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Saturday, 30 January 2016


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"Lemme see that," Nadina grabbed the card from her friend. "Girls, your seat belts," Duncan ignited the engine, wandering why his wife to be was so interested in the stranger. "Darling don't you think it’s wrong to take that from Udy?" Well, by all means it was wrong, thought Udy. Her friend was really getting on her nerves like, what was it really? Back in school Nadina had always gotten hit by the sexiest guys, she felt jealous yea but it wasn't this obvious, "Ok, love, have it back." Nadina was a little bit thrilled by what she saw on the card, the stranger was obviously rich, I mean who would keep an office in such an expensive part of town? Well, Udy was quite lucky. 

The drive back home was quiet, it was a long day and the girls had only achieved one thing; buying the wedding gown and other accessories. Duncan was a bit too quiet; he noticed how Udy stared at the stranger's complimentary card. He was a bit bothered, maybe jealous. Well she always gave him full attention even as friends, but today she barely noticed him, "So are you gonna call him?" He asked, she didn't reply. She kept on staring at the card. "Hello Udy?" He brought the car to a sudden stop and she screamed, they all burst out laughing, "What was that for?" Udy looked surprised, she had been so much engrossed in her thoughts, also imagining when she was gonna get married. It’s been long she even dated any man, and now this man came from nowhere and he looked like he was the one. "Well, definitely amma call him. He's hot." She laughed, Okay, now what? She saw the worried look on his face, and added "I will be careful," at least he cared for her which was her only consolation with Duncan, he cared not loved, his heart belonged to Nadina, and it still hurt her but that was life anyway.

She stepped down from the car and waved goodbye to the lovebirds, phew she sighed, it was gonna be a hell of a night for her. First of all she would take a cold shower, eat some fruits and sleep.
So his name was Bode Thomas, Yoruba guy, she mused. Well, they were usually hot, this one too. That name rang a bell. There was only one popular Nigerian with that name. Oh my god! Could it be him? The famous photographer with numerous awards for his works? Well she would find out later. But tonight, "I’m gonna love you, tonight." she sang as she undressed.
Her phone began to vibrate loudly, "choi this kind china phone, disgrace o." She saw the caller. She was in no mood to argue so she ignored the caller—her mother, a pain in her ass literally. The woman never ceased to amaze her, always comparing her with Nadina, now she was getting married it got worse, how could her own mother be like that? "You are no good, why can't you be like Nadie," her mother would always tell her. How could her daughter not be smart, have a rich guy, get married? Well she was done with that for now.

The shower was one of the places she enjoyed most; trickles of water poured on her already damp skin while she stood there silently, allowing the water to wash away her heartache. Tonight she was gonna let everything go, everything! Maybe she was not good enough. From time being, people always preferred Nadina to her; she was an angel! So pretty and intelligent, she was the opposite. She let the water take it away; thank god she was getting married at least that would sever their friendship. She heard her phone ring again. Damn! She swore, who calls at midnight? She quickly dried herself and checked her doors and windows, they were all locked. Back to the phone then, she saw the text, "Naughty girl, remember we are going to the photographer tomorrow. Bye!"
She shook her head slowly, crazy world, goodnight!

  "Wake up darling, rise and shine!" Nadina screamed at the sleeping Udeme. "You forgot I have the spare key," Nadina said looking at her startled face. "I’m not going out today, I don't feel too well," she tried to tap out.  "Yes you are and we are leaving. Hurry!" She knew all of her friend's tricks. She left for the kitchen to help herself with some fruits, damn! The fridge was well stocked, uhmm! "Apples, or carrots?" Apples it is, she picked red apples. She heard her friend sing in the shower, a love song indeed. That reminded her about the stranger, she was curious since she had laid eyes on that man, she was never the same. That was a bad thing! Her wedding was in a months time. Well, a little flirting wouldn't hurt, but what if her friend found out? Well, she saw how important this man was to Udy, but who cared? He may have gotten close to Udy just to get closer to her. Yea, she knew guys, many guys if not all got closer to her through Udy. Poor girl, she was no match for her. Nadie beauty queen, she praised. No man had ever resisted her and she was sure this Bode guy wouldn't either. So she had to find that card get the number and call the dude!

"Uhmm what’re you looking for?" Udy asked puzzled. "I kept my ATM card somewhere near this drawer, can't find it." Her friend said while searching. She wasn't surprised, Nadie was a very careless person. "Search well o, madam cash, Give me twenty minutes to dress up, and twenty for makeup." "What the hell?" Nadie screamed as she threw a pillow at Udy. Now she was gone, she had to find that card. "Where are you, cardie cardie," she remembered the bag! Yea, she searched it over but it wasn't there. She looked around carefully and saw something placed over a novel, "hello baby!" She held out her phone and copied the number, why would she keep this card again? She didn't want Udy to see this guy and probably get to be in a relationship with him, well "Bode is mine for now," she said as she tore the card into pieces. 

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