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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


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“Yes I’m free, you can come over,” he squeezed her last picture and threw it into the bin. She was lost to him now and he was free from her lies. Rising from his study he gave instructions to the old chef and left for the bathroom. He was going to hurt Udeme the way she hurt him, he felt pained by her hasty betrayal. She couldn’t even stay by his side to care for him. But could she be that heartless? He paused and stared at the mirror.
“Olabode, you must leave that woman if you want to live long. That woman is engaged to another,” his mother’s voice reechoed in his mind. Something wasn’t right. How had his mother come across that information? Something was up but the other voice reminded him of the pictures where she was engulfed in breathless passion with another man while he lay dying.  He hurried into the shower and closed his eyes to the soothing effect of the warm water.
As he stepped out into his room, he met an unexpected guest. “Nike what are you doing here?” He stared at her shock. She smiled mischievously and showed him a key. “You forget so easily Bode, all the things we shared in this very room.” He didn’t return her smile, knowing Nike very well. She was up to something. “What do you want?” He asked impatiently as water dripped down his hair. This was going to be tough for her; seeing the man she loved with another but she had to do it. Udeme was a nice person and Bode deserved to know the truth about her.
“Sit down,” she waved to the king sized bed. He obeyed wondering what it was all about. “Bode, you know I have feelings for you, what I’m about telling you is the truth and you have to believe every word. You see, Barrister Edwards Udeme…” he held up his hand and stopped her.  “If this is about your hatred for her, I’ll advise you to pay her a visit ‘cause I have no business with her.”
“Not at all, just listen to me,” she urged. But his phone interrupted, he knew who the caller was. Nadine. He had invited her over. “Hello dear, I’m still waiting for you.” She smiled at the other end informing him she would delay a bit. “I’m sure that was Nadine.” Nike sounded confident. The devil was going to meet her end later that day, she trusted Yakubu. He ignored her comment and made to leave when her words stopped him. “Udeme was raped.” Feeling the bitterness of her words she looked away. He stood shocked for a moment dropping the bottled spray he held. “I don’t understand you. What do you mean?” Nike didn’t answer but she brought out some pictures and documents which Yakubu had presented to her.
Nadine stirred nervously in the back of the cab. She didn’t feel like driving. It was too risky for her plans. She was so happy he was finally hers and hers alone.  She had carved out her plans very neatly. If she could conceive for Bode, then she would tell Duncan she was raped. Since the baby needed its biological father, Duncan would leave her to Bode. She smiled to herself. But one nut was left to be fixed—Adenike. She had waited for this day. Sure, the thug she hired would deliver. Soon Adenike would be lying stiff in the mortuary. As for Udeme, she would come to hate Bode who raped her best friend. It was going to be perfect.

Suddenly the car pulled off into another route, different from where she was going. Her heart began to pace. Something was wrong. “Where are you taking me?” She yelled to the man but he only drove faster. She looked at the road that lay ahead; it was so lonely and eerie. She kept yelling but there was no one to hear her. She quickly removed her phone to reach out to someone but it was too late. Two gunshots were fired….

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