, stay calm. I’m coming over, where’s the hospital at?” He rose up and changed from his pajamas. “Little Doves Hospital, along Brooks street, thanks Dee, inform Nadie of the situation.”
“What’s going on?” Nadie asked nonchalantly. “Udeme was attacked during the date. Bode got shot and is at the hospital, his condition is critical.” He was quite surprised at her reaction at the mention of Bode’s situation. “Please it’s not true, how did it happen?” He tried to calm her down. For some reason, she was over reacting; after all it wasn’t even Udeme that got hurt thankfully. “I’m coming with you Duncan,” she made for the wardrobe but he stopped her. “You need to get some sleep so you could make it to the caterer tomorrow.” She just stared at him disgustedly. If only he knew her heart was for Bode, he would find his level. How could that brat put her baby in such a condition. She was so furious. Udeme had to be put in her right place; she had to deal with her once and for all. She wished those assassins had killed her. That would have made things easier for her.

She hissed and faced the wall. She didn’t care about any damned caterer. All she knew was that as soon as dawn was close, she would land in the hospital to see her baby. She only love Bode. “See Nadie, you have been acting very funny lately, tonight’s behavior is so out of it but I will ignore it, take care.” He stormed out angrily. Something wasn’t right he could feel it but he wouldn’t accept it, their wedding was sooner than ever, he wouldn’t do that to her. He could’ve just called it off but he loved her too much to walk away. Sometimes he wondered if he made a mistake, he remembered Udeme had told one of his friends that she harbored feelings for him, but he didn’t want to encourage it because he wasn’t into her kind of girls. He liked his cereals with milk, she had been too bland back then, now she was stuck with that Casanova, he wished there was something he could do but she was already in love with him.

Adenike paced around her study restlessly, it had been four hours since the boys had departed for the mission, yet there was no report of the outcome. She sighed. “They mustn’t fail, that operation had cost me so much,” she muttered, now slightly drunk. She dropped the glass carelessly on the marble floor. No woman could take Ola from her, this would be one bitch down. She smiled at the thought of a dead Barrister Edwards. That would leave her with one more contender. She had already issued a warning to Nadine, if she didn’t obey and back off, she would waste her to the ground without remorse. She just hated people sharing her Bode, especially, Barrister Edwards. The way Bode had acted with her the day of her interview, she knew it was more than the sex, he was taken by her. She slammed the table with her bare fist, why weren’t they picking? Just as she was about to leave for their usual meeting place, she felt her phone vibrate and she froze.

“Stupid boys!” She yelled angrily. They had failed her. A text came in, informing her about the shooting of the Managing Director of the Artmaster Luxuries Firm. As the head of the Legal Department, she had to go and visit him. That only meant one thing; Udeme Edwards was still alive. She thanked God the boys hadn’t killed Bode, she wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself. It was already dawn, she yawned and moved to the room to get some sleep. She would come up with a better plan, something definitely greater than this. Bode was hers and when she wanted something, she always had it.

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