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Thursday, 11 February 2016


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"Im tired of you treating me this way, you are pushing me out and our wedding is coming up soon. What's the problem? Is it me? What have I done? Im sorry." Duncan was visibly hurt, she felt for him. This man loved her with his whole heart but she wanted another. How could she bring herself to tell him she no longer wanted the wedding? But was that the best decision? She had to make up her mind tonight, "Baby, why are you so worked up? Its just the stress of planning a big wedding alone and you know Udy has an interview to prepare for so working all alone aint that easy," she pleaded, stroking his chin lovingly. He looked unconvinced but waved it aside, she was the love of his life.
"So when are we going for the pre nuptial photo shoot?" He inquired. She rolled her eyes. Well that decision would hover round her love for him or Bode, she shrugged. "Tomorrow, that would be just fine." She had just returned from the park. Her heart was at peace when she was with Bode, everything in her stood still, she was in love with him. She remembered the perfume he bought for her and smiled, dropped her bag and headed for the wine bar, she needed a drink.
Duncan walked in minutes later and found her chair empty, "Nadie, your phone is ringing." She was far away, so he decided to pick the call for her. "Hello, who's on the line?" The phone went dead.
"No one like you, oh yea, oh yea..." she sang sweetly, approaching from the wine bar but froze on seeing Duncan with her phone. She swallowed hard, geez! This could ruin everything, the wedding and Bode! "Ah, baby, someone called and didn't say anything, probably a wrong number." He gave her the phone smiling, she smiled back in order to distract him. She opened her bag. "Sweetheart guess what?" He was so angelic she thought but her heart was with Bode. "Apples," he teased. "Now don't be silly, you naughty boy," she scolded and brought out a parcel containing the perfume Bode had brought for her. Her heart cried out, what a lovely perfume she was giving out, but she had to for distraction purpose. "Baby, this is so expensive, but its for ladies," he hugged her graciously. "Babe, Im sorry I didn't have time to check. Ive been saving up for it, you know I love you right?"

Bode dropped the phone quietly. Who could the guy be? Nadina had told him she was single, the last thing he hated was banging someone's chick. He wouldn't call her again, he decided. She had to do that herself.
He had tried Udeme's number for hours continuously, it was "Not Available". Could it be a wrong number? He wondered. His only chance of speaking to her was this and if he didn't, he doubted if he would ever be alright. He just had to find Udeme, his heart throbbed for her. Even though she was getting married, he just had to see her again.
He had a very busy week ahead, he had to oversee to the recruitment of qualified staff for the Artmaster Luxuries, he had been informed by the Managing Director of the final interview. He quickly made calls to his Personal Assistant. After the interview, he would travel for a photo shoot in Malta, he had already wasted too much time here, if only he could see Udeme one more time.

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