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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


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Udeme had searched the whole place for a week now without finding the complimentary card and what was worse was that her feelings for him grew stronger by the day. As she browsed online about him, she admired him more. He was a very hard working man in his early thirties. Bode had received many awards for his works, especially the British Eye Award which was one of the most prestigious ones, and he was very good looking. She had to find him, with or without that stupid card, she just couldn't help but call her friends to help her check their places too, maybe she dropped it in Duncan's car or Nadina's bag, she had to put some calls across.

"Babes have you seen that card Bode gave to me?" Udeme inquired of Nadina. "Which card? And who is Bode?" Nadie answered innocently, Udy explained patiently that he was the guy who kissed her at the restaurant. "Nope I haven't come across it." Damn! She threw her phone on the ground, thank god! It was China! She picked it up and dialed Duncan's number. He received the call quite upset. What business did he have with the card, he checked his car and nothing was there. "Na wa o, Ud slow down. Why not forget this dude?" He remarked and she cut the call.

Yes, she was possessed, she was running mad and Bode was her only drug, her only solution, for once in her life, a guy of that caliber had approached her. He was jovial, no trace of pride usually found in most wealthy men. Even at the restaurant, he had no body guards and all that, he didn't even explain that he was the famous Artmaster. That alone won her heart; she had to find Bode, somehow, somewhere.

Nadina had called Bode for the third time that day, it was obvious she wanted him, but he, on his part had to tread carefully because he had already tried wooing her almost-married friend. He invited Nadina to his house so they could go on a date, a beach date actually. She had suggested a place where people would not be much, considering his celebrity status and all that. He thought it wise too. She was a very beautiful girl, had all assets to drive a man mental, so why waste time? He enjoyed making love to beautiful women and Nadina was one of such.

Nadina had prepared herself for this date; she had cancelled the meeting she was to have with her caterer and she switched off her phone before taking off. Today, she felt more beautiful. She wore her best make up, a crop top and shorts, with a straw hat for the sun, she looked magnificent as she gazed at her mirror. Bode Thomas, the man of her dreams, she liked him and had no fear and no conscience as to how her friend felt. Well, her plan had hatched.

It took her thirty minutes to drive to his house, and damn! It was exquisite, a castle, the type she saw on TV. She parked, stepped out and was met by some guards, they searched her and led her in. The parlor had a gallery; the walls were filled with lots of paintings and pictures, pictures of different photographers, celebrities, and models. It was beautifully decorated. She walked closer to a life size picture of Khloe Kardashian, it looked so real. "Do you like that?" A deep voice interrupted her picture watching moment.
"Yes its very beautiful," she answered thrilled as she stared into his eyes. "Yes she is, but you are prettier," he flirted. "I met Chloe in Pretoria, South Africa when she came on a visit. She asked for the best shot around and I was contacted." "Wow," Nadia answered dreamily and moved towards a very beautiful painting. It was that of a young girl; green eyes and full lips, she had to take this picture. "Can I take this?" She asked with pleading eyes. He agreed and offered to give her more. This man was something else.
They left for the beach, conversing the whole time about their lives and families. They played and kissed each other before settling under an umbrella. "So are you in a relationship?" Nadina asked. He looked away towards the water waves, wishing it was Udeme that sat beside him. "No," he replied absently. He felt nothing special for Nadina, he didn't care if she was in a relationship, all he wanted was to touch her body, her voluptuous breasts and kiss those lips again. "Come," he told her, and she followed him to a private tent. They were alone now, he kissed her and she returned it passionately, he undressed her quickly as well as himself. "Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded in consent, he kissed her slowly and rode her like the stallion he was.

They dressed quickly and ran back laughing like little children, this was freedom! Nadina thought. He was so romantic. As she ran outside playfully, she fell and he quickly grabbed her and kissed her again. He was so gentle and she began to wonder if Duncan was a mistake.

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