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Monday, 8 February 2016


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Dear reader, this piece is a continuation of the previous parts; The Experiment 1&2. It would make more sense after reading the previous two parts. Do enjoy your time!

The initiation progressed at a gradual rate. It would take exactly one hour for the twenty models to be ready. “I think it will work,” Dr Ayinka said in a voice that carried slight uncertainty. “Why do I sense pessimism there Doc, huh?” the tech guy, Hooke queried in response. Dr Natalia, all the while had her stare on the monitors, observing for any cause for alarm. The electrocardiogram along with other high tech monitors proved everything was going well. It was a four stage initiation process: the cerebro stage, where the memories of the creatures were rebuilt with programmed data; the adrenogenesis, a process that would induce the synthesized fluid into their blood stream; the revosis, a stage that would revive the creatures from their unconsciousness and the reactomatrix, the real performance test which they were built for.

On completion of the third stage, the models came to life and responded positively to several body examinations. They were still within the confines of their cylinders (Life Units). “Professor, as you can see, the models are responding remarkably to the examinations. I recommend we proceed to the next stage,” Dr Natalia spoke into the receiver. Professor Lukas was swiveling on his office seat more in confidence than anxiety. He was watching everything on partitioned screens, showing little or no trace of perturbation. He always produced results. “Convey a single model to the simulation unit for physical test,” he ordered. With controlled mechanical links, one Life Unit was conveyed to the new environment.  This was where the tech guy from Singapore came in. Mr. Hooke had designed a virtual environment for physical examination of the gigantic creatures. Their combat skills would be tested with virtual hostiles in real life scenarios including assaults, covered ops and close combats. It could be compared to watching a movie with 3D cinema glasses; an imaginative environment, though it was more advanced. This was necessary to test how they’ll react to real life confrontations.

According to the Prof’s instruction, Sapiens Un, the first model in the series was conveyed to the simulation unit for its final tests. It emerged from the Life Unit into the Virtual Combat Unit (simulation unit). The gigantic creature stepped out looking dreadful and ferocious. It was at least 10ft tall and three across. Its face was void of emotion of any sort. There in the VCU, it displayed brutality and flawless combat skills and great compliance to programmed commands. It was exactly what Lukas wanted.
The old man gave off a breath of satisfaction and rubbed his palms together in excitement. Uncapping the bottle of scotch on his table was a nice idea but there was still something more important to be done. He punched a combination and dialed. “Yes, Mr. Dalimil, we’re ready for business. Let’s meet at sundown, PlayHill Park. Alright, see you then.” He reached for a tumbler and decanted his liquor.
So many questions were not asked, probably out of professional respect and the mutual benefits deal but Dr Ayinka had his fears and concerns. Not that his services were not adequately paid for. In fact, his bank account in Nigeria had received a wired transfer of 1.5m. Even after successfully delivering the task, the Prof had not given approval for their exit from the facility. It had been long weeks of continuous work without seeing sunlight, though all their basic needs were sufficiently provided in the sub earth facility. Still, his feeling of suspicion mounted. Why did the old man hire services from outside his country? Why was the operation below the radar? Or was it a government project as he tried to make it appear? Who was Lukas? He was too tired to go knocking on Natalia’s door for a late chat. Maybe she could have some answers that would clear his doubts. Maybe he was being paranoid. She probably was having a sound rest by now, he imagined. He was equally exhausted too, a refreshing shower and a soothing bed was more paramount.

The professor watched two little kids dragging for a toy, they appeared to be siblings. The older one, probably five, refused to hand over the fluffed Barney doll to his younger brother who looked probably three years old, not until the mother came and intervened. The chilly air and activities at the park was refreshing from the stressful days work. People were living their lives, lovers holding hands, families sharing times, hoping for the ideal life. “Sometimes, I imagine the world would be happier if we remained kids,” Mr. Dalimil Bronislav announced his arrival as he took a seat beside the waiting professor. “What do you think Lukas?” Dalimil liked creeping up from behind than coming from the front. Maybe it was his way of reminding Lukas of his skills as a one-time private detective. “I think life is a struggle for survival. There’s no peace without war, no war without peace. Everything has a price,” Lukas replied. Mr. Dalimil Bronislav gave off a smile and adjusted the bridge of his glasses. He was in his late seventies, an honorable member of the Slovak National Council, one of the few that made laws for the country. He was a childhood friend of Lukas. Growing up together, facing hell together and becoming successful together gave them stronger ties than bloodline. “Project LIFE is set,” Lukas announced, barely shifting his gaze from the playing kids. The honorable member knew that Lukas was a very busy man, as well as himself and there was only one thing that could warrant such an ill-timed meeting—Project LIFE. He smiled. Lukas has made him proud once again and he was willing to make every sweat and toil into the project payoff. He would recommend the bioengineered sapiens to the Prime Minister but he was sure the PM wouldn’t buy such an idea too early, not until there was a reason to. There had to be a motivator, something that would make the country eager and desperate to purchase the wrecking ball sapiens, maybe a war. And they knew how to make that happen, considering the sad losses they both suffered from Hungary in the Little War of 1939. “Remember what the Hungarians did to our families? How they drove us from our lands, made us homeless servants, brought pain and death upon our people? I still carry the marks. I think we have our time now. It’s not just business, it’s payback. I’ll get in touch after I put strategies in place, Lukas. Good night.” 

He watched his friend depart to his parked SUV. He remembered what he saw during that war, he was a little above six. He always knew one day, he would have his time. If there was any rumor of attack or even the slightest hostility from Hungary, the Slovak government would pay anything to make them bleed out. He was the person for the business and Dalimil was the person to spur the rumor—or an actual attack. He had lied to Dr. Ayinka, it had always been about power and money. He would deal with him later.

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