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Sunday, 14 February 2016


(Image source: 3Dwallpapers.com)

Three women sat in a circle; cross-legged, holding hands and humming a tone while meditating. This was the Temple of Aivaris, unknown to many mortals. It lay deep beneath the Atlantic, only known to those who could see, who had ears and vision .Aivaris was named after Atlantis, the ancient city that got lost in the water. The two names were actually related; the deities worshipped in the cities were both sisters from one father: Losun.
After the meditation, the three sisters left for the garden where they could relax and freshen up for their next plan.
The first and eldest was Anami. She was tall and slender, fair skinned, and bore eyes that shone like sapphires. Her lips were soft and pink and her job was to tempt the most foolish of men and wherever she succeeded, she would place their souls in her diamond jar and forever she controlled their destinies.
Snahim, was the second and the kindest, she was plump and perfect, with hair reaching her full legs and her smile was the brightest, she was worshipped all over the cities the Atlantic could reach and her image could be seen in many shrines. For the Nigerian Yorubas, she was known and worshipped as ‘Osun’, Mother of Kindness.
Masra, the youngest and most powerful was in charge of affairs concerning all women in the region of the Atlantic; she brought men to justice and punished those who cheated or treated their wives badly. For women who cheated on good men, she made them mad or barren.
So, the three brought balance to the Atlantic regions when the Lord of the Universe allowed them.
‘What are you looking at?’ Anami asked smiling wickedly at Masra. They both stared at the silvery images on the gold coated mirror. ‘My next target,’ she answered. Masra had already started preparing her best garments for this meeting. She was meeting a very important man in the city of Lagos, and she will bring him justice.
The basket was filled with lipsticks of different colours, they shone like precious stones, the nails to be worn were exquisitely designed, and clothes hung from different parts of the castle.
‘Bring me the staff.’ Masra called to one of the maids. ‘So what are your plans?’ Anami inquired further. ’I’m sure he wouldn’t resist your charms’. ’He won’t resist, after this lesson he will be like the rest; disciplined.’ After wearing her makeup, her once large and green eyeballs were replaced with light brown ones, and blue eyelashes were replaced by thick black ones. ’What do we have here?’ Snahim beamed apparently pleased with her sister’s transformation. ’We have a problem,’ she continued. Masra raised her eyebrows. ’Well, such a man would be attracted to girls that looked like these,’ Snahim showed her sister a fashion mag. ‘Alright, I’m gonna go with this one,’ she pointed at a beautiful model with denim pants, a polka dot blouse which was cropped showing her beautiful belly and a pair of red stilettos. Anami winked mischievously and whispered a word only them could understand:  ‘damionarahas’ and immediately, Masra’s garments disappeared and were replaced by denim pants and the crop top.
Finally, Masra was ready to carry out this mission and it was the right time; the humans called this period Valentine’s day, but back in Aivaris  they called it ‘The Red Dawn’ because that day, a mortal that would have brought great peace to this world of theirs, Vatirine Poloe was killed by an ancient tyrant.
Now, that is a story for another day….

She sat weeping on the couch, she had just dropped the kids off at school, on her way back and she had seen him again! She was really hurt. She pulled the curtains of her room and stared at the man who brought her constant heartache, she took a deep breath. He was coming back from another woman’s place, she knew. Was she not good enough for him? He was a good father no doubt but when it came to her, she had no place in his heart. Richard had mistresses all over the country, he would never listen to her pleas, anytime she confronted him about his infidelity, it always ended them in a big fight which landed her mostly in the clinic. She was in a sham called marriage. She now saw that love had nothing to do with money, she had married him for financial security hoping to win his heart over as he used to cheat on her before the marriage.
She heard heavy pounds on the door of the bedroom, she shivered. He was going to hit her again. ’Open this door, you psycho bitch!’ He yelled. She opened it gently, staring pleadingly at him. He pushed her on the floor. ’You now follow me around?’ He thundered. When she tried explaining that it was mere coincidence, he gave her a hard blow on her chin which sent her sprawling on the floor. ’I won’t tolerate this. Just be glad I’m in a good mood, you cheap whore! I bought you with my money, so you will do as I say!’ He walked away angrily.
She wept afresh, she wished she could file a divorce but he would definitely take the kids away from her.
Richard was a renowned playboy in Lagos. Although he had a wife, he still had time for his lovers. He hummed a love song as he drove to his office. Today was Val’s day, and he had to make the most of it. He carefully scrolled through his phone to check which girl he would spend the night with. He felt an obstacle and his car was brought to a sudden halt. He looked up immediately as if to scream ‘are you crazy’ at the road construction workers. Well, he got down slowly but changed his mind when he spotted a beauty walking seductively at the opposite side of the road.
He crossed over to the other side of the road and hastened up to meet her. ‘Excuse me pretty,’ he smiled, she brought down her sunshades to acknowledge him. My! His heart skipped, she was an angel. He had not seen such a beautiful woman before. She almost looked unreal beyond human but his lust was already building and he couldn’t wait to have her tonight. ’Hello Sir, can I help you?’ He smiled and told her how much his heart was calling to her. ’I want you to be my Val pretty.’ She smirked and mocked him with her brown orbs. ‘And what if I already have one?’ He winked confidently and whispered biting her ear lobe ‘I’m hard to resist.’ They both laughed out and walked to his car then drove off for a cool hangout.
Richard had already cancelled all his appointments as they made their way to the ‘Lotus Lounge’. They would spend the whole day and night as well there. They settled quickly at the Ice cream bar since the girl in question did not drink. ’So tell me about yourself,’ she asked sounding curious. He hated stupid questions. He smiled. ‘Why don’t you start? Ladies first.’ She gulped her delicious cream and began. ’ I’m Masra Azuka Okachi. I’m currently studying Accounting in Unilag, presently in my finals.’ He was thrilled, beautiful name for a beautiful woman but strangely, he hadn’t heard of the name ‘Masra’ before but he probably figured it could be a nickname for all these wayward runs girl. She read his thoughts the whole time and smiled, considering her plans for him tonight.
The night approached quickly. It was something else; lovers at every corner of the street displaying love or lust, depending on any that suited them at the moment. The halls and shopping malls were painted red and cute teddies stood outside lots of shops. ’Happy Val,’ Richard said, kissing her hair and presenting her with some gifts he bought. She opened the bag and hugged him happily. He bought her chocolates, a rolex watch, diamond earrings and a red, lacy g-string pantie. She held them up and pulled him into her arms. The night had come, her time to shine.
It was dawn already, they had made love all through the night, he had never felt so good, Masra had to be a superhuman he mused. He was so satisfied and happy. He had finally found a woman whose urge for lovemaking met his; passion met fire. He kissed her and she smiled shyly, hiding her face beneath the sheets.
He thought he saw it wrong. She actually looked different. Her eyes shone green. He gasped and pulled away. That was really scary. ’What’s wrong?’ she asked, rising up fully. He heaved a sigh of relief as he saw her eyes were normal. Maybe he had imagined that. He stood up to take his bath.
As he brushed, he looked in the mirror and saw two women singing an eerie tune. He blinked his eyes to be sure. As he opened them the lights of the bathroom suddenly went off. Shit! He screamed and fought his way through the dark to the room but Masra was nowhere to be found. This was a big joke, he thought. He was terribly scared. He had heard of stories of strange women, ‘mami wata’ to be exact, but he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind. Suddenly, the light was restored and he saw Masra sitting by the table mirror. He felt relieved and stupid at once. His mind had played tricks on him.
He was about returning to the bathroom but what he saw caused him to fall on his knees; he saw rise up and begin to Masra float, her legs were not touching the ground and she moved like she was swimming. He was dead! Masra now looked different with flaming green eyes, a blue satin gown and a crown. She didn’t speak but just pointed a little staff towards him and began chanting strange words. ’Fasail...andribu...medoneh...andribu...tesorone...andribu...farahiyal...’ Little fireflies scattered all around the room and something left his body. She floated towards him and smiled. Placing a hand over his lips, she whispered, ‘I’m hard to resist. Happy Val’s day honey,’ and vanished.
‘Ye! I’m done for!’ He screamed and quickly rushed out of the hotel room. As he entered the car, he felt something missing from his body. ’Oh no!’ He touched the area between his legs and felt nothing. ‘Ah!’ He screamed and drove faster. His wife had to take him straight to a Pastor. He had heard stories of men without manhood but he believed in miracles!
Yes, miracles are real but it’s been two years since Richard lost his manhood. He had to pay for some time before his restoration.
What you do to your loved ones matter this Valentine; Masra might be waiting to show you some discipline. Be careful of The Red Dawn!

Happy Valentine, Sweet Valentine! 

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