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Monday, 8 February 2016


(Image source: gettyimages.com)

Duncan was confused, his fiancée had just left the house dropping a message with the housekeeper. She had already done the same thing last week. This meeting with the caterers was putting a delay on their pre-wedding photo shoot. He just shrugged and left for the court to arrange their marriage documents.
He couldn't wait for the wedding. Nadina was the love of his life and he was sure she was the woman for him, only she could fill the void in his heart. He loved her to death. It was rare to find such a beautiful lady who could be so loyal to a man. Nadina was his angel, he looked at her picture one more time before hitting the road.

She arrived the park earlier than the agreed time. She couldn't wait for Bode; she needed to hug him, hold him close and love him. She spread a red mat over the green grass and settled to watch the blue pond before her. She brought her camera out to take pictures of the flamingoes that flew around the pond. Click! Click! She had taken about twenty shots when a hand covered her face, and she smiled, "Bode my darling," he chuckled, and released her as he kissed her neck. They were lucky it was a private park or their torrid escapades would have caused a scandal. He plucked a water lily, inhaled it and put it on her hair. She just smiled. "Here, let me have that," he took the camera from her and struck a convenient pose, taking time to capture her beauty and the ambience of the park, "Wow, this looks good baby, I love this picture! Uhmm you are really talented." Of course he was. The pictures he took of her where clearly different from her own selfies. He joined her on the mat and ate the cookie she handed him. He quickly remembered her gift. He bought her a perfume; Axador, a classic fragrance. She was speechless, she loved perfumes! She just hugged him, and they stayed that way for minutes, he understood her unspoken message, she was grateful for the gift. "What do you have for me?" He eyed her mischievously. Dark angel he thought. "You ain't getting any," she retorted wickedly. He quickly remembered her friend Udeme, he couldn't get her out of his mind, she was always there, "so whats with your friend?" She pretended to be confused.

"Who?" "The one getting married," the one who has my love, he thought. "Udeme of course," she smiled. "Shes great, quite busy with her wedding preparations, I hardly see her these days," she broke the conversation and made to silent him with a kiss.
He knew this trick, she always avoided talking about her friend. He tilted his head away and she looked at him angrily, "what was that for?" He winked. "Let's talk some more." Ok, she had this. "So tell me about yourself, everything, how you became a photographer" He smiled, "well I had passion for photography since childhood but my parents never encouraged it. I was forced to study accounting to replace my father in our industries. I agreed and after school, I worked at Pesocorp Limited, that is an extension of one of the industries, I worked there for about five years while saving up money to go into full time Photography. My father being a very rigid man forced me to sign an agreement to continue working for him while carrying out my "wasteful passions", as he referred to photography that way. I agreed and kept working two jobs. my breakthrough came when I won an award of the best landscape photographer in West Africa. My father wasn't satisfied, he didnt wanna let me go, so he created an extension of Pesocorp Limited for me to run, he called it Artmaster Luxuries. Thats why I picked the name Artmaster." He finished the diet coke and reached for another. She was pleased; a hardworking man just like Duncan, she always got the rich ones. "Why the smile?" He asked, she looked mischievous right now. "Well darling, your story thrilled me," he swept her into his arms, and unleashed his passion on her, she surrendered and they became one.

After the act, he kept thinking of Udeme, "Hey baby can I speak to your friend on phone?" Nadina looked hurt, how could he ask for Udeme's number after this? She felt so stupid all of a sudden, but he calmed her fears with his kiss, "Ok, I will give you the number," she copied out Udeme's Old and unused number for him, he was so pleased, "Baby you are the best!"
Udeme had a low fashion sense, she had to browse on how to dress for an interview. With the little money she had, she had she ordered for clothes from Bee's Fashion house. Hell! She was hot, she quickly went through her books once again, she made extra effort in preparation, this was a golden opportunity and she wouldn't miss it. She barely knew much about the firm she was heading for interview so she did a little research. She quickly typed "Artmaster Luxuries" to know more about the firm, it was an online networking company, just like Konga and Jumia, but with a wider network, although their goods were more expensive. They distributed clothes, books, foodstuffs, fashion accessories, and surprisingly pictures. That was interesting, she clicked on the picture icon and thousands of pictures got displayed. These pictures had a lot in common with that of Bode Thomas. There was something very familiar. Well it was getting late, she got off the bed, said a prayer and slept.

She dreamt of Bode, they stood together by the bank of an unknown river, he told her of his love, of how she was meant to be his wife, but he looked sad. "Please don't leave me," he cried. She was confused as she stepped closer, but when she was about to hug him, a woman dressed in white pulled him away and she screamed and woke up, it was already dawn.


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