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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

"THE ONE" --by Kreed

(Image source: www.martialartsmovies.com)

"Is she 'The One'?" This is the one question that consistently recurs on my message timeline. I can't remember the last time I uploaded a lady's picture without being asked, "Is she 'The One'?" Even when I uploaded my sister's picture (poor innocent child...smh).

Anyway, this message is strictly for the men and some ladies. In as much as I wish that one of my female friends was 'The One', we have to tell ourselves the truth; NONE of them is because there can only be one 'The One'...that is Jet Li. Jet Li is The One, okay?! Jet Li is the Chinese dude that acted The One! I have no female friend who is an actress, neither do I have any female friend who has been to Hollywood. And I'm damn too sure, that none of my female friends was above 13 when that movie was released. 

So you guys should quit asking me if she is 'The One'. As you can see clearly in the picture, it is written on the cover, 'Jet Li The One'. We didn't even have any Nigerian in the movie cast. Leave trash for LAWMA! (Okay I think that line has gone stale by now but I've never used it before, Soooooo...yea!)

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