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Saturday, 6 February 2016


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They returned to Bode's estate some minutes later. "Whew! That was so good," she remarked. "Oh yeah? Did you like it?"
She looked into his handsome face and wished she was his alone. "Are you in a relationship?" He looked startled wondering what had promoted the question. Well he gave her the answer. "No" She felt satisfied. She couldn't imagine sharing her new found love. Oops Udy, you missed this one. Now she had to make a decision, she was lost between two worlds. Not that Duncan wasn't a great guy, it was just that he was boring, although she knew he loved her to death. It was Bode that had stolen her heart.

He took her to his garden, and ordered for lunch to be made, he was going to treat her to an Asian recipe and she was all smiles. How did he know she liked Asian? Especially that extra addition of spice, she was thrilled, he was actually meant for her. "Intuition," he said. "By mere looking at your full lips, I knew you are for spicy food." She shook her head and smiled, he was funny! She had almost forgotten about her appointment with the caterers, she had to eat hurriedly and he noticed that. "What's with the rush?" "Uhmmm, I, uhmm, I just have to go right now." Thats really strange he thought. "Ok, you could come back and spend the night?"
She just stared blankly at the flowers, coming back would be fun but she had to put things in place, "No darling, I won't make it, see you another time," she pecked his forehead, and left for her car.
He waved reluctantly, and watched her drive off. He had been with a good number of women to know when they told a lie. Something was up. Maybe they were both players. Well, he wasn't the least perturbed, he was just in it for the passion, that was all. One of the reasons he avoided amorous ties were things like this; insincerity. He smacked his head a little. Darn! He had forgotten to ask for her friend's number. Although she was getting married, at least he could just be friends with her. Udeme...he liked the name and the way it sounded and the way it suited the bearer.

She sat for hours before her laptop searching for personal accounts of Bode Thomas but kept seeing public ones. How on earth could she relate her emotions on social platform? Well, she saw his official account: "Artmaster: Bode Thomas". She clicked, "follow". What a wasted day, she got up to make herself some biscuits. Udeme was a very good cook, baking was one of her many talents.
"Hello babes, can you come over to my place, I have gotten the designs for the bridesmaids," Nadie had finally gotten serious with her wedding plans. "Whaow thank God, would be there in thirty minutes. Keep food for me o," she hung up and picked her bag heading to the house of her betrayer.

Duncan met her at the door. He looked quite unhappy. "Hello Dee what's wrong? Why the face?" He looked up the stairs to be sure Nadie was far away. She had been disconnected from him few days lately, he didn't like it and he had to confide in his friend. "Udeme, Nadie has been acting strange. She does this when I hurt her. Now I don't know what I have done. Please just find out what the problem is, thank you." Udeme remained silent for a while, nodded and left. He was really a slave she thought, how could a guy be so weak? Your girl misbehaves and you can't even man up and approach her for a conversation, she was beginning to see Duncan's flaws, he had fallen so deeply for Nadine. Well, she wouldnt interfere in their business. For crying out loud, they were getting married soon. Would she still be called to settle their differences? She pushed the thoughts out and went to Nadie's room.
"These designs are superb," she praised Nadie. She was the stylish chic amongst their circle of friends. This was something else. Little wonder Bees House was one of the best Fashion houses around. "Let me get you something to chew, Im coming!" Nadie announced vivaciously and left for the kitchen. Wow, this was nice, she couldn't wait for her friend's wedding. She looked around the room for other costumes, and was immediately drawn to a painting that hung near Nadie's Mirror. It was perfect. If the Mona Lisa was the best painting in the world, then this was second. She kept touching the painting, a beautiful girl with large green eyes. Wow, Nadina always had eyes for beautiful things but it didn't look bought. She hadn't seen any wrap papers around, it looked old but still beautiful. She needed to meet this artist for her own portrait.
Nadie walked in with steaming plate of fish pepper soup. "Wow, lovely one! Where did you get the painting from?" Udeme asked curiously but Nadie hesitated, she had to find a quick lie! Damn it! "Uhmmm, the Fashion House gave me as a souvenir for buying lots of stuff from their shop," Wow, Udeme thought. That sounded weird. "Ok, I was thinking, I might go there and ask for this artist, I need a portrait too." Now, Nadie froze. If her friend found out she was lying, her woes would have just begun. "Ok no problem, we'll go when you are ready "With that her phone ring broke the awkward conversation.  "Hello, baby..." She quickly entered the bathroom and switched on the tap as a decoy.
His deep voice made her yearn for his love the more. This guy was an angel. She was Just so happy to hear his voice again and said yes to virtually everything he asked, "Let's see this evening, choose a venue convenient for you." She just smiled. "Let's meet at the park along Cherris highway." She liked its scenery, "Ok, what should I get you?" Wow this guy was prince charming, just the romantic guy she wanted. "Well, anything, anything at all," she blew him a kiss and dropped the call.
Wow! She breathed, closed her eyes for a moment and smiled. She was in love with Bode, she was sure but the feeling was replaced with confusion. Her wedding was coming up, she had to make up her mind; Duncan or Bode?
"And why would Duncan call you instead of walking to this room?" Udeme asked her friend who was visibly beginning to act different.

"It wasn't Duncan, my younger brother just called." Udeme was quiet. Who calls her younger brother baby in Nigeria? Alright anyway, Nadie was the crazy type.
"Ok Mrs Duncan," she teased. "Hey pointa correction, its soon to be," she laughed, and her heart flustered at the thought of getting married and leaving Bode to another woman. "Whatever o, Im going, I have a job interview on Monday, got to prepare well," she informed Nadie. Udeme was really lucky she had been invited for an interview that could earn her the office of a legal partner in the firm. It was a big firm with five branches in different parts of Africa, a branch in London and Two in the Caribbean. It was a distribution network for distribution of goods within the parts of the world. She got lucky to be invited for the job. At least this will distract her from Bode for a little while.

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