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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Putting an end to any kind of relationship, beautiful or ugly may not always be pleasant. Most times, break ups tend to get messy. The manner in which you break up matters a lot because it speaks so much of your personality and would determine the kind of relationship you will have with your ex afterwards. Its very important to handle it with extra care so as to reduce the amount of hurt you partner may be feeling. Breaking up with someone could batter their ego, self esteem, you have to be very kind and gentle with your words. Therere certain tips on how to carry out a perfect break up:

1.      Be very sure your relationship has reached its melting point. Be sure you won't go back running to him or her. What are the main reasons you wonna break up? Talk to your partner about it first of all, do it again, do it again but if your partner cannot amend, you have every right to move on.

2.      Do not be afraid or pitiful towards the person. Its your happiness were talking about. Stop sending signals like silent treatment, avoiding the person, not picking calls and all those funny signs. Grow up! Be vocal.

3.      When you are about to break up with someone, never try it over the phone or texting or any social media platform. It is a mark of total disregard and disrespect to someone you once loved. Don't call to break up, or send text messages through your Facebook or Watsapp. Thats pure cowardice. You need to set up a meeting, be like, hello can we meet here? Don't add that ridiculous line, there's something important I wonna tell you and don't sound so cold, you are not a coward.

4.      Never invite the person to your house or go to theirs to break up. Don't go to any private place, anything could happen. What if a fight breaks out because your partner does not agree with the break up and in the process you injure or kill the person or get raped as payback to save their bruised ego? Go to a beautiful park or any other outdoor location. Do your thing low key and don't be so loud.

5.      Never send your friends to break up on your partner on your behalf. Thats extremely childish. When you approached your partner, did you send them or you went there yourself? It also shows how unimportant they were to you. You have to do this yourself.

6.      While breaking up, as earlier said, be gentle with your words. When youre done, do not be in a rush to abandon the person there. Hang around for few minutes before you take off. Decide there whether you guys would still be friends or you will relate with each other on a very formal manner. Well if your man or woman never treated you well, please block them from your life to seal that vacuum of pain.

7.      Your decision to keep each other on your social media platforms is again personal but I wouldn't advise you to keep them as it could hurt more and make you develop hate towards this person. It takes a very mature mind to still be friends with your ex, after all it wasn't a marriage.

8.      After the break up, don't go about telling people your reasons. Do not post it on social media, do not wash the dirty linens of your ex outside no matter how bad they were, you once loved them. Do not spread rumours about your partner because they just broke up with you. Think like you're grown.

9.      You may return each others pictures after the break up. It eases heart break especially those ones you stood together.  You can keep it however for memories sake, that is, if your heart is made of stone.

People break up for different reasons but be careful who you break up with and why you are breaking up and how you going about it.

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