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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

LINDA THE HO --by Nickz

(Image source: www.pinterest.com)

The governor is in a very good mood tonight. His trusted friend is with him in his magnificent edifice. They talk about the success of their political plots and they open the costly bottle of red wine to merry. After so much fun, his friend is set to leave but he says, "Ah, you can't just leave yet!" He signals one of his aides and he comes close. "Bring in Linda," he whispers into his ear. Within seconds, they bring her in. She's very comely and beautiful. The aide hands her over to the friend. "She's all yours," the governor says. His friend is thrilled. He likes her already. He jokingly sniffs her scent and they all burst out laughing, but Linda doesn't find that funny. The friend thanks the governor and leaves.

Linda is sitting quietly in the front seat of his tinted Prado. She doesn't say anything and he doesn't either. It's business as usual. They get to his house and she spends the night there. 
In the late morning hours, the friend calls one of his boys to take Linda back to her pimp. But the boy is also human. He needs a taste of her sweetness. He secretly takes his share before taking her to the pimp. The pimp receives her and thanks the client for his patronage. 
She's back in the red light mansion. She sees many others like her. She is prettier than most of them. The clients are always coming, to pick or to drop. The messenger comes in and calls a not-so-pretty colleague of hers. She was nothing close to Linda's beauty but they still called her out. Well, all fingers aren't equal. Her value is higher. Few minutes later, they come in and call her. She's out there and can see the faces of the clients in the hall. The man who she had spent last night with had requested for the not-so-pretty one. The man sees her but she was sure he can't recognize her. Maybe he doesn't want to spend much. That's how it works. Well, it was business as usual. 

She looks into the face of her new client. He is very handsome, neatly dressed and looks like a very successful business man.
She went home with him and he used her like others. He shared her round to his friends and they were all happy.

Call me bad but soon, I'll get a share of Linda.

That was a metaphoric piece. The red light mansion is the bank. The messenger is the cashier. The pimp is the bank teller. We are the clients.

Linda is big bucks

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