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Saturday, 20 February 2016


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The interview had almost come to an end when the firm’s secretary interrupted the panel of interviewers stating shockingly that One Barrister(miss) Edwards was not currently present for the interview , and she was one of the highly recommended applicants for the job, the panel exchanged confused glances, ‘well let us move forward with those available, just because she is highly recommended does not make her more favoured or special from these ones’ Adenike Olagbemiro hissed rudely, she was the head of Legal department of the firm and was the most hated employee; so rude and haughty she had no patience with people. People believed her arrogant and proud nature had left her unmarried for years. How else could one explain why a 36 year old lady was still single, a very beautiful one at that? The secretary shook her head in a bid to counter Adenike’s reckless rants. “That’s not the best approach to this, what if there are unforeseen circumstances that prevented her from being present?” Adenike took this wrongly. Being the head of department, she felt she had just been issued a challenge and immediately, she responded bitterly even in front of the applicants. “Look at this little piece of misery,” she rose to take a good look at the secretary, who did not flinch but held her chin proudly. She just remained calm looking directly at Adenike. “How dare you? Who gave you the right?”
Bode had just arrived and was told the interview had already kicked off. He walked briskly as he waved at his employees, who smiled and greeted him politely. Oga boss, he muttered silently and smiled. As he approached the conference room, he heard raised voices, like a fight broke out. What could’ve gone wrong? He increased his steps and opened the glass door. Immediately he walked in, everyone rose to acknowledge his presence and the room fell into silence. Immediately he saw Adenike, he knew she had something to do with whatever went on there, the woman was trouble, he would have fired her since but undoubtedly, she was great at her job and had won so many cases for the firm, and he had slept with her times without number, she even fell for him. “What went on here?” he forced the thoughts of her body out his mind and frowned his face. No one answered. “I’m asking a question.” The Director of Shipping of goods cleared his throat and explained why the quarrel had ensued between Adenike and the secretary. Typical he thought, Adenike was a very impatient lady, even in bed.
“So who is this Barrister Edwards?” and the documents containing information about her was brought to him, he just glanced through it. She was highly recommended, he just flipped through the pages not very interested, dropped the papers and the interview continued once again, he glanced at his watch, he had another meeting with the sales department, so, he wouldn’t spend much time there.
She arrived the firm, thanked the cab driver and ran inside. Ouch! She exclaimed. She forgot his money. Quickly, she rushed back and handed him clean naira notes and asked him to keep the change, the man smiled showing off dirty brown teeth “Aunty God bless you, good luck o” and drove off.
Immediately she entered, the security blocked her, she was already intimidated by the sky scraper, and the dozens of flashy cars that were parked around. She quickly explained her presence and was directed to the Conference room. OMG! She was shaking all over; anxiety, she thought and walked as fast her broken ankle could carry her, workers staring suspiciously at her as she was limping.
The last applicant was on the hot seat now, when Bode took over the questioning, after this, he had to leave for his next meeting. “What will you offer this firm if you’re considered to work with us?” His questions were always very tactical. He gave the applicant some minutes to absorb what has been asked. Suddenly the door was opened and a young woman rushed in, everyone focused on her as she was limping. Oh god, what went wrong? He thought. As she got closer, he took in the face and his heart gave a big jolt as he jumped to his feet unconsciously. “Udeme what happened? What are you doing here?” Others looked confused as Adenike cursed so much for manners.

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