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Saturday, 21 May 2016


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Yetunde sighed as she watched the clouds giving birth to a mild yellow sun. Hopefully, today wasn’t going to be rainy. She hated rainy days as they made her feel very sick and depressed and with all she had gone through the past years, she always had to be on the bright side. Life had taught her one very good lesson: people only loved you when things were good with you but when life’s challenges knock on your door, they all disappear. She had managed not being admitted into a mental clinic as she had been so traumatized after what he had done to her. How could she ever love again?
She still saw him every day; although he was far away, she still saw him. Anytime she looked into the eyes of little Naomi, she was looking into his eyes. Those incredibly beautiful eyes that had seduced her once into her doom, those eyes were the same as her daughter’s. She remembered all his promises to her–heaven on earth. She had been a fool in love with a man who wanted nothing more but her body. It had been two years now, since her parents had disowned her, they couldn’t face the shame she had brought them.

She remembered her mother pleading with her, “Please Yetunde, don’t do this to me. When the church council asks you about the pregnancy, please tell them you were raped, at least there is pardon for that.” But she couldn’t do it. How could she lie? She was the choir mistress and assistant youth president. She had sinned and she couldn’t lie about it. “You have to claim rape or you abort that bastard you carry. You forget I am the Pastor-in-Charge of this Parish. What will people say about me?” Her father’s words thundered in her ear. She had tried lying but she couldn’t go through with it, she had lost everything already, her friends and church members who had such high hopes in her had abandoned her. She was now the new ‘bad girl’ whom mothers advised their young girls about. What hurt her most was the way the girls from the teenage class looked at her when she passed. They were also disappointed.

She had been thrown out and left to fend for herself and Naomi. Femi had abandoned her when she told him about the pregnancy. She even heard he had found a new girlfriend but she stayed strong and didn’t blame him. She wasn’t raped, no. It was a mutual sin and they enjoyed it. Now she was paying for her sins. She could barely feed. The pregnancy occurred during her third year of studying Accounting and she wasn’t sure of completion. Now, her parents had abandoned her. She had to fight to survive, she was lucky to find a job in a supermarket where she helped in balancing the sheets with her little knowledge of Accounting. Over time, she had saved enough and bought herself a low-grade vehicle, which embarrassed her most of the time but she pushed these thoughts away and tip-toed to the next side of the room to check on her baby. “Arise and shine, it’s a brand new day,” she hummed as she got into the shower to prepare for the meeting she had with the manager of the bank she saved with.

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