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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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“Momma…ma,” Naomi stuttered as she frowned her angelic face at her mother who had snatched her favorite toy away. “Eat baby or you will be late to school,” she urged the toddler to finish her pancakes while trying to arrange some snacks into her lunchbox. She watched her angel grow every day. She was so proud of her little daughter who was the smartest kid ever. Looking at her face alone made her day and prevented her from getting depressed. She had abandoned the world because they abandoned her. No church member in her father’s Parish had bothered to check on her or know about her whereabouts. She felt so hurt by their neglect that she vowed never to attend any church again because all her life, her religious parents had taught her that Christianity was a religion of love but from what she had experienced, she felt the opposite.
“Stay here baby, the drive to school won’t be long now.” She kissed Naomi as she tucked her at the backseat of the old car she had bought. She liked the way she felt now, she was happy and no man could ruin that but right now Money was her biggest problem. She hadn’t paid her rent in three months and she felt guilty about this. Although the landlady understood she was a single and struggling young mother, one of these days, she was quite sure the woman could run out patience. She had to go back to school and complete her course and there were bills to be paid, like the electricity bill, water bill, etc. This meeting she had this morning with the Bank Manager was very important to her, she needed a loan badly. She had thought of starting her own business, she would get her own supermarket and make it big. She really prayed for god’s intervention or else she would go mad in debts.
Suddenly she felt something hit her bumper and she brought the car to an abrupt halt. She glanced at the window to check out Naomi who was alright, obviously coloring a book. She sighted the lunatic that had just broken her car light. “My god!” She screamed. “You will pay dearly for this you psycho.” She took him in with her eyes, he was obviously a rich and well to do person. She saw the quality of his well ironed suit that fitted him like another skin. He looked very handsome and tall and she hated him immediately. She hated all men, they all reminded her of Femi, the liar who had cheated on her many times and made her steal from her parents. Immediately she stood face to face with this man, she felt all her blood freeze with hate.

“I’m so sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you trafficate…I’m so sorry,” he apologized kindly but she ignored his pretence. He was mocking her, she could feel it in his words. She had not signaled that she was branching into the next street because her car was old and some parts weren’t working. She looked at the shiny black Honda Civic beside him and couldn’t stare at her tattered Toyota. She felt so ashamed but she quickly covered it up. No, no man could make her feel ashamed. She walked towards him and mustered up all the courage in her and gave him a dirty slap which made him stagger in astonishment. “Serves you right Mr. Perfect...and for the records, that slap is for my car light!” She yelled as she drove away angrily. Now, the idiot had added another item on her list of wants.

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