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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Photography: Slick

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It was a sunny Thursday afternoon and I was seated with my boss outside the office waiting for electricity to come on. We seized the opportunity to discuss about the poor state of the economy and the ever rising exchange rate. I could sense the annoyance in his tone, as he had been struggling for the past month to keep head above water in his business. The ordeals of a father eh!
“Can you imagine that a dollar now goes for N405?” He asked repeatedly. It was a question I didn’t have to answer, since he had the answers in a copy of The Punch Newspaper he had brought along to the office. I was just about to make my little contribution to the matters arising, when a sanitation truck arrived the neighbourhood to pick up the refuse that residents had heaped for a while.
Everyone hurried out with their bags of waste towards the truck, awaiting their turn for disposal. The opportunity to learn a new lesson had just presented itself. Therefore, I studied with keen interest, the activities at the disposal truck and observed that people had majorly disposed waste food items, old clothes, rags etc.
Despite the challenges that man had to face in his daily existence, he always found a way to feed and cover his nakedness; ugly or clean. Though some might argue that not everyone finds it easy to achieve these two important milestones, I guess it would be a question for Adam and Eve to answer.
Was it not the good book that held promises of God taking care of our needs? Making reference to the birds of the air that did not have to worry about their means of survival since their Creator was in charge.  As spiritual as this may sound, we all need to believe in something to motivate us for the life ahead. Back to the story I was telling!
I watched as these folks returned to their homes with empty waste bins, probably anticipating the next time these bags and containers that were used for collecting waste would be filled again. A man had just mistakenly emptied some of his waste on a woman’s dress, and World War 3 was about to ensue. As I was about to see the drama that was slowly unfolding, the electricity came on and we had to dash into the office for work. All I could hear was UP NEPA!
Don’t forget the message; no matter the state of the economy, refuse to worry about tomorrow. May God provide us with everything that we require to keep us happy and satisfied in the year 2016.

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