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Monday, 2 May 2016


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“I don’t believe you! You lying slut. Where did you keep my clothes?” He paced angrily in the room. She was trying to manipulate him again. The cheat was at it. He knew Udeme could never betray him that way, no, he was sure about that.  “Bode, listen to me. Udeme has not been totally honest with you. I have proof if you want.” She pleaded while on her knees, praying silently for her plans to hatch. She would finally be in his arms. “What are you talking about? What proof?” He was boiling. Nadine had once again accused Udeme of cheating on him with some guy while he lay on the hospital bed but he just couldn’t bring himself to believe that. He paused and watched as she searched her bag for the ‘proof’.
“Here,” she quickly handed her phone to him, watching and smiling at his reaction. Bode felt dazed like he was alive yet dead. He couldn’t believe this. The picture he held broke his heart more than any tragedy he had ever gone through in the past. He gently laid the phone on the bed and sat down to take a closer look. “Where did you get these photos from?” As an experienced photographer he could distinguish photoshopped pictures and real pictures. This picture was the later but he couldn’t bring himself to believe it. Udeme was his angel, but she had broken his heart. He remembered how she kissed him and promised to love him forever, how she smiled and how her innocent eyes endeared her to him.

Nadie was silent for a while. Bode wasn’t a dumb guy. This was a loophole in her plan. How could she not have made prior arrangements for this question? She swallowed. She had to think of something fast. “Someone just sent it to me saying he wanted dealing with her so he sent this picture of their lovemaking last night. Look at the dates.” He blinked and checked to confirm.
He felt his heart clench as he threw the phone on the floor, smashing its glassy surface. This was why he hated love. Udeme had betrayed his trust. How could she have slept in the arms of another while he lay unconscious in the hospital? He always thought there was something special about her; like she was different from other women who just wanted him for his money. He was a fool. He paced the room for minutes while Nadine smiled to herself, although her phone had been smashed. She was sure her plans had worked.

Bode had made up his mind. Udeme had played him for a fool and it was time to show her who the real fool was. He was going back to her friend. That alone could kill her. She would feel betrayed just like he felt now.  He turned as he felt a pair of hands on his back. He made to jerk them off but he shook the feeling off. He could never love any other woman. This was a vow he would never break till his dying breath. “What is it?” He turned gently as he faced a naked Nadine, she was still beautiful like always and he couldn’t resist as he fell into her trap. She kissed him and swallowed all his words and they both travelled to a land of ecstasy.
The day broke fast with Udeme still in bed. Duncan hovered over her like a guardian angel. He wanted to be sure she was alright. She stirred slightly and peeped into his face. He smiled and she returned it showing off her dimples. “Wake up sleepy head,” he tickled her. He felt happy because she was smiling.  She rose up reluctantly and her smiles faded as memories came back. He sighed and hugged her while rubbing her back. “It’s gonna be okay, I’m so sorry. It’s entirely my fault,” he consoled.
“What’s gonna be okay?” Nadie asked as she stormed in, feeling good. Her plans were set. The other two jerked from each other like something happened.  “Nothing,” Udeme chipped in, staring at Duncan who understood. They wouldn’t tell Nadie what happened while she was away. “Well who missed me?” She continued. “I did Nadie, just that your phones were switched off.” Duncan kissed her forehead. “Sorry Dee, my phone crashed.” She showed him the broken screen and walked towards her friend. “Ud, how’re you doing?” She forced a smile. “I’m fine dear. So how’s my Bode?” She asked, smiling.
She paused as her own words flew from her mouth. She hadn’t considered Bode in all what had happened she remembered what his Mother had told him the other day as she shivered. But could she tell him about how those men hurt her? She had to speak to him immediately, she missed her love.  Nadie’s smile faded at the words ‘My Bode’. She felt so uncomfortable; she just hated imagining him with another woman except her. “He’s fine. He’s been discharged now, don’t get angry. My phone was bad.” Udeme understood but something was odd. He should’ve called her by now or checked up on her. Maybe his mother had gotten to him, just maybe.
“Didn’t he ask of me?” She asked, feeling a little hurt. Nadie was silent for a while. She had this well planned. She would deal with this ugly duck.  “He didn’t. I’m sure he will later,” she offered.  She rose up and kissed Duncan one more time. She had to find a way and cancel the wedding but she had to tread carefully. But another thought dropped. The only person that could blow her cover and expose her was roaming freely; she had to be done with, once and for all. Adenike was a thorn in her flesh and she was ready to get rid of it. With Bode in her arms, she was willing to sacrifice anything just for his love. The pleasures he gave to her, she closed her eyes and deepened the kiss, wishing it was her Bode. 

Udeme cleared her throat and excused herself from the two love birds. She was very happy for her two friends who were getting married soon. She had to hurry home and find a way to see her Bode again. She couldn’t just run off like a terrified chicken just because his mother had threatened her. She would fight for his love because that is all that remained. Everything had been taken away from her the previous night.

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