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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Over the years, male infidelity has been treated as something "normal" as to female infidelity. With the breakdown of the polygamous nature of the ancient world men find it difficult to stick to one woman. Not all men cheat, however, the idea of a "faithful" man has become a myth. It is not in the nature of some men to cheat.
Cheating on one's spouse is done because of a variety of reasons. For this piece, I want to emphasize some ways women unconsciously push their men outside. Definitely women are not always the cause of a men's infidelity but with some actions, could create an enabling environment for such to take place. Below Are seven key factors that
push men outside:
Although few men nag, most women nag a lot, nagging means repeated complaining about someone's misgivings, often in an annoying way. If your man hurts you, just say it out plain and simple and stop reminding him of his past sins. It also involves calling the man derogatory names, making mockery of him and hurting his ego (men have such a big ego).When you keep making a whole lot of noise like an old radio, he's gonna go hang with his friends to get some fresh air and then in the process, you lose him to a new "telephone"(that only make noise when there's a call or an alarm).
Believe me, this hurts a man more than anything, when you begin to list his failures and compare him with your ex boyfriends or the husbands of your friend, he is definitely gonna look for a woman who's proud to have him the way he is.
This is most common in married couples with children.  When the woman makes her children number one in her scale of preference, she plays with fire. What happened to making your man feel special? giving him warm
baths? hovering round him like a shy teenager? Don't let kids get in the way my dear.
Most women do not maintain their hygiene standards after marriage due to stress of taking care of the family. Some just stay unclean 'cause it's a natural thing to them. Do you  shave your armpits? brush twice or more? have your bath twice daily? maintain the house properly? No man would love to kiss a dirty woman. The subject of hygiene in marriage is a very sensitive one. Do you think
it's easy for a man to tell you that you reek? He's gonna find a well perfumed mistress to warm him.
The way to a man's heart is his stomach. This may sound funny but if you have a man who is a foodie and you can't meet his taste except he really loves you, he may start patronising fast foods and there are lots of young ladies there...so think!
When there is a quarrel and it's not resolved, some women ignore their husbands and avoid them, even when they try chatting with them. They give cold shoulders to their attention and indirect apology. He would definitely look for company. Try and resolve all quarrels.
Some women deliberately withold sex from a man for months in a bid to punish or frustrate him. Starving your husband sexually is very foolish except of course he is a pervert (run for your life). Give it to him abundantly,trap him, let your body be his only drug!

 Men, this is not to encourage you to cheat, by all means, learn to love your woman and stay faithful.


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