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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


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Before one sleeps at night, I would randomly guess that the average man either prays to what he or she believes in, listens to some music, reads a book or does something that helps to relax the mind before drifting away into the beautiful arms of sleep.
In contrast to this, there are many out there that are probably having fun, making love, prostituting or slaving themselves at night shifts in factories. This is the way my mind works when I am about to sleep; I simply think about what other people may be involved in at the same moment. Then all these strange faces and imaginary voices begin to find their way to my head. I imagine a bus driver consistently honking his horn at the driver in front of him who has refused to drive at the speed he expects or it is the voices of folks coming back from work crowded at a food joint, trying to get dinner because they are too tired to cook dinner when they get home.
A favourite one that comes into my head is that of the voices of those government officials that have been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Crazy right?
“But oga you wicked o, only you thief 50 billion,” one of them would say.
“My friend shut up, what do you know about stealing money,” the accused would reply
“Anyways, you are only following the footsteps of your mentor Abacha.”
“My brother, even if I had two lifetimes, I can never beat his record.”
“Hahaha. But we go old for here sha o. This president na bastard.”
Then their voices would become faint. It feels like I was standing with them and listening to their conversation, but that’s imagination for you. It helps you see things from a different and fun perspective.
Even God must have imagined when He created the earth the first time with Adam and Eve in it. He brought His imagination into reality and Voila! Irrespective of what scientists may say, we are in the planet earth. And so we were made in God’s image and possess the power to imagine too. We also like God, can bring our imaginations to life only if we can choose to believe that it is possible.
We only need to choose our imaginations carefully amidst the swarm of things that come to mind or activities that cramp our daily lives. So ask yourself, what you would imagine and how you would bring them into reality just like your Heavenly father did. Just like every other person that nobody believed in had imagined and became the topic of gossip columns.
Please whatever you do, ensure that your biography is not a boring one. Let your biography give someone the necessary push to imagine and become a success.

I imagine that you are reading this now and smiling. Then it has become a reality that I wrote something that made you smile. But if you weren’t smiling, try reading tomorrow’s article.

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